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1915 A Retrospect Tilley's Almanack

Chronological extracts completed from the "Ledbury Free Press"
[High Street]

1915 Opened with the European War at its height, and the first day of the New Year was heralded by the bad news of the sinking by submarine of the British Battleship Formidable. This was followed later by a Zeppelin raid on the East Coast, when considerable damage to property was done. The position in France and Belgium remained about the same. At the end of the month there was another attempted raid on the East Coast by the enemies' Battleships, but they were discovered in time by our Fleet, and a fierce battle ensued, which ended in the sinking of a German War-ship and Torpedo Boats, and severe damage to other Warships, but with very little damage to the British Boats.

January 6 Death of Mr. WILKES, of the Ring of Bells, Ledbury, at Liverpool.

January 8 Parliamentary Recruiting Meeting at the Feathers Hotel.

January 13 First Parade for Enrollment Drill of the Ledbury Volunteer Training Corps, at the Drill Hall; about 100 members joined.

January 14 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. H. MARTIN's Annual Treat to the Ledbury Union Inmates.

January 16 Will of the late Brabazon HALLOWES was proved at £2,439.

January 20 Ledbury Masonic Installation Festival. Brother W. H. CHURCH, installed as Worshipful Master for the ensuing year. Brother R. G. GURNEY Hon. Sec.

January 22 Induction of Rev. H. S. SOMERS-COCKS, new Rector of Eastnor.

January 26 Ledbury Branch of Farmers' Union Annual Meeting. Mr. J. PARRY re-elected Chairman.

January 30 Mr. J. BELL, Postmaster at Ledbury, was appointed to a similar post at Braintree.

January 30 Ledbury and District Lodge of N.C.L. Annual Meeting. The whole of the Officers for the past year were re-elected.

January 30 The whole of the teaching staff of the Ledbury Boys' School with the exception of the Headmaster, joined the Army.

January 30 The local Belgian Refugee Fund now amounts to £165.

January 30 The price of bread advanced to 8d. for a 4lb. Loaf. Coal advanced from 28s. to 35s. per ton

Rainfall for January at Ledbury (as registered at Underdown by Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM throughout the year) was 3.00 inches.

February 1 During January the Volunteer Training Corps movement through-out the district was most satisfactory. Training Corps were started at Ledbury, Eastnor, Much Marcie, Bosbury, and other neighbouring villages, great enthusiasm being displayed by all classes. Mr. A. R. ROWDEN was appointed commandant.

February 8 Ledbury Church Sunday School Treat and distribution of Prizes.

February I0 Death of Mr. F. A. HOBRO, organist at Ledbury Parish Church for 3 years.

February 10 Whist Drive at Eastnor in aid of local Soldiers' Fund, large attendance.

February 11 Patriotic Readings by Canon BULKELEY in aid of the Brand Lodge Hospital.

February 12 First arrival of Wounded Soldiers at the Upper Hall Hospital.

February 13 Funeral of the late Mr. F. A. HOBRO.

February 16 Ledbury Markets & Fairs Co. Annual Meeting. A dividend of 5 per cent. declared.

February 20 Handsome Painting presented to Ledbury Church in memory of Miss Eva BICKHAM.

February 20 Mr. J. BELL, Postmaster at Ledbury, presented with an illuminated address and purse of gold, by tradesmen and gentry in Ledbury and district, on his promotion to Braintree, Essex.

February 26 Ledbury Cottage Hospital Annual Meeting, satisfactory report on last year's proceedings.

February Mild weather continued throughout the month. Rainfall, 3.45 inches.

March 6 Census of Fire Arms taken throughout the country.

March 6 French Legion of Honour conferred upon Captain P. A. CLIVE, M.P., for bravery in Flanders.

March 10 Centenary of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at Pool Hill, near Newent.

March 10 Traffic Action, Ledbury Rural District Council v. Lady Henry SOMERSET dismissed by the High Court of Appeal.

March 12 120 Officers and Men of the R.A.M.C. marched from Hereford to Ledbury en-route for Colwall for 3 weeks' training, and were entertained at a light repast by Ledbury ladies at the Church Room.

March 18 Marriage of Sergt. BRIERLEY of the Ledbury Police Force, to Miss FOWLER of The Bungalow, Redmarley.

March 20 Colwall selected as a military centre, and arrangements made for a camp of i6,000 Officers and Men from Lancashire, but was can-celled on April 3rd, causing disappointment to local tradesmen.

March 25 Confirmation at Ledbury Church by the Lord Bishop of Hereford; there were 57 Candidates.

March There was no contest in the election of the Urban and district Councils, the old candidates were re-elected.

March Recruiting during the month was very brisk.

March Great advance in food stuffs generally.

March Owing to Military requirements of the railway, no Easter Excursions were run.

The weather throughout March continued mild with sharp frosts at night. Rainfall, '78 inches.

April 3 Pte. P. A. PREECE, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. PREECE of New-town, Ledbury, killed in action in Flanders.

April 3 Dr. McKEAN HARRISON, who has been serving with the South Wales Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance since the commencement of the War, promoted to the rank of Lieut.-Colonel.

April 6 Private H. SPARKES of Ledbury, killed in action in Flanders.

April 7 Death of Mr. M. H. RAYNER, aged 74 years.

April 8 Ledbury Church Easter Vestry. Messrs. Spencer H. BICKHAM and W. N. POWELL were elected Churchwardens on the retirement of Mr. C. H. BASTOW and Mr. W. P. BARRY. Messrs. G. F. LOW, G. HEBNNER, T. C. HAMBLIN, and C. B. MASEFIELD were appointed Sidesmen.

April 11 Accident to Goods Train at North-end of Ledbury Tunnel. The Engine and Trucks being completely wrecked, the Driver and Fireman marvelously escaping death.

April 14 400 Children entertained at Cinema House by Mrs. HAWKER.

April 15 Death of Miss Mary WINTLE, Ledbury.

April 19 Death of Mrs. S. BALLARD, The Winnings, Colwall.

April 16 Mr. A. CARLESS appointed Chairman of the Ledbury Urban Council.

April 17 Death of Sir James RANKIN, Bart., for nearly 20 years Unionist M.P. for North Herefordshire.

April 24 Rev. L. B. FLEMING appointed to the living at Holly Bush.

April 25 Petty Officer John POTTER of Ledbury, H.M.S. Canopus, killed in action in the Dardanelles.

April 29 Marriage of Mr. E. J. DAVIES to Miss BREWER, at Redmarley.

April 29 Fire at Wallhills, Ledbury, French barn destroyed.

April Rainfall, '90 inches.

May 3 Ledbury Urban Council decided to extinguish street lights after midnight, until September 30th.

May 6 Visit of Madam Jessie STRATHEARN to the Wesleyan Chapel.

May 6 The Cunard Liner " Lusitania " was torpedoed and sunk by a submarine off Ireland, nearly 1000 passengers being drowned.

May 19 Mr. G. UPTON (Postmaster) from North Walsham appointed Post-master at Ledbury, in succession to Mr. J. BELL.

May 20 to 25 Bath and West of England and Herefordshire and Worcester combined Show at Worcester. Moderate attendance.

May 24 Whit-Monday. Very hot.

May 25 New Coalition Cabinet formed of all Political Parties. H.M.S. " Triumph " and H.M.S. " Majestic" sunk in Dardanelles.

May 31 Rev. Cecil MONEY-KYRLE, of Much Marcie Vicarage, left for Flanders, having been appointed Army Chaplain.

During May recruiting in Ledbury and District was very brisk.

The first two weeks in May the weather was very hot and summer like. but towards the middle of the month the rainfall was incessant, but cleared up just before Whitsuntide. Rainfall, 3'91 inches.

June 3 Private Frank GURNEY reported missing in the Dardanelles.

June 6 Ledbury Swimming Baths opened for the season.

June 6 First attendance of His Honour Judge ROBIN at Ledbury County Court, in succession to the late Judge HARRIS LEA.

June 26 Captain PALAIRET was again wounded and invalided home.

June 28 Rev. F. W. CARNEGY, Rector of Ledbury, left Ledbury for Colchester, to take up his duties as Army Chaplain, and had a hearty send off by members of the V.T.C.

June 29 Captain CLIVE returned home on leave, and had a grand reception.

June Several Air Raids on England by Zeppelins occurred during this month at various parts of the East and South Coasts, and in one instance after a Zeppelin had visited England and returned to France it was chased by Lieut. WARNEFORD, who after dropping bombs, wrecked the Zeppelin killing all on board. For this he was awarded the V.C., but unfortunately he was killed a week after, owing to an accident to his Aeroplane.

June During the past month many local men were killed whilst fighting in the Dardanelles and in France.

Perfect summer weather prevailed throughout the whole of June, but at the end of the month it became unsettled, and a great deal of hay which had not been carried was spoilt. Rainfall, 1'22 inches.

July 1 Price of Gas increased owing to the high cost of Coal 6d. per 1000 ft.

July 4 Cyclone and terrific thunderstorm in Ledbury and District, when damage estimated at £20,000 was done to the crops, and many hopyards were entirely ruined.

July 5 Funeral of Miss Esther EVES, who died on July 3rd, aged 84 years.

July 13 & 14 Collections in aid of the French Red Cross in Ledbury, when the sum of £16 13s. 6d. was collected.

July 15 Welsh Coal Strike, 200,000 men being out on strike.

July 16 1st Herefordshire Territorials left for the Dardanelles.

July 24 Mr. R. G. GURNEY, Surveyor, was offered and accepted a Commission in the 3rd Herefordshire Regiment.

July 26 Death of Mr. J. T. BRAY, of Bank Crescent, Ledbury.

July 28 Death of Miss MEREDITH, of Rosemount, Ledbury.

July During the past month Ledbury and District have paid a heavy toll in deaths at the Front. Recruiting has kept well up to the average.

July During the month the Government raised a 4 1/2 per cent. War Loan of £800,000,000. This was made up of sums from 5s. to £1,000,000.

The weather for the first part of July was wet and cold. In fact, July can be put down as one of the wettest summer months on record. Since the heavy storm on the 4th it rained daily, thus preventing the recovery of crops. Hay crops suffered very severely. Rainfall, 6'34 inches.

August 2 Bank Holiday. Rained all day.

August 10 Death of Mr. S. WILLCOX, The Grange, Bosbury.

August 14 Captain CLIVE again wounded in Flanders.

August 15 National Registration took place throughout the Country.

August 17 The first Casualty List of the 1st Herefords in action in the Dardanelles arrived, and many local names appeared.

August 21 Serious motor-cycle collision near Bosbury, when Mr. Norman FISHER was killed, and Mr. Wm. POWELL, Hall Court, was injured.

August Rainfall, 2.85 inches.

September 16 Torchlight Procession in aid of the Comforts for the Ledbury Boys serving at the Front, £27 being collected.

September 17 Hoppicking was general throughout the District during the week being rather later than usual. Crops were below the average, and in many hopyards there were no hops, owing, to the heavy storms experienced in the summer.

September 19 Presentation to Sergt-Major HUNT by members of the L.V.T.C., of a purse of in recognition of his services as Drill Instructor.

September 21 Mr. McKENNA introduced his famous War Budget, which affected all classes.

September 22 Marriage of Major C. A. H. PALAIRET of Westhill, Ledbury, to Miss Lillian CALVERT, of Foscombe, Ashleworth.

September Rainfall, .81 inches.

October 9 Private Frank WALTERS who died from wounds received in France, was accorded a Military Funeral at Ledbury.

October 12 Ledbury October Fair, weather fine.

October 19 First of the Ledbury Farmers' Red Cross Auction Sales took place in the Cattle Market, and realised the sum of £520. A Donkey and Cart, given by Mr. E. LANE, Bosbury, was sold 109 times, and realised £110.

October 14 Sergt. H. B. WALKER of the Gatchapen, Much Marcle, died from wounds received at the Dardanelles.

October 26 The second Sale in connection' with the Ledbury Farmers' Red Cross Society, took place in the High Street, and realised £204. The famous Donkey and Cart was again re-sold 127 times, and realised £72.

October 28 Third Sale in connection with the above took place in the Drill Hall. The Donkey was again sold 8o times, and realised £50.

October 30 Death of Rev. G. M. CUSTANCE, at Bognor, Sussex, for 35 years Rector of Colwall.

October Rainfall, 4.88 inches.

November 2 The Farmers' Red Cross Donkey and Cart was finally sold in Ledbury Cattle Market, and the total amount received from the 4 Sales for this turn-out being, £250.

November 3 Marriage of Miss MONEY-KYRLE to Capt. H. GILBERT.

November 6 Red Cross Jumble Sale at the Drill Hall, when £53 was realised.

November 12 Ledbury Hunting Season opened.

November 15 Privates C. D. WARREN, W. BRADLEY, and F. DAVIS died of wounds received at the Dardanelles.

November 18 Eastnor Pound Day.

November 18 Mr. W. RAINS was appointed temporary Organist at Ledbury Church, in the absence of Mr. ROBINSON who is on Military service.

November 25 Successful Concert promoted by Mrs. A. R. ROWDEN, at the Cinema House, in aid of the British Farmers' Red Cross Fund.

Lord DERBY's Recruiting Scheme came into operation early in November, and was the means of inducing large numbers of men, married and single, to join under their respective groups according to age. Each man attested receiving 2/9.

November Street Lighting throughout the town has been very much reduced, and only lamps at various corners are now lit.

November Fine weather continued throughout the month. Rainfall, 1’66 inches.

December 9 Departure of Rev. Father LYNCH, to Brynmawr, Wales.

December 12 Owing to the great number of Recruits wishing to join under Lord DERBY's scheme, Recruiting Offices throughout the country were kept open on Sunday.

December 14 Xmas Stock Market, exceptionally fine show. Nearly £100 was distributed in prizes, subscribed by the Auctioneers and tradesmen generally. Prices for Fat Cattle were a record for the market.

December 15 Home and Foreign Missions Sale of Work.

December 19 Rev. Charles BLACK took up residence at the Rectory as acting Rector during the absence of the Rev. F. W. CARNEGY, who is Chaplain to the Forces.

December 20 Proclamation issued calling Groups 2 to 5 of DERBY Recruits to the Colours.

December 21 Poultry Market. Turkeys realised 1/3 to 1/6 per lb. Geese 1/- per lb.

December 27 A great gale raged throughout the country, the most severe for the past 25 years, considerable damage being reported from all parts.

December 30 Whist Drive at Drill Hall in connection with the Local Comforts Fund. Nearly 300 present.

December The Ledbury Local Comforts Fund for the 1st Herefords amounts to about £175.

December During the Xmas season a large number of Ledbury men, both from the Trenches and from various encampments, were on leave.

December The amount realised by the famous Bosbury Red Cross Donkey up to the present date is over £1,000.

December The amount of produce despatched to the Fleet by the local vegetable committee is about 4 tons, 2216 eggs, 150 lbs. Xmas cake, 120 lbs. Xmas pudding.

December The Local Farmers' Red Cross Fund amounts to about £2,000.

Weather during December was the worst experienced for some years, constant rain throughout the whole month. Rainfall 4'46 inches.

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