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A Retrospect


January 16 On the afternoon the Barrett-Browning Memorial Institute, at the Lower Cross, was formally opened in the presence of a large number of the elite of the neighbourhood by Mr. Rider HAGGARD, Mrs. STEPHENS, wife of Mr. Chas. W. STEPHENS, presenting him with a hand-somely-worked gold key, which bore on the one side an enamelled picture of the Institute and Mr. HAGGARD's crest, and on the other a suitable inscription.

March 13 A meeting of ratepayers was held at the Town Hall, which was called by Mr. C. W. STEPHENS, County Councillor and Urban Councillor, to decide which they preferred: “The original arrangement decreed by the Locals of the Urban Council should Government Act, 189l, that five member retire annually, or that the whole Council should retire at the 5 once in three years." The members decided, by a large majority, to petition the County Council for annual elections for 5 members.


January 11 the Urban Council held a special meeting to further consider the proposed sewerage for the town. The Newtown separate scheme, estimated to cost £ 1,364, was produced. Mr. BIDDULPH’S motion, “That Mr. BERRINGTON’S scheme be adopted pro forma, and that a sub-committee be appointed to confer with Mr. BERRINGTON on various points” was carried by one vote. The following committee was appointed: Messrs. W. A. C. GABB, C. W. STEPHENS, H. BRAY, J. DAWES, and J. FLOYD.

March 31 at the quarterly meeting of the Reading Room and Library, Mr. C. W. STEPHENS asked the committee to allow a cabinet bookcase to stand in the room for storing objects of interest in connection of the life and work of the BROWNINGS, and this was granted.

April 20 The annual meeting of the Urban Council was held, when Mr. M. BIDDULPH, M.P., was elected chairman and Mr. C. W. STEPHENS, C.C. vice-chairman.

May 31 Ledbury underwent the turmoil and excitement of the triennial School Board Election. There were nine candidates for seven seats, the following being elected: - J. BANNER (691), C. W. STEPHENS. (632), W. A. C. GABB (596), S. H. BICKHAM (508), C. E. M. GREEN, Rector (450), C. Y. POTTS, Congregational Minister (404), T. HODGES (237). The defeated candidates were Mr. J. PREECE (221), and Mr. M. A. WOOD (148), both of whom were old and tried members


February 23 Mr. C.W. STEPHENS was re-elected, unopposed, for the County Council for Ledbury Urban, and Mr. C. A. HEWITT for Ledbury Rural.

April 4 The town underwent the turmoil of the Annual Election for five Urban Councillors, the voting for the successful candidates being as follows :- Messrs. C. W. STEPHENS 356; W. A. C. GABB 309; E. FREEMAN 205; W. MADDERS 166; and H. HODGES 145; the defeated candidates were Messrs. J. FLOYD 142 (an old member), and Frank T. HODGES 67.

April 19 The Annual Meeting of the Urban Council was held. Mr. C. W. STEPHENS was unanimously elected Chairman for the ensuing year, and Mr. E. H. HOPKINS, Vice-Chairman. At this meeting it was resolved to ask Mr. BERRINGTON to at once report progress of the boring operations at Massington, and the amount of money he had spent in the work.

June 2 Mr. C. W. STEPHENS, C.C., Chairman of the Ledbury Urban Council, invited the members of the Council to accompany him on a visit to the Gloucester Water Works at Oxenhall.


May 19 Six Candidates nominated for seven seats on the Ledbury School Board -Rev. Preb. MADDISON GREEN (Rector), Rev. C. Y. POTTS, Messrs. S. H. BICKHAM, C. W. STEPHENS, H. BRAY, and J. BOYD. Mr. G. BEST was subsequently elected by the Board, the Rector was re-elected Chairman, and Rev. C. Y. POTTS Vice-chairman.


January 29 Proclamation of King Edward VII., at Ledbury Cross, by Mr. Charles Wesley STEPHENS, Chairman of the Urban Council; and a fanfare of trumpets. At a meeting of the Urban Council immediately afterwards the health of the King was drunk right loyally.

March 18 Messrs C. W. STEPHENS, E. FREEMAN (old members), J. BOYD. D. DAVIES, H. HARRINGTON, and C. BIXLEY, elected Urban Councillors, without opposition.

September 4 At the School Board Meeting Mr. STEPHENS reported on the great increase in the grant earned by the schools. At the same meeting Mr W DINGLEY resigned the post of School Attendance Officer which he had held since 1870, on account of his leaving Ledbury.


March 5 Mr STEPHENS at the School Board Meeting reported on the increased grants earned by the schools.

April 16 Mr. C. W. STEPHENS elected Chairman of the Urban Council.

September 11 Welcome Home from the War of Major-General Sir Elliott WOOD, K.C.B.; illuminated torchlight procession from the Railway Station to Orchardleigh; presentation of an illuminated address in the Market Place by Mr. C. W. STEPHENS, C.C., Chairman of the Ledbury Urban Council.

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