Boer War
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1899 - 1902

A Retrospect


February 2 The Three Colwall Volunteers (Privates CORFIELD, GODSELL, and SMALL) entertained at the Feathers Hotel, and left Ledbury for South Africa on the 5th.

February 27 Rejoicings on the capture of Cronje and several thousand Boers.

March 1 Relief of Ladysmith celebrated in a right loyal manner at Ledbury. Great enthusiasm prevailed for several days on receipt of news of British Victories.

April 13 Lieutenant-Colonel WOOD (of Ledbury) promoted by General BULLER Chief Engineer of the Natal Army Corps.

May 18 Celebration (at midnight) of the Relief of Mafeking after 220 days siege. Bonfires lighted in the streets, bells ringing, bands playing, processions round the town, the inhabitants leaving their beds to take part. The following evening a torch-light procession and Kruger’s effigy burnt at Lower Cross.

May 31 Lieutenant-Colonel WOOD was granted the rank of Colonel in the Natal Field Force.

June 5 Rejoicings on the fall of Pretoria. The town decorated, bells ringing bands playing, and bonfires lighted in the streets at night.

October 16 Trooper Frank HODGES, Shropshire Imperial Yeomanry, returned from the War and received a hearty reception.

November 22 Home-coming of Colonel C. K. WOOD. Popular demonstration, Colonel WOOD being escorted to Orchardleigh by Bands, Military, Friendly Societies, Torch Bearers, Townspeople, &c., the town being decorated and illuminated. At the Market Place he was presented with an address of welcome, and bouquets were handed to Mrs. WOOD.

December 7 Complimentary Dinner to Mr. John PUCKMORE LUCY (only son of Mr. John LUCY, Solicitor, Ledbury), on his return from the Boer War. Colonel WOOD, R.E., presided, and congratulatory speeches on Mr. LUCY’s escape from Mafeking, and his safe return, were delivered.

The War in South Africa, between Great Britain and the Boers, broke out at the end of last year, and was carried on with great loss of life on both sides, until after Midsummer of this year, by which time the Boers were defeated, although guerilla warfare continued till the end of this year


April 9 Col. Elliott WOOD (of Ledbury), created K.C.B.

October 12 Major-General Sir Elliott WOOD, eldest brother of Mr. Miles A. WOOD, of Ledbury, given a distinguished reward for services in South Africa

April 20 Return of Captain MYNORS from the War.

The Boer guerilla warfare still dragged on its weary way, and the year closed amidst hopes for a speedy, but satisfactory, peace.


April 8 Captain CLIVE, M.P., addressed his constituents at the Feathers Hotel, and was heartily welcomed on his return from the war. He also distributed the certificates to the successful Students at the Art and Shorthand Classes.

May 31 Surrender of the Boers and Peace signed.

June 2 Reception of the Peace news in Ledbury: Intense enthusiasm all day and torchlight procession at night.

June 8 Peace Thanksgiving Sunday: Special Service in the Parish Church, attended by Military, Friendly Societies, Councils, &c.

September 18 Return of Lieut. C. A. H. PALAIRET from the war; escorted by the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars to Westhill.

September 11 Welcome Home from the War of Major-General Sir Elliott WOOD, K.C.B.; illuminated torchlight procession from the Railway Station to Orchardleigh; presentation of an illuminated address in the Market Place by Mr. C. W. STEPHENS, C.C., Chairman of the Ledbury Urban Council.

October 15 Banquet to returned Soldiers from the War, belonging to Ledbury and Wellington Heath, also to Crimean Veterans, at the Feathers Hotel. The Men presented with pipes, pouches, and tobacco.

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