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1897 A Retrospect Tilley's Almanack

Chronological extracts completed from the "Ledbury Free Press"
[High Street]
Paul CARTER Collection

THE flight of time brings us within measurable distance of the close of another year, and we have once more to arrange in brief chronological order the principal events which have gone to make up the history of this district during the past year.

On the whole the year has been a prosperous one especially to agriculture, which suffered so much during recent years. One of the most important events of 1897, and an excellent "wind—up” of the Diamond Jubilee year, was the clearing off of the debt on the Church Restoration. In Six years £8,000 was subscribed, this being the total cost of the work.

The water question remains the same as ever, and at the time of writing (Dec. 16th), the supply is limited to one hour per day, the limitation having been more and more stringent since the preceding June, when it was turned on two hours morning and evening.

The poor rate for the year was 2/4, whilst the Urban District rate was equal to 2/3—total, 4/7. Four years ago the total rates were 3/4. This is not very encouraging to the success of the town, and, to all appearances, a worse state of affairs is before us. It is evident that if our Urban Council cannot, or will not, effectually deal with the water and drainage questions, the Local Government Board will step in and tell them what they must do,—and regardless of cost. This must be admitted to be a gloomy picture with which to close the year. In spite of all we end this retrospect with our Wish for A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR READERS.

January 1 The annual festival of the "Eastnor" Lodge of Free Masons was held, when Brother G. W. STARR was installed as W.M. ( Worshipful Master ).

January 4 An inmate of St. Katharine's Hospital, named Elizabeth DAVIS, was found burned to death in her room. At the inquest a verdict of "accidental death, through the effects of burns," was returned.

January 4 During this week the special prayer meetings, at the invitation of the Evangelical Alliance, were held at the various Nonconformist places of worship.

January 4 The Urban Council considered Mr. BERRINGTON'S report on the amended sewerage scheme for the district, and a resolution requesting Mr. BERRINGTON to formulate a scheme to deal with Newtown separately was carried.

January 11 The Urban Council held a special meeting to further consider the proposed sewerage for the town. The Newtown separate scheme, estimated to cost £1,364, was produced. Mr. BIDDULPH'S motion, "That Mr. BERRINGTON'S scheme be adopted pro forma, and that a sub-committee be appointed to confer with Mr. BERRINGTON on various points" was carried by one vote. The following committee was appointed: Messrs. W. A. C. GABB, C. W. STEPHENS, H. BRAY, J. DAWES, and J. FLOYD.

January 14 The Ledbury Hunt Ball took place at the Feathers Hotel.

January 16 The third round of the Hereford Junior Cup between Ledbury Victoria and Bromyard Rovers; the latter won.

January 16 The same week Mr. James FREEMAN was elected chairman of the Directors of the Ledbury Market and Fairs Company, in the place of the late Mr. E. J. WEBB.

January 16 The Plymouth Brethren, who for many years had carried on their public worship in Southend, closed their services in the town.

January 16 Heavy snow-storms and severe frosts were prevalent, which stopped the Ledbury hounds from hunting.

January 20 The New Year's treat and prize distribution to the children of the Church Sunday schools took place.

January 20 In the afternoon Mr. F. T. WILSON, who was then master of the North Hereford Hounds, was unanimously chosen master of the "Ledbury," in the place of Mr. G. J. THURSBY, who retired on account of ill health.

January 21 The Agricultural and Commercial Ball took place at the Feathers Assembly Room.

January 21 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. H. MARTIN'S annual treat to the Union inmates was given in the evening.

January 21 During the afternoon, a cycling paper chase took place, the meet being at Underdown.

January 27 The Ledbury Church choir had their annual supper and social gathering.

January 28 The Masters, Mistresses, and Teachers of the Board Schools held another successful soiree in the Boys' School.

February 1 The 10th annual ordinary general meeting of the Ledbury Markets and Fairs Company was held, the balance sheet showing that the Company was in a very flourishing condition. It was resolved to authorise the Directors to sell to the Urban Council, on the basis of a valuation, all the land, buildings, pens, tolls, rights, &c., belonging to the Company.

February 1 In the evening the Urban Council held their monthly meeting, at which it was decided to fill up the Long Meadow well.

February 2 the standing orders of the Board of Guardians were considered, and were ordered to be printed at "The Free Press" Office, Mr. TILLEY'S being the lowest tender sent in.

February 2 In the afternoon the 24th general annual meeting of the subscribers and donors to the Ledbury Cottage Hospital was held ,Mr. BIDDULPH, M.P.,(president of the Hospital), presiding. The report showed that the income had exceeded the expenditure by £17 16s. 5d,, and referred to the loss the institution had sustained in the death of Mr. E. J. WEBB ; the report also referred to the handsome legacy of £150 to the Hospital from Mrs. RUSSELL, late of Woodlands. The balance sheet was adopted, the opinion being expressed that it was desirous that a lasting memorial of the Jubilee should be erected.

February 11 The Ledbury Fire Brigade held their annual dinner in the Royal Hall.

February 17 The Ledbury Oddfellows held a very successful concert and soiree at the Royal Hall, in aid of their benevolent fund.

February 21 An appeal for help was made. morning and evening, in Ledbury Church, on behalf of the Indian Famine Relief Fund, the collections amounting to £15 13s.7d.

February 24 The Ledbury Cycling Club held their annual general meeting, the balance sheet being passed and the officers elected.

February 25 The Ledbury Musical Society gave their second concert of the season, there being 70 performers; the programme was of a miscellaneous character.

February 25 In the afternoon, the Ledbury Victoria Football Club beat Hereford Early Closers by 2 goals to nil.

March 1 The Ledbury Urban Council re-elected Messrs. E. H. HOPKINS and H. GRIFFITHS overseers for the ensuing year. It was resolved "That in the opinion of this Council, all vehicles should carry a light after sunset." Dr. WOOD was re-appointed medical officer for the ensuing l2 months.

March 10 A special meeting of the Urban Council was held to consider the question of the proposed new reservoir and the markets question. The consideration of both matters was adjourned.

March 11 The Bishop of Hereford addressed a large meeting (under the auspices of the Church of England Temperance Society), in the Royal Hall, when an adult branch of the society was formed.

March 16 The Rural Parish Council passed a resolution in favour of lights on vehicles.

March 18 At a meeting of the Ledbury Church Restoration Committee, it was decided to repair the spire and re-hang the bells. At a subsequent meeting a letter was read from Dr. WOOD, making an offer on behalf of himself and two brothers to undertake the cost of the restoration of the bells and chimes, as a memorial to their late uncle, Mr. E. J. WEBB. The offer was gratefully accepted.

March 18 In the evening the Rev. C. Y. POTTS (who had recently been elected chairman of the Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, embracing North Somerset, Congregational Union) delivered a lecture in the Mission Hall, on "The Reformation in England."

March 18 The Ledbury Rural Parish Council held their annual meeting for the election of 11 members. No poll was demanded, and the names of those elected will be found in a subsequent page of this Almanack.

March 18 The election of Ledbury Rural District Councillors took place the same evening, and was void of any interest.

March 19 The Urban Council conferred with Mr. BERRINGTON on the proposed reservoir, as to £1000 worth of stone which would be raised from the quarry in preparing for the reservoir, over and above what would be required for the making of the reservoir. Mr. BERRINGTON explained that he was first of all under the impression that the Council would have all the stone that came out of the quarry, but he had since been informed that such was not the case. He did not propose excavating nearly such a depth as he originally intended, which would be a saving of expense.

March 20 The Victoria beat Worcester Early Closers by 5 goals to 1.

March 22 Mr. Ben GREET'S Company produced "The Sign of the Cross" to a crowded audience in the Royal Hall.

March 22 Mr. J. Herbert SKIPPER (of the National Education Emergency Committee) lectured in the Town Hall, on the "Education Bill of the present government."

March 22 This week the Ledbury Hunt were favoured with some of the best sport of the season.

March 25 The first run of the Cycling Club was marked by a very enjoyable paper chase.

March 27 Victory again fell to the "Vics," when they scored 3 goals to Ross Town 1 in the semi- final for the "Glasgow" Cup.

March 29 Mr. MARTIN wrote to the Urban Council objecting to the proposed reservoir, on the ground that it would interfere with his pool. It was decided that a Local Government Board Inquiry be applied for to enquire into the intended work, and also the objection.

March 29 Harry GODDARD was appointed huntsman to the Ledbury hounds.

March 29 Rev. David PARRY, of Melbourne, lectured on "A Brave Man."

March 31 At the quarterly meeting of the Reading Room and Library, Mr. C. W. STEPHENS asked the committee to allow a cabinet bookcase to stand in the room for storing objects of interest in connection of the life and work of the BROWNINGS, and this was granted.

April 1 The Ledbury Hunt point-to-point races were held at Redmarley.

April 4 The Bishop of Hereford held a confirmation at Ledbury Church.

April 5 The election for five Urban Councillors resulted as follows : Mr. W. A. H. MARTIN (338 votes), Mr. J. DAWES (224), Mr. J. PREECE (223), Mr. W. H. HATTON (222), Mr. J. BANNER (218), and Mr. W. S. LANE (147) ; the defeated candidates were Mr. B. JAMES (114) and Mr. B. BASTOW (76).

April 6 Col. Ord HASTED, R.E., held an inquiry re the reservoir and Mr. MARTIN'S objection thereto.

April 12 Mr. Henry Somers SOMERSET was unanimously elected president of the Ledbury Liberal Association.

April 13 An alarming report on the condition of the Church Spire was read from Mr. Lloyd OSWELL. It was decided to ask for estimates for the restoration.

April 16 (Good Friday) The Wesleyans held their annual circuit gathering.

April 19 (Easter Monday) The football club held sports, which were very successful.

April 20 The annual meeting of the Urban Council was held, when Mr. M. BIDDULPH, M.P., was elected chairman and Mr. C. W. STEPHENS, C.C. vice-chairman.

April 22 The annual dinner to the Ledbury Hunt Keepers was held at the Royal Hall.

April 22 In the evening, a performance of "The Messiah " was given in the Parish Church.

April 22 The "Vics" beat Hereford St. Martin's by one goal in the semi-final for the Charity Bowl.

April 22 In the final of the "Glasgow" Cup they played a drawn game against Hampton.

April 27 The Board of Guardians held their annual meeting, Mr. C. A. HEWITT and Mr. J. E. VEVERS being re-appointed chairman and vice-chairman respectively.

April 27 In the evening the Rev. Henry S. SANDERS was inducted to the living of Eastnor.

April 29 A dinner to the Tewkesbury Troop of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars was given at the Royal Hall.

May 3 at A meeting of the Urban Council, the report of the Local Government Board with respect to the proposed reservoir was read, from which it appeared that the Board could not recommend the scheme, as there was not sufficient proof of the quantity of water obtainable.

May 7 A hastily summoned meeting was held in private, at which it was stated that Mr. BIDDULPH had been to the Local Government Board, and that all hopes of the scheme need not be abandoned.

May 7 A public meeting was held to consider the Diamond Jubilee celebration. A committee was formed with Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM, J.P., as chairman. Messrs. L. TILLEY and E. H. HOPKINS were appointed joint secs.

May 14 Another meeting was held, when a programme for celebrating Jubilee day was decided upon.

May 15 Mr. BLACKBURN'S (Nottingham) tender, to restore the Church spire at a cost of nearly £400, was accepted.

May 15 The Ledbury Cricket Club opened their season in a match against Colwall, who won by 17 runs.

May 15 By this date the 12 incandescent lamps had been fixed in different parts of the Urban district.

May 17 The Ledbury Volunteers were called out to take part in a test mobilization.

May 17 Bosbury Oddfellows' fete took place.

May 18 During the week a water famine in Ledbury was threatened, consequent upon a serious loss of water which was thought to be caused by a leakage in the mains.

May 22 Mr. W. E. JONES was the recipient of several handsome presents on his leaving Eastnor, after 34 years' faithful service in the schools and Church, Lady Henry SOMERSET adding her tribute to the good work accomplished by Mr. JONES.

May 24 A Special Meeting of the Urban Council was held when a letter was read from the Local Government Board, with order sanctioning the loan of £5,000 for Reservoir and Water Mains.

May 24 In the morning Mr. Frank RICARDO, of Bromesberrow Place, died at Bure Homage, Hants.

May 26 Mr. RICARDO'S sister died.

May 27 The Ledbury Rural District Council protested against the muzzling order which came into operation on June 1st.

May 27 Mrs. SUMNER, President of the Mothers' Union, addressed a large gathering of Mothers, in the Royal Hall, after they had visited the Church and Ledbury Park.

May 29 The 3rd Royal Warwickshire Militia arrived in Ledbury, from Ross, and encamped in the Hazel Meadow till the 3lst.

May 29 Bosbury beat Ledbury in Cricket Match.

May 31 Ledbury underwent the turmoil and excitement of the triennial School Board Election. There were nine candidates for seven seats, the following being elected: - J. BANNER (691), C. W. STEPHENS. (632), W. A. C. GABB (596), S. H. BICKHAM (508), C. E. M. GREEN, Rector (450), C. Y. POTTS, Congregational Minister (404), T. HODGES (237). The defeated candidates were Mr. J. PREECE (221), and Mr. M. A. WOOD (148), both of whom were old and tried members.

June 1 Miss TILLARD addressed the Children's Union.

June 2 The last Meeting of the Old School Board was held.

June 4 During this week the various Sub-Committees appointed for the Diamond Jubilee Celebration reported to the General Committee that all arrangements for the event had been made.

June 5 Hereford Cathedral School beat Ledbury in a Cricket Match.

June 5 At the Urban Council Meeting, a rate of 1/- in the £ for the ensuing half-year was ordered.

June 9 The first Meeting of the newly elected School Board was held. The Rev. C. E. M. GREEN was re-elected Chairman, and the Rev. C. Y POTTS was elected to the Vice-Chair. At the same meeting it was decided by a majority of one, that the Apostles' Creed should no longer be taught in the Schools.

June 10 Lady Henry SOMERSET opened a successful Sale of Work in aid of "Our Own Missionaries," in the Mission Hall.

June 10 The Jubilee Celebration Committee recommended that Wednesday, June 23rd, should also be observed as a, holiday, as well as Jubilee Day.

June 12 Ledbury beat Malvern Link in 3 Cricket Match by 102 runs.

June 15 About the middle of the month the Water Supply from the Reservoir had been very irregular, and a supply from 6 till 8. morning and evening, was allowed.

June 16 The Urban Council appointed Mr, W. E. JONES Collector. Considerable opposition was given to the proposed Reservoir, on the terms offered by Mr. BIDDULPH, viz that a site be leased by the Council for a term of 99 years at a pepper corn rent of 1/- per annum. The Meeting ended with the intent of approaching Mr. BIDDULPH to sell the site outright to the Council.

June 21 The Queen's Diamond Jubilee was celebrated with much rejoicing in Ledbury. The Volunteers fired a fue de joie on Dog Hill, at 8 am; at 11 there was a procession of all the public bodies in the town, accompanied by all the school children, being headed by the Worcester Excelsior Band. At the Market Place the National Anthem was sung, and the children sang "God bless the Prince of Wales" After cheers had been given for the Queen the procession wended its way to the Pound Meadow where a long programme of athletic Sports was carried out. At one o'clock there was a dinner of hot roast beef, vegetables and plum puddings for old folks over 60, in the Mission Hall, and all the children sat down to tea in the afternoon around tables erected in High street. In the evening there was a monster bonfire on Bradlow Knoll. All the streets were gaily decorated, and prizes were given for the best three, viz.: The Capital and Counties, 30/-; D & M. BADCOCK, 20/-: Messrs. MAYO & Co., 10/-.

June 26 In a cricket match, Ledbury beat Dymock.

July 2 Eastnor celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with much rejoicing.

July 7 The School Board held their annual meeting, the examination reports being read. The Boys' school was reported satisfactory; in the Girls' school several of the standards required pulling up; the Infants' school was fair

July 10 Dymock beat Ledbury in cricket.

July 10 The Rev. H. B. WALTON, Curate of Coddington, commenced parochial Work in Ledbury.

July 12 A sad fatality occurred in Eastnor lake, a youth named Albert COOKE, who was a member of a bible class at Westminster (the class being entertained at Eastnor Castle), was accidentally drowned whilst bathing.

July 12 In the evening, the Urban Council approved of the specifications for reservoir and extension of mains.

July 13 Cherbourg House, Malvern, beat Ledbur.y

July 17 Ledbury won the cricket match against Bosbury.

July 19 The Ledbury Church choir went for their annual outing to Portsmouth.

July 19 In the afternoon a fire broke out at Canon Frome Court, causing £300 damage.

July 19 In the evening the Shareholders of the Ledbury Freehold Building Society held their annual general meeting, when a bonus of 5 per cent. was decided upon.

July 20 The Board of Guardians decided that the Union Schoolroom should be altered and utilized for the meetings of the Board.

July 22 Ledbury Cricket Club beat Cherbourg House.

July 24 Ledbury Cricket Club defeated by Colwall.

July 28 The Rector and Churchwardens invited all the Church workers to join in a trip to the British Camp.

July 29 Ledbury Flower Show was held in Ledbury Park.

August 1 The Ledbury Volunteers went to Aldershot for their annual encampment.

August 2 (Bank holiday) A Liberal Demonstration was held at Eastnor Castle.

August 3 The Urban Council agreed to the draft deed of water rights from Lady Henry SOMERSET for £500 and the lease of the quarry for the reservoir from Mr. BIDDULPH for 99 years. The sewerage question was also fully considered.

August 5 The Union children were entertained at Colwall by Mrs. BALLARD.

August 5 Colwall Cottage Garden Show was held.

August 6 Ledbury Hunt Puppy Show took place at the Kennels.

August 9 Bosbury Races were held.

August 11 The magistrates signed a rate for Ledbury Urban at 7d. in the £ on agricultural land, and 1/2 on houses and buildings.

August 15 The Anniversary Festival of the dedication of the Parish Church was held.

August 16 Lady Henry SOMERSET held a large and fashionable "At Home" at Eastnor Castle. The Bishop of Hereford presided at a gathering of the guests, at which the Bishop of British Columbia dilated on the claims of the Columbian Mission Fund. Over £21 was contributed.

August 16 Mr. BERRINGTON met the Urban Council, and he was instructed to get out a scheme for dealing only with the Southend, Happy Land, and New Town sewerage.

During the week the bakers of the town rose the price of bread 1/2d. on the 41b. loaf. The Wheat crop was reported to be above the average; fruit, under average; plums, failure; roots, good; hay, much above the average ; hops, average.

August 19 A very successful Jubilee fete was held in the Upper Hall Grounds, in aid of the Church Restoration Fund. Over £81 was realized.

August 20 In the evening the Diamond Jubilee Celebration Committee, at a meeting, reported that over £32 was in hand. It was decided to erect seats as a memorial of the event in different parts of the town.

August 24 Cub-hunting commenced.

August 25 Dymock Flower Show and Sports were held.

August 26 Mr. George Harry PIPER, who had been a most prominent figure in Ledbury for more than half a century, died at his residence, Court House, Ledbury, at the age of 78. Deceased was buried at Pencombe, near Bromyard, where other members of the family were interred.

August 28 Ledbury beat Malvern in a cricket match at Ledbury.

August 29 The Market-house weighing machine was, this week, repaired and again used after a lapse of many years, the custodian being Mr. C. PEDLINGHAM.

August 30 Much Marcle Flower Show and Sports were held.

September 2 The annual meeting of the Ledbury Football Club was held, when the balance sheet showed that the secretary had not properly kept the accounts, there being a. deficiency of £10 or £11. The accounts were referred to the old committee. Subsequently, an offer was received from the sec. to pay the deficiency by instalments, and it was accepted.

September 6 A meeting of the Urban Council was held, at which the sewerage and water leakage questions were again dealt with, but no decision in either case was arrived at.

September 7 In the evening, the Ledbury Musical Society held their annual general meeting. It was decided to have subscription concerts in the future.

September 13 At the Revision Court, there was a substantial gain of votes for the Unionists.

September 16 The Royal Humane Society's bronze medal and certificate were presented to William FRICKER, at Eastnor Castle, by Lady Henry SOMERSET, for endeavouring to save the life of the youth, Albert COOKE.

September 19 The Harvest Festival was held in Ledbury Church. Offertories, £17 9s. 6d.

September 19 Mr. Chas. E. LILLEY, Solicitor, Ledbury, was appointed Registrar of the Ledbury County Court, in the place of the late Mr. George H.PIPER.

September 21 The Urban Council decided to overthrow the reservoir scheme, and resolved to vote £100 for boring operations.

September 23 At a meeting of the Victoria Football Club, it was reported that all the old debts had been paid, and that £24 63. had been handed over to the Club from the Easter Monday Sports.

September 30 The annual general meeting of the Reading Room and Library was held, when a letter from the executors of the late Mrs. RUSSELL, of Woodlands, was read, which accompanied a cheque of £100 left as a legacy by Mrs. RUSSELL.

October 1 The Rev. S. BENTLEY was the recipient of several handsome presents, on his leaving Bosbury to take charge of the parish of Newent.

October 4 At the Urban Council meeting, an increase of 3d. in the £, in the rate was reported, as compared with the previous half-year.

It was decided that the Institute clock should be lighted every night at a cost of £12 per annum.

October 7 Mr. Tom WOODWARD gave his benefit Concert in the Royal Hall.

October 12 Ledbury " Michaelmas " Fair was held.

October 14 The Victoria Football Club held their first Smoking Concert of the season at the New Inn Hotel.

October 16 Mr. HARRIS, the head gardener at Eastnor Castle, was presented with an elegant gold watch and an illuminated address on leaving Eastnor after 9 years' service.

October 16 Mr. BIDDULPH'S mansion, at the Upper Cross, which had been concealed by stucco, at this date presented the appearance of one of the old Elizabethan granges. The stucco, or plaster, having being removed, brought to view a perfect specimen of half-timbered architecture.

October 21 The Ledbury Cycling Club organized another successful illuminated procession, in aid of the Cottage Hospital, the collections amounting to £5 15s.

October 22 Sir Richard HARINGTON, at the County Court, feelingly referred to the loss sustained by the death of Mr. G. H. PIPER. Mr. Frederick RUSSELL, on behalf of the solicitors, also suitably spoke.

October 26 The annual meetings of the Bible Society were held in the Town Hall, the official deputation being Rev. Richard PERKINS.

October 26 In the evening the Ledbury Cycling Club held their first social evening at the Feathers Hotel,

October 26 The half-yearly meeting of the Quoit Club was held at the Biddulph Arms Hotel.

October 27 During the week Mr. H. Somers SOMERSET, the Liberal Candidate for South Herefordshire, addressed meetings in the Peterchurch district.

October 30 The "Vics" beat Bullingham Stars 6 to nil.

November 1 At the Urban Council meeting, it was stated that Mr. BERRINGTON had decided to bore for water near Lower Mitchell. During the week they had bored nearly 30 feet and had come to a small quantity of water.

November 1 The Ledbury Hounds opened the season, the meet being at Stardens, Newent.

November 3 A band of Thessalian refugees who had encamped in the Cattle Market, were conveyed in a waggon to Ross. During their stay they were visited by Lady Henry SOMERSET, who was very kind to them.

November 4 Mr. J. HARTREE, of Hereford, lectured on "The Architecture of Ledbury Church," in St. Catherine's Chapel.

November 4 Miss BAMBER commenced her duties as matron at the Cottage Hospital.

November 13 Mr. W. de WINTON, of Haverfordwest, addressed a large meeting in the Barrett Browning Institute on the claims of The Queen Victoria Sustentation Fund.

November 18 Lady Henry SOMERSET opened a Sale of Work in the Mission Hall, in aid of the Wesleyan Circuit Funds.

November 18 In the afternoon Mr. J. HARTREE gave his second Lecture (this time in the Barrett Browning Institute). on " Monks and Monastic Architecture," under the presidency of Lady Elizabeth BIDDULPH, who gave an interesting address.

November 18 The Cycling Club held their annual dinner at the Feathers Assembly Room this evening.

November 22 A red-letter day in Colwall, on account of the opening of the gas works, followed by a public dinner.

November 23 & 24 The Ledbury Snowflake Minstrels gave a performance in the Royal Hall, to crowded house.

November 24 Mr. W. E. JONES was awarded a pension, on resigning the mastership of Eastnor schools, after continuous service there of 33 years.

December 1 The Ledbury Quoit Club held their annual dinner at the Biddulph Arms Hotel.

December 4 Worcester Cinderella beat Ledbury Victoria by 2 goals to nil, in the 2nd round of the Hereford junior cup.

December 6 During the week, a successful Temperance Mission was held in Ledbury and Eastnor. Lady Henry SOMERSET, Rev. Henry S.SANDERS, Rev. C. Y. POTTS, and Mr. BRAMBLEY (Bristol), being amongst the speakers.

December 9 The Ledbury Musical Society gave their first subscription Concert in the Royal Hall, which was a great success in every way.

December 16 The Ledbury Rifle Volunteers had their annual dinner and prize distribution in the Feathers Assembly Room.

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