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1896 A Retrospect Tilley's Almanack

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THE Wheel of Life and Time has made another revolution, and we are approaching the festive season, which, among other things is marked by the 26th yearly issue of the LEDBURY ALMANACK 1897. Time flies, and in the hurry and bustle of our lives we have hardly got accustomed to 1896 when we take up our pen to write its epitaph.

The memory of 1896, will, however, remain only too green among agriculturists. The prolonged drought in the spring and early summer, which was so disastrous to the hay harvest, and the almost complete failure of the hop crop. were serious drawbacks indeed. Well might the farmers say " What is agriculture coming to ? " But the effects of the drought have been felt by others besides agriculturalists. During the month of May the Ledbury Water Supply began to show signs of failing, and as will be seen by references to the meetings of the Ledbury Urban Council in the following pages, the supply was subsequently reduced to 15 minutes morning and evening.

January 2 Mrs. GABB gave a treat to all the Ledbury school children in the Drill hall.

January 3 Mrs. GABB visited the Workhouse and made presents to the inmates.

January 3 Mrs. FOWLE invited the inmates to the Rectory where they had tea and games.

January 9 Ledbury agricultural ball was held at the Feathers Assembly Room.

January 9 In the evening Dr. PARKES gave the first of a series of ambulance lectures (men only).

January 10 The Rev. A. W. CHATFIELD, vicar of Much Marcle, died at the age of 87.

January 11 The Saturday night entertainments commenced, Lady Elizabeth BIDDULPH presiding.

January 13 Ledbury hunt ball took place and fashionable company attending.

January 13 Rev. Dennis HIRD, Rector of Eastnor, delivered his lecture (the title of which had been the cause of much criticism) on "Jesus, the Socialist," in the Mission Hall.

January 16 On the afternoon the Barrett-Browning Memorial Institute, at the Lower Cross, was formally opened in the presence of a large number of the elite of the neighbourhood by Mr. Rider HAGGARD, Mrs. STEPHENS, wife of Mr. Chas. W. STEPHENS, presenting him with a hand-somely-worked gold key, which bore on the one side an enamelled picture of the Institute and Mr. HAGGARD's crest, and on the other a suitable inscription.

January 16 A meeting held at the Town Hall at which interesting addresses on the life and works of the great poetess were given by Mr. Rider HAGGARD, Mr. M. BIDDULPH. M.P. (who presided). Lady Elizabeth BIDDULPH, the Bishop of Hereford. Mr. RANKIN, M.P., Mr. C. W. R. COOKE, M.P., the Rev. Preb. MADDISON GREEN, the Rev. C. Y. POTTS, &c.

January 22 Mr. and Mrs. MARTIN gave their usual New Year's treat to the Union Inmates, which was followed by an entertainment.

January 22 Mr. H. BOSWORTH gave a complimentary dinner at The New Inn to mark the occasion of his retiring from business as coal merchant,&c., after 32 years.

January 22 In the evening Lady Elizabeth BIDDULPH presided over the annual meeting of the Ledbury Temperance Union at the Town Hall.

January 23 Ledbury Municipal Society (which took place of the old Church Society), gave their first concert of the season when Cowen’s “Sleeping Beauty“ was performed.

January 23 Mr Henry Somers SOMERSET was married to Lady Katherine de Vere BEAUCLERK.

January 24 Mr. William BROWN grocer, Ledbury, died aged 58 years.

January 27 Popular entertainment in the Town Hall in aid of the Parish Nurse fund.

February 3 At the 9th annual meeting of the Ledbury Markets and Fairs Company, a dividend of 5 per cent was recommended.

February 4 At a meeting of the Ledbury Board of Guardians, the death of Mr. E. PRITCHETT, of Woodleigh (late of Priors Court), was alluded to by the chairman in feeling terms. Mr. PRITCHETT had been vice-chairman of the Board for 12 years, and a. resolution expressive of deep sympathy and condolence with Mrs. PRITCHETT and family was unanimously passed.

February 4 In the afternoon the subscribers and donors of the Ledbury Cottage Hospital held a meeting, at which the twenty-third annual report was submitted and passed. Mr. M. BIDDULPH, M.P., appealed for funds and threw out suggestions with regard to raising the necessary money for keeping the institution going in an efficient manner.

February 5 Col. LUARD, Local Government Inspector, held an inquiry at the Barrett Browning Memorial Institute in consequence of the Ledbury Urban Council having applied to the Local Government Board for sanction to borrow £300 for works of sewage. The Inspector said that the sewerage was in a filthy state. In company with several Councillors he visited the open ditches in New Town, and recommended a thorough and complete system of sewerage. No opposition was given to the scheme.

February 6 The adult members of the Parish Church choir were entertained to supper in the Masonic Hall.

February 10 The Royal Hall, Ledbury, was opened the occasion being the Fire Brigade annual supper, Major PALAIRET presiding. All the speeches were in commendatory terms of Mr. E. H. HOPKINS for his public-spiritedness in supplying a long felt want in the town.

February 12 The Ledbury School Board decided to increase the teaching staff in the Boys’ School.

February 12 The sacred cantata, “The Prince of Peace,” was rendered on the 20th, by the choir and friends of the Wesleyan Chapel.

February 22 Ledbury Victoria Football Club played Pencombe in the first round for the Glasgow Cup, and proved victorious by 3 – 2.

February 29 Poor families in Ledbury and Wellington Heath were benefitted by receiving, through Miles’ Charity, a quantity of beef.

March 2 Messrs. E. H. HOPKINS and H. GRIFFITHS were unanimously re-elected overseers for the parish of Ledbury Urban.

March 9 Ledbury Rural Council Election took place at the Board room, Workhouse. Very little interest was manifested in the proceedings. The old Council were re-elected, with the exception of Mr. Tom HODGES, whose place was taken by Mr. W. R. HARMAN.

March 12 The Rev. J. GIBSON, of Ross, lectured at the Town Hall on “Father Matthew."

March 13 A meeting of ratepayers was held at the Town Hall, which was called by Mr. C. W. STEPHENS, County Councillor and Urban Councillor, to decide which they preferred: “The original arrangement decreed by the Locals of the Urban Council should Government Act, 189l, that five member retire annually, or that the whole Council should retire at the 5 once in three years." The members decided, by a large majority, to petition the County Council for annual elections for 5 members.

March 14 Meeting of the Herefordshire County Council, the resolution passed at the above meeting was brought forward. but the matter was adjourned till the April meeting, the election for five members in the meantime taking place.

March 16th Twelve members were nominated for the five seats on the Ledbury Urban Council.

March 20 Dr. PARKES‘ lectures (for women only) on “ First aid to the Wounded”commenced.

March 24 The Dean and Chapter of Hereford confirmed the arrangement for filling the vacant almshouses at St. Katherine’s Hospital, Ledbury. In all there are 24 houses ; with 12 of them there is to continue a weekly allowance of 7/6 each and with the other 12 there will be an allowance of 5/- each.

March 26 Mr. W. A. C. GABB (chairman of the urban council), entertained the members of that body to dinner at the Old Talbot Hotel.

March 27 The new candidates for Urban Council honours, viz.: Messrs W. BOLT, H. BRAY, A. J. HALL, and W. MADDERS, addressed a crowded meeting in support of their candidature.

March 28 In the evening the retiring candidates (who sought re-election) also addressed a crowded public meeting in the same hall. The candidates present were Messrs. T. HODGES, E. H. HOPKINS, and W. R. WALKER.

March 28 The " Vics " team, beat Hereford Trinity in the second round of the “Glasgow Cup."

March 29 Bishop of Hereford held a confirmation at Ledbury Church.

March 30 Was a most exciting day, the occasion being the election for the five Urban Councillors. Three of the retiring candidates headed the poll. as follows : Messrs. M. BIDDULPH, M.P. (283 votes), E. H. HOPKINS (“2239), W. R. WALKER (241), W. C. BOLT (218), H. BRAY (200). The defeated candidates were Messrs. T. HODGES, who sought re-election (186), W. MADDERS (142), and A. J. HALL (127). On the same day the election for three Guardians resulted as follows : Messrs. J. BANNER (313), J. D. EVANS (220), R. LOMAS (177). The two defeated candidates were Messrs. T. BADSEY, who had been a guardian for a great many years, (171), and C. H. BASTOW (80).

April 3 (Good Friday) The Wesleyans held their annual circuit gathering, and in the evening the sacred Oratorio, “Christ and His Soldiers,” was rendered in aid of the circuit funds.

April 3 Mr. HAYARD was appointed inspector of nuisances for Ledbury Rural on the 7th. At the monthly meeting of the Urban Council the Ledbury water question was discussed at length, and it was decided to analyse the water in twelve wells in different parts of the town.

April 9 Ledbury hunt point-to-point races were held at Redmarley.

April 9 At Easter vestry meeting, the churchwardens, Messrs. E. MADDISON and G. BENNETT, were re-elected.

April 10 A special meeting of the Urban Council was held to consider the question of an isolation hospital, in consequence of the smallpox epidemic at Gloucester, and it was decided to invite the Rural Council to a conference with the Urban Council with reference to the fitting up of a suitable place for infectious diseases.

April 13 On this day it was celebrated the first annual supper of the Ledbury Quoit Club, Mr. M. BIDDULPH, M.P., presiding.

April 14 The conference between the Urban and Rural Councils concerning the proposed isolation hospital was held, when the latter council agreed to pay half the expenses of the hospital.

April 21 Mr. W. S. LANE was re-elected chairman of the Ledbury Rural Parish Council at the annual meeting.

April 23 Ledbury Cycle Club organised a most successful illuminated procession.

April 24 The annual meeting of the Urban Council was held, when Mr. W. A. C. GABB was re-elected chairman; the various committees were re-appointed.

April 30 A special sessions was held at the Police Court before his honour Judge INGHAM, and Messrs. S. H. BICKHAM and F. RICARDO, when Messrs. RALPH, PREECE, DAVIES, &co., of Hereford, were summoned by the Ledbury Rural Council, under the Highway and Locomotive Amendment Act, 1878, to show cause why they should not pay to the Rural Council the sum of £144 13s. 1d., the proportion of the alleged damage done on the main road (No. 1) in the parishes of Tarrington and Pixley. After several hours’ hearing the bench found that there had been extraordinary traffic, and assessed the damages at £75, and ordered defendants to pay the costs.

May 1 A similar charge was preferred against Mr. Thomas PARRY, of Hereford. The circumstances of the alleged damage and the amount of claim were similar to the previous case. The bench considered the case made out and ordered the defendant to pay £25 damages and costs; notice of appeal was given.

May 1 In the evening the second and last concert of the season was given by the Ledbury Musical Society at the Royal Hall, when the programme was of a miscellaneous character.

May 4 The monthly meeting of the Urban Council the Sanitary Committee reported that they had obtained samples of water from the 12 Wells in the town for analysis. The committee recommended the Council to purchase a horse and cart and undertake the work of scavenging after May 5 The finance committee recommended a l/- rate for the ensuing half-year. Both recommendations were adopted.

May 7 Mr. S. H. BICKHAM delivered his interesting lecture on " The British Navy ” in the Royal Hall, under the auspices of the Ledbury Habitation of the Primrose League, before a large audience.

May 14 Annual concert in aid of the Cottage Hospital was held at the Royal Hall.

May 20 “A Bunch of Violets” was performed by Mr. BEERBOHM Tree's Co.

May 20 The following tradesmen were summoned for alleged obstruction in consequence of their blinds being less than 8 feet from the pavement: Messrs. H. & T. BRAY, SMITH Bros. & G. C. SPENCER.

May 22 Mr. E. J. WEBB died at his residence, Bank House, at the age of 77.

May 26 The funeral took place in Ledbury churchyard amidst general signs of mourning. Just as the funeral procession, which consisted of bearers carrying the coffin on a bier, followed by the relatives and mourners and a large number of tradesmen, had started from Bank House. a traction engine was seen rapidly approaching in the rear. The locomotive dashed down the street in a zig-zag fashion, and was nearly upon the procession before those taking part in it knew what to do. In the excitement the coffin was placed on the curbstone and the bearers and the others rushed into the shops or anywhere for safety. All at once one of the large front wheels of the engine came off and dashed down the street, and thus the locomotive was brought to a standstill. The cause of the accident was through the peg which went through a pin dropping out.

May 27 Ledbury Hunt Keepers’ Dinner was held at the Royal Hall.

June 1 Over 150 members and associates of the Mothers’ Union held their annual festival at Hereford.

June 1 Evening monthly meeting of the Urban Council, Mr. BIDDULPH, M.P., moved a resolution that the County Council be asked to take such steps to prevent a recurrence of the traction engine accident of the 26th. The Sanitary Committee reported that the analysis of each of the 12 wells had been received; three were reported as unfit for drinking purposes, four were of undesirable quality, and five were pure.

June 8 An adjourned meeting of the Urban Council was held to consider 66 applications for the post of inspector, surveyor, and collector, at £75 per annum; Mr. John ELLIS was appointed.

June 11 The wedding (full choral) of Miss MAYO, Ledbury, and Mr. W. WILSON, Glasgow, took place at Ledbury Church.

June 14 The 14th was observed as Hospital Sunday. The weather was beautifully fine. The procession was formed at the railway station, and marched to Church (collections being made en route). Where the sermon was preached by the Rev. G. M. CUSTANCE, Rector of Colwall. The total collections (including the church offertories) amounted to at £18 5s. 8d., which were divided between the Cottage Hospital and the Dispensary.

June 23 Lady Emily Foley attained her 91st year.

June 24 Cheltenham Dramatic Society performed Byron's Comedy. " £100,000." in the Royal Hall, in aid of the Cottage Hospital.

June 29 A meeting of the workers of the Ledbury Band of Hope was held at the Town Hall, when Mr. C. H. HILL. who had held the post of sec. for nearly 15 years, tendered his resignation, and Mr. RAYNER was elected in his place.

July 2 Mrs. BALLARD, of the Winnings, Colwall, gave her annual treat to the Union inmates.

July 7 A shocking tragedy took place on the evening when Charles HANKINS, a quarryman, shot his two little children, aged 6 and 2 respectively, and afterwards took his own life. The dreadful occurrence took place on Shares‘ Bank, and, as may be imagined, the town and neighbourhood was thrown into a state of awe- struck excitement.

July 7 An inquest was held on the bodies, on the Thursday, when the jury returned a verdict that HANKINS murdered his two children by shooting them, afterwards shooting himself whilst suffering from temporary insanity.

July 7 “ Bank House," the residence of the late Mr. E. J. WEBB, was sold by auction by Mr. MANTON, The lot was bought by Mr. James BANNER for the Ledbury Building Society at the sum of £1,400, and also the adjoining orchard, &c., for £420. The Directors of the Building Society propose to make a new street from Homend street, leading to Dog Hill. For building sites the estate is a most valuable one, and the speculation will, no doubt, prove successful.

July 9 Ledbury Church choir had their annual outing to Ilfracombe.

July 9 Ledbury Poultry and Pigeon Society was formed.

July 14 Ledbury Volunteers held a church parade at Colwall.

July 20 Annual meeting of the Ledbury Freehold Building Society was held, when a motion that 4 per cent. bonus be accepted was carried, and the directors were thanked for their judgment in purchasing the “ Bank House ” Estate.

July 22 Ledbury Urban Council held an adjourned meeting to further deal with the sewerage question, and it was unanimously agreed that Mr. BERRINGTON, C.E., of Wolverhampton, be engaged to formulate a scheme for the re-modelling of the drainage system and disposal of the Sewage.

July 29 Miss Wilhelmina Maria BICKHAM, fourth daughter of Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM, of Underdown, Ledbury, was married at Ledbury Church to the Rev. H. G. S. SCOTT, Curate of Cockington.

July 30 A most successful Garden Fete was held at the Upper Hall, under the auspices of the Ladies' Work Association.

July 31 During this month the Ledbury Water Supply was limited to four hours daily, and subsequently was reduced to half-hour morning and evening.

July 31 Rev. E. POTTS succeeded Rev. J. H. JONES at the Weslyan Church.

August 5 Ledbury Hunt Puppy Show was held at the Kennels; afterwards a dinner was held at the Feathers Hotel.

August 10 Bosbury Races were held.

August 16 The anniversary services of the re-opening of Ledbury Church were held, when the preacher was the Very Rev. the Dean of Worcester.

August 17 Much Marcle Fete was held.

August 20 Ledbury Flower Show at Eastnor Castle.

August 22 Ledbury Volunteers went to Leominster for their annual encampment.

September 1 Meeting of the Ledbury Liberal Association, the Rev. Dennis HIRD resigned his position as president of the association.

September 4 Mr. Radcliffe COOKE, M.P., unveiled a handsome brass tablet in Much Marcle Church. to the memory of the late vicar of Much Marcle, the Rev. A. V. CHATFILED.

September 7 At a meeting of the Urban Council it was reported that the water supply was limited to 15 minutes daily.

September 10 Miss Isabel DAVIES, of Ledbury, was married to Mr. Harry WILLIAMS, of Tuffnell Park, London.

September 11 Special meeting of the Water Supply Committee was held, when the Council conferred with Mr. CAVE-BROWNE-CAVE, respecting the scheme known as the St. Pewtress’ Well scheme. The meeting, which was not unanimous,was adjourned.

September 11 Ledbury Hounds commenced cub hunting.

September 14 Public meeting was held of those interested in the carrying on of Technical Education during the Winter months, and it was resolved to continue the classes.

September 14 The revision court was held.

September 15 A meeting of the Guardians was held at which a resolution was moved that the Union children be educated at the board schools. Attention was also called to the cost of medical attendance and drugs at the Ledbury Union dispensary. Both questions were referred to a committee.

September 16 Ledbury Cycling Club brought their season to a close by a grand illuminated procession, which was very successful; collections were taken en route for the Cottage Hospital A dinner was held afterwards at the Royal Hall, followed by a smoking concert.

September 19 Col, COKE, Local Government Inspector, visited Ledbury to confer with the Urban Council with reference to the Water supply in consequence of representations having been made to the Local Government Board as to the inadequacy of the water supply. Col. COKE advised the Council to have the well in Long Meadow pumped out and gauged ; at the same time they could go on with the Eastnor scheme.

September 21 A meeting of the owners and ratepayers of the Urban District was held in pursuant of a requisition signed by 20 ratepayers or owners, for the purpose of submitting a resolution in accordance with section 166 of the Public Health Act 1875, consenting to the Ledbury Urban District Council to have and to exercise the powers over certain market rights The proposed transfer to the Council was carried by 20 to 6.

September 22 The Council resolved to ask Mr. STOOKE, the engineer, to come to confer with the Council with regard to the Long Meadow Well.

September 24 Mr. STOOKE came and after a conference with the Council went to view the well, and gave instructions to the surveyor as to the pumping and cleaning out of the Well.

September 27 Harvest Thanksgiving Services were held in Ledbury Church (which was most prettily decorated). The collection, for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution and the Hereford Diocesan Choral Union, amounted to £12 5s.

October 6 At the monthly meeting of the Urban Council, the Streets Committee reported that the water in the reservoir had decreased in quantity since the previous meeting. The Committee recommended that 12 incandescent lamps should be placed in different parts of the town, to take the place of 12 of the old ones which were beyond repair; afterwards the Council again considered the water question, especially with respect to the Long Meadow Well, the opinion being generally express ad that it was useless to go on with the scheme. Mr. CAVE-BROWNE-CAVE having communicated with the Council with regard to a supply being: obtained from St. Pewtress’ well, near the British Camp, it was decided to ask him to furnish a written statement of the probable quantity and cost of the water.

October 6 Mr. R. MEECH, of Broadwindsor, Dorset, gave two lectures on poultry keeping, under the auspices of the Technical Instruction Committee of the County Council, in the Barrett-Browning Institute.

October 13 At a meeting of the Board of Guardians, the motion that the Union children be boarded out, and that the governess be superannuated at a pension of £19 per year, was carried by a large majority.

October 6 Ledbury October Fair was held, when John STUDT, the well known public caterer, of South Wales, occupied the Cattle Market, where he remained during the Week, and on the Friday the whole of the proceeds of his circular switchback were given to the Cottage Hospital.

October 20 Mr. MEECH gave two more lectures on rational poultry keeping.

October 21 The Urban Council held a special meeting to consider Mr. STOOKE‘s (the engineer’s) report on the test pumping at the Long Meadow Well. in accordance with the instructions of the Council. Mr. STOOKE said he could not advise the Council to go on with the scheme, and again expressed the opinion that the only solution he could see of the difficulty was to sink a well at Bromesberrow, in the new red sandstone. He was asked to prepare a tabulated statement to be submitted to the Local Government Board.

October 29 The annual meetings of the Ledbury Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society were held.

October 29 In the evening Mr. Tom WOODWARD gave the first of his organ recitals for the season in the Parish Church.

October 29 A contingent of boys from Dr. Barnardo's Homes gave an entertainment in the Royal Hall.

November 2 Fox Hunting commenced with the Ledbury hounds.

November 2 In the evening, at a meeting of the Urban Council, Mr. Edward MADDISON, of the National Provincial Bank, was appointed treasurer of the Urban Council, in the place of Mr. A. BROWN, of the Capital and Counties Bank who had left Ledbury. The water question was again considered, and Mr. M. BIDDULPH moved “That a Committee, not to exceed five in number, be appointed to consider the question and expense of storage of the surplus water from the Conygree and Brickyard schemes,with power to consult a competent authority on the subject, and to report to the Council.” Mr. BIDDULPH said he should be pleased to place his stone quarry at the disposal of the Council for a reservoir without serious expense to the Council. The motion was adopted.

November 4 At the monthly meeting of the School Board, Mr. BUTLER (who succeeded Mr. A. BROWN at the Capital and Counties Bank) was appointed treasurer to the Board.

November 5 Ledbury Poultry and Pigeon Society held their first annual show in the Mission Hall, the affair being a complete success.

November 10 The Board of Guardians appointed Mr. BUTLER treasurer, by one vote.

November 10 Mr. John BIDDULPH, eldest son of Mr. M. BIDDULPH, M.P., was married to Miss Marjorie Caroline Susan MURE,, youngest daughter of the late Col. William MURE. D.L.. and the Hon. Hrs. MURE, of Caldwell, Glasgow.

November 10 The coming of age of Mr. Launcelot J. C. RILEY, eldest son of Mr. J. C. RILEY, of Putley Court, was Celebrated with much rejoicing this afternoon.

November 11 A special meeting of the Urban Council to consider the report of Mr. R. E. W. BERRINGTON, C.E., F.G.S., with reference to a comprehensive scheme of sewerage and sewage disposal for the district. which it was stated would cost £8000. The meeting was adjourned, and Mr. BERRINGTON was requested to prepare a less expensive scheme and to utilize the present sewers where practicable.

November 23 Supporters of the Sunday closing movement held a meeting in the Town Hall when a resolution advocating the prohibition of the sale of intoxicating drinks on a Sunday was carried unanimously.

November 24 A meeting of the Board of Guardians was held. at which the question of the cost of drugs and dispensing of medicines at the Union Dispensary was again brought forward, and it was decided to enquire of other Unions of a similar size to Ledbury what their expenditure was. At the same meeting Mr. BANNER proposed “ That in future the religious duties of this Union be carried out by efficient voluntary service.” This was seconded by Mr. BRAY. A direct negative was moved by Mr, RILEY, and seconded by Mr. THOMPSON, and the original motion was lost by 3 to 1, Mr. BANNER giving notice to bring the question forward again in a month‘s time.

November 25 Mrs. W. RUSSELL, of the Woodlands, died at the age of 57 years. By her will the deceased made several munificent bequests to Ledbury, including £5000 for a middle class boys school to he established in Ledbury; £500 for a memorial window and otherwise in Ledbury Church; £150 to the Ledbury Cottage Hospital; and £100 to the Ledbury Reading Room, Besides these gifts it will be remembered that she presented the four-dial clock to the Barrett Browning Memorial Clock Tower, and also the Clock at the Post Office.

November 26 Ledbury Rifle Volunteer Corps held their annual dinner and prize distribution at the Feathers Assembly Room, when COL-Sergt. W. E. JONES was presented with a marble timepiece on his resigning the post after 29 years' service.

November 30 The Bank House Estate was distributed by ballot to 26 allottees; the tender for constructing the new roads, sewers, &c., was secured by Mr. H. DAVIS, Hereford, for the sum of £853 9s. 3d.

December 7 At the Urban Council Meeting a Rate of 1s. 3d. in the £1 was sealed for the ensuing 6 months.

December 8 The Water Supply was turned on full from this day.

December 8 The Board of Guardians decided to communicate with the Local Government Board on the question on the excessive expenditure on medical matters in the Ledbury Union. The question of Chaplaincy was deferred for 6 months.

December 10 The Ledbury Musical Society gave their first Concert ("The Creation") of the season.

During the month it was decided to place a stained glass window in the Ledbury Church to the memory of the late Mr. E. J. WEBB, banker.

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