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Bowls Club

Saturday July 31st 1937 - Newspaper cutting Ledbury Guardian
Ledbury Town v Hereford and Worcester Brotherhood v Ledbury Crescent B. C.

Fred HOLLAND second from left (Dad) and Bill HOLLAND (Grandad) standing 4th from left.

3rd November 1965 - A delectable spot for a Bowling match
Grant may help them buy the green
10th November 1965 - Members of Ledbury Bowling Club held their annual meeting at the Royal Oak Hotel
Seated Mr L PRICE, secretary, A J KING, president.
Standing - Mr H H HUNT, club captain, Mr L NELSON, club representative on the County Bowling association, Mr V H CURTIS, vice-captain, Mr F G MOSS, past captain.
I recognise those faces well 4 of them, next time I see Les Nelson will tell him, he loves to have a chat...CP
Lovely to see my late uncle Harold cheerful face he was always smiling...MS
Mr Hunt on left was manager at Brays I think...JB
Yes he was, seeing them in these pics seems like yesterday, remember my nan Brazier always got grandads clothes from there, he used to wrap it up in a brown paper tied with string, which sat on the end of counter in a tin, hole in top to pull string through...CP
I remember that, just like Grace Brothers, Got good service then...JB
Yes, again if we could turn back time, just for a day!!!!...CP
Mr King lived in one of the big houses just before you turn into langlands, his was the first on left think it was called Rothesay, one of my teachers Miss Kingsbury used to lodge there during the week...CP

Back Row - unknown, Leon MERRITT, Stan MORRIS, 'Nobby' DAVIS, Jack TAYLOR, Charlie SMITH, unknown, Pip PARRY, Charlie WILLIAMS, unknown, Roy DAVIS, unknown, Stan LEWIS, unknown, Leslie Bell
Front Row - unknown, unknown, Mrs BELL, unknown, Jim MARSH, Dot CURTIS, Graham SMITH, Mrs GAYNAN, unknown, unknown
Think lady in front middle is Dot Curtis who worked at Chapmans, Susan Clarke or other Chapmanites could confirm...SD
Bless Stan Morris I worked with him a the bank...JB
Yes Sandra - it is Dot Curtis...JB
Third left is Mrs Bell, she still lives in the flats opposite Tesco. She is well in her 90's I think. Barney her son has just retired from being Rector at Clungungford...JL
Lady to the right of Graham Smith is it Mrs Gaynan...JL
9 from left charlie williams from lower road who drove the gloucester green bus...DP
8th from left, back row, my uncle, Pip Parry x...PP
I think Mr Bell was Leslie?...PH

unknown, Mr TAYLOR, unknown
unknown, unknown, Rob JEYNES
Jack TAYLOR and Dolly TOW capture singles crowns

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