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1902 A Retrospect Tilley's Almanack

Chronological extracts completed from the "Ledbury Free Press"
[High Street]

The chief national event of the year was the Coronation of King Edward VII., which was loyally celebrated in this district. Long may he reign! Generally speaking the year was not a prosperous one. The winter was very mild, and the summer was very unsettled, causing late harvests. The hay and corn crops, however, proved quite up to the average, but the hop and fruit crops were poor. Early in December wintry weather was experienced.

May the New Year prove happy and prosperous to all our readers!

January 3 Mr and Mrs MARTIN's New Year's Treat to Union Inmates.

January 9 Ledbury Hockey Club Ball at the Feathers Hotel.

January 9, 10 Joan of Arc Tableaux at Eastnor Castle.

January 13 Induction of Rev. H. L. SOMERS COCKS into the living of Eastnor.

January 14 Mr. W. K. STRIDE commenced his series of Oxford University Lectures at the Barrett Browning Institute.

January 15 Ledbury Church Choirmen's Annual Supper at the Feathers Hotel.

January 16 Ledbury Hunt Ball at the Feathers Hotel.

January 23 Ledbury Volunteers' Annual Supper and Prize Distribution at the Feathers Hotel.

January 28 General Meeting of Subscribers and Members of the Ledbury Hunt at the Feathers Hotel.

January 30 Masonic Installation Ceremony at Ledbury. Mr Frederick RUSSELL installed WM for the year.

February 1 At this date the local litigation case, in which Miss Bishop, of Ledbury, sued the Ledbury Urban Council for alleged pollution of a well in Bye Street, was settled by the Council paying £100 damages and the costs on both sides.

February 2 Dedications of the Queen Victoria Memorial Window in Ledbury Church. .

February 4 Annual Meeting of the Ledbury Cottage Hospital Subscribers and Donors.

February 6 Ledbury Fire Brigade Annual Supper at the Royal Hall.

February 7, 8 Col. and Mrs. WOOD's Theatrical Entertainments, in aid of the Cottage Hospital, at the Royal Hall.

February 9 Skating during the week on Eastnor lake and the Upper Hall pool.

February 12 Ash Wednesday.

February 14 Mr. John KING, the Southend, died, aged 76.

February 19 Annual General Meeting of the Ledbury Cricket Club at the Royal Oak Hotel.

February 24 Public Meeting at the Town Hall to consider the Government Temperance Bill.

March 1 Last of the series of Saturday Night Entertainments.

March 1 Distribution of Miles' Charity.

March 1 Presentation to Mr. W. COLEMAN on relinquishing his duties as agent to the Eastnor, Leigh, and Stoulton estates.

March 2 Mr. Thomas DUCKHAM, formerly M.P. for Herefordshire, died, aged 86.

March 3 The Urban Council ordered a General District Rate at 1/8 in the £.

March 5 Mr STEPHENS at the School Board Meeting reported on the increased grants earned by the schools.

March 10 Rev. A. WARRIS inducted Rector of Coddington.

March 12 County Hockey Match at Ledbury: Worcestershire beat Herefordshire by 1 goal to 0.

March 18 Presentation to Mrs. SARGENT on relinquishing the duties of postmistress of Ledbury.

March 19 Oddfellows' Annniversary Dinner at the Plough Hotel.

March 21 Confirmation at Ledbury Church : 104 candidates.

March 28 (Good Friday) Annual Circuit Gathering at the Wesleyan Chapel.

March 30 (Easter Sunday) Temporary Catholic Chapel opened at Ledbury.

April 1 Hopgrowers' Association for Herefordshire and Worcestershire formed at a public meeting at the Feathers Hotel.

April 2 Ledbury Hunt Point-to-Point Races at Redmarley.

April 3 Vestry Meeting at the Parish Church.

April 7 Ledbury Urban Council Election : Messrs. H. BRAY, E. H. HOPKINS, W. R. WALKER, W. F. EVANS, C. BIXLEY, and J. C. DAVIES, elected without opposition.

April 7 Ledbury Guardians Election : Messrs. T. S. S. GARDNER, J. B MASEFIELD, S. B. BICKHAM re-elected unopposed.

April 7 Banquet to Much Marcle and Yatton Soldiers returned from the war.

April 8 Captain CLIVE, M.P., addressed his constituents at the Feathers Hotel, and was heartily welcomed on his return from the war. He also distributed the certificates to the successful Students at the Art and Shorthand Classes.

April 9 Hill and Vale Lawn Tennis Club Ball at the Royal Hall.

April 16 Mr. C. W. STEPHENS elected Chairman of the Urban Council.

April 18 Mr. W. S. LANE re-elected Chairman of the Rural Parish Council.

April 19 Hunt Keepers' Dinner at the Royal Hall.

April 22 Mr. C. A. HEWITT re-elected Chairman of the Board of Guardians after 25 years service.

April 24 Mr. URWICK's Theatrical Entertainments at the Royal Hall in aid of the Pixley Rectory Building Fund: gross receipts, £62.

April 29 Ledbury Horse Show Annual Meeting at the Feathers Hotel.

May 1 Mr. Arnold Harry BISCO commenced his duties as Postmaster of Ledbury.

May 5 Messrs. WALKER & DRINKWATER, butchers, dissolved partnership.

May 8 Dymock Choral Society Concert.

May 14 Visit of Princess Henry of BATTENBERG to Ledbury and Eastnor Castle.

May 15 Presentation to W. COLEMAN, Eastnor, by Tenantry of Lady Henry SOMERSET's Herefordshire and Worcestershire estates.

May 20 At the Meeting of the Board of Guardians it was reported that the tramps had greatly increased.

May 23 Theatrical Entertainments by the Misses SCOBELL and PARTY at the Royal Hall.

May 26 Gooseberry picking commenced at the Putley Gardens.

May 31 Surrender of the Boers and Peace signed.

June 2 Reception of the Peace news in Ledbury: Intense enthusiasm all day and torchlight procession at night.

June 5 Sheep shearing competitions under the auspices of the Ledbury Ploughing Society.

June 8 Peace Thanksgiving Sunday: Special Service in the Parish Church, attended by Military, Friendly Societies, Councils, &c.

June 11 Girls' Friendly Society Festival at Eastnor.

June 12 Choral Festival at Ledbury Church.

June 19 Serious mishap to a Goods Train near the Rea Bridge.

June 24 Serious illness of the King: operation performed; coronation, axed for June 26th, postponed; intense disappointment.

June 26 New Service Books presented by five anonymous Donors to Ledbury Church.

June 29 Intercession Sunday. Prayers offered for the life and health of King Edward VII.

July 7 Protest Meeting at the Town Hall against the Education Bill.

July 15 Fifty head of Pedigree Herefordshire Cattle & Bulls despatched from Ledbury to South Africa.

July 17 Ledbury Hunt Puppy Show.

July 21 Annual Meeting of the Ledbury Freehold Building Society: 5 per cent. bonus declared.

July 24 Ledbury Church Choirmen's Outing to Weston-Super-Mare.

July 30 Church Plate Exhibition at Ledbury.

July 30 Speech Day at the Russell Endowed School.

July 30 Mrs. BALLARD's (Colwall) Annual Treat to the Union Inmates.

July 31 Ledbury Horse Show and Military Tournament.

July 31 At this date hay-making was practically finished: a good crop.

August 7 Mothers' Union Festival at Ledbury.

August 9 Coronation of King Edward VII. (postponed from June 24th on account of the serious illness of His Majesty). Town decorated and illuminated; service at the Parish Church; dinner for the aged at the various Hotels and Restaurants; tea for the School Children, and medals and mugs presented to them; sports in the Football Field; bonfire on Dog Hill.

August 11 Bosbury Horse Show and Races.

August 14 Colwall Flower Show.

August 15 Ledbury Hockey Club Annual Meeting at the Feathers Hotel.

August 24 Rev. G. M. CUSTANCE announced to his congregation his decision to resign the living of Colwall at the end of the year.

August 27 Marriage of Rev. H. B. WALTON to Miss Hilda BICKHAM.

August 28 Dymock Horticultural Show and Sports.

August 29 Much Marcle Flower Show and Sports resuscitated.

September 4 Sale of Work at Westhill.

September 4 Fruit-growers' Field Day at Colwall and Madresfield.

September 5 Garden Party at Ledbury Park.

September 7 Worcester Musical Festival commenced.

September 11 Welcome Home from the War of Major-General Sir Elliott WOOD, K.C.B.; illuminated torchlight procession from the Railway Station to Orchardleigh; presentation of an illuminated address in the Market Place by Mr. C. W. STEPHENS, C.C., Chairman of the Ledbury Urban Council.

September 11 Recognition Service of the newly-appointed Wesleyan Minister, the Rev. T. BERRY.

September 18 Return of Lieut. C. A. H. PALAIRET from the war; escorted by the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars to Westhill.

September 19 Another Meeting at the Town Hall to Protest against the Education Bill.

September 23 At the Ledbury Guardians Meeting it was reported that the tramps relieved in the fortnight had increased to over 900.

September 24 Annual Meeting of the Ledbury Victoria Football Club.

September 29 Annual Public Meeting in connection with the Science and Art and Technical Education Classes.

September 30 Reading Room Annual General Meeting.

October 2 Sale of Work at Eastnor Castle in aid of Lady Henry SOMERSET's Duxhurst Homes.

October 5 Harvest Festival at Ledbury Church: Preachers - Morning, Rev. L. B. BUBB, Rector of Coln S, Denys; Evening, Rev. G. M. CUSTANCE, Rector of Colwall; Collections, £22 15s. 8d.

October 7 At this date the tramping hop-pickers had been reduced by about 800 on account of the termination of hop-picking.

October 13 Ledbury Ploughing Society Fifth Annual Competitions at the Flights Farm; Annual Dinner at the Plough Hotel.

October 14 Ledbury October Pleasure Fair; falling off in the attendance and in number of amusements.

October 15 Banquet to returned Soldiers from the War, belonging to Ledbury and Wellington Heath, also to Crimean Veterans, at the Feathers Hotel. The Men presented with pipes, pouches, and tobacco.

October 23 Triennial Musical Festival at Ledbury Church: " The Last Judgment " and "Zadok the Priest"; collection £18.

October 23 At Ledbury County Court the action A. J GRIFFIN v. the Ledbury Urban Council, in which the Plaintiff claimed damages for alleged wrongful dismissal as pumping engineer, failed.

October 30 Institution of a "Pound" Day at St. Mary's Home, Eastnor.

November 2 S.P.G. Sermons at Ledbury Church: record collections, £22.

November 3 Opening Meet of the Ledbury Hounds at Hillfields, Redmarley.

November 6 Cycle Carnival and Fancy Dress Parade in aid of Ledbury Cottage Hospital funds: proceeds, £13.

November 6 The Rev. F. W. CARNEGIE, M.A.. Vicar of Tupsley, presented to the living of Colwall by the Bishop of Hereford.

November 11 At a meeting of the Committee of the Ledbury Horse Show Society the question of next year’s show was adjourned till early in January.

November 12 Ledbury Cricket Club Annual Meeting at the Royal Oak Hotel.

November 13 Annual Meeting of the Ledbury Temperance Union at the Town Hall.

November 14 Lecture by the Rev. C. Y. POTTS on "Earthquakes and Volcanoes" to the Members of the Reading Room and Library.

November 19 The School Board resolved to close the schools for a fortnight on account of the outbreak of measles.

November 19 Mr. W. MANTON, auctioneer, of Ledbury, died after a long illness, aged 55 years.

November 20 Annual Meetings of the Ledbury Auxiliary British and Foreign Bible Society in the Town Hall: Deputation, Rev. C. MOOR, M.A., Secretary Midland District.

November 21 Colwall Soldiers, returned from the war, entertained at Colwall.

November 22 Rev. Prebendary AYSCOUGH, Rector of Cradley, commenced his special Advent addresses in Ledbury Church.

November 27 Public Meeting of the Church of England Temperance Society at the Town Hall: Addresses by Rev. H. SOMERS COCKS and Mr. Eardley WILMOT, R.N.

November 27 I.O.G.T. ( Independent Order of Good Templars ) District Quarter Session at the Baptist Chapel: Entertainment by "the Rev. C. Y. POTTS" Temple.

November 29 Street Collection in aid of Dr. BARNARDO's Homes: Collection £4 10s. 4d.; afterwards raised to £5.

December 1 Outbreak of Fire at Ledbury Mineral Water Works: damage slight.

December 2 Address by Mr. James DAWES on "Fruit Culture," under the auspices of the Ledbury Reading Room and Library. Suggestions for the starting of a cider factory, a jam factory, and a general depot for fruit.

December 2 Christmas Stock Sale at Priors Court, Ledbury.

December 4 Ledbury Congregational Church Anniversary, and on the following Sunday Rev. C. Y. POTTS, who has been pastor of the Church for over 36 years, preached.

December 8 Special Meeting of the Urban Council to receive the resignation of the Surveyor and Inspector, Mr. J. E. WALKER.

December 11 Ledbury Hockey Club Cinderella, Feathers Assembly Room.

December 18 Ledbury Musical Society Subscription Concert, Feathers Assembly Room: Miscellaneous Programme and "The Forsaken Merman".

December 19 Ledbury Rifle Corps Annual Prize Distribution and Smoking Concert, Feathers Assembly Room.

December 31 Ledbury Hockey Club Ball, Feathers Assembly Room.

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