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Hereford Times Illustrated Supplement 28 09 1907
[Church Lads Brigade 1907]
Shooting Squad Of Ledbury Co. Church Lads Brigade
Holders Of The Midland District Challenge Cup, 1907, Won At Aberystwyth, August 9th, 1907
Standing - Sergeant E HAMBLIN, Corporal F CARLESS, Lance - Corporal H LUCAS, Sergeant W SMITH
Seated - Captain George W PAUL, Lieutenant Reginald A PAUL

Kington Reporter Newspaper 08 08 1914
CAPTAINCY - Mr C E BAKER has ben nominated and has accepted the captaincy of the Ledbury Company.
ORDERS - Orders for week ending August 15th. To-night (Friday) - Meeting of Old Lads at Rectory at 9 p.m. Sunday - Church Parade to attend Intercession Service. Fall in at Church Room at 2.30. Ex - C.L.B.- ites invited to attend.
Thursday - Drill at Church Room at 7 p. m.
An appeal is made for recruits to bring the Company up to strength. CHAS. E. BAKER. Captain Commanding.
TRAINING CORPS - Sunday - Church Parade. Church Room, 2-30. Thursday - Drill, Boy's School, 7 p. m. A. MOSS, Acting Captain.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 15 08 1914
We understand the Ledbury Company of the Church Lads Brigade has been offered a patrol 15 miles from Rhayader, to watch the Birmingham water supply. The patrol will number 24, and will be recruited from Ledbury, Colwall, Wellington Heath and Bosbury.
The lads were very anxious to undertake the work, feeling that by so doing they will be doing something for their country.
Difficulty has arisen to billeting but it is hoped this will be overcome.

Kington Reporter Newspaper 15 08 1914
The Church Lads' Brigade. which is an enormous organisation and extends throughout the British Dominions, and which was a year or two ago officially recognised by the Government, has been placed by the general commanding at the disposal of the Government. The offer has been accepted, and the various units will be under the control of the County Territorial Associations in the country. The members are to be divided into two sections, viz, those over 17 years of age and those under. They have been invited to enrol themselves as being willing to undertake any duties that the Territorial Association may assign to them. All ex-members have also been invited to sign the declaration papers that have been issued. It is expected that the members will only be used locally, and the parents' signed consent is in each case being insisted upon. Should the necessity arise, they will be employed, it is anticipated, in carrying despatches, guarding railway and telegraph lines, and such-like duties. Those members with a knowledge of ambulance work have been specially appealed to to offer their services.

The Ledbury Company, which a few years ago was the strongest body in the county, has recently been in low waters, this being due to the fact that a large number of members have had to leave owing to reaching the age limit and the younger lads have not come forward to take their places. Mr C E BAKER, who was correspondent for a number of years, has accepted the captaincy and all ex-members are being invited to re-join. The communication from headquarters with the news was received by the Chaplain (the Rev F W CARNEGY) on Sunday, and a gathering of ex-members together with the members of the company, was addressed by the Rector and Capt. BAKER in the gardens at the Rectory on Sunday afternoon. When the question was put who were prepared to consent to their names being sent in for service if required under the Territorial Association, every hand went up, and the Rector expressed his pleasure at the fact.

The officers of the Company have been requested to report themselves to the headquarters of the County Territorial Association, but in what way their services are to be utilised is not at present known. The services of these officers and lads should be of great value in the present crisis. They have all had an excellent training in drill and discipline, many have an excellent knowledge of ambulance work, while the majority are excellent shots, although they have not received any training with service rifles.

A number of ex-members are now sergeants and corporals in the local Territorial Company, which is proof of the excellence of the training received.


We hear this morning that the exact position is this. A patrol of 20 lads of ages from 17 to 19 is required for patrolling a section of the Birmingham watercourse near Rhayader. All the necessary arrangements have been made with the exception of billeting, for which an allowance is made. If this difficulty can be overcome the lads will start early next week. Captain BAKER has received several applications from young men over 19, but he feels that at such a time as this such young men should take up arms for their King and country, either as Territorials or regulars, Later: Billeting has been arranged.

Church Lads' Brigade.
Orders for week ending August 22.
Sunday - Bible Class 10 a.m.
Thursday - Parade at Church Room at 7 p.m. without equipment. Privates WALTERS and BARNETT are requested to be on parade at 6.50.
The company is again filling up, and suitable church lads from 13 to 16 years of age are urgently asked to enlist.
By order, CHAS. E. BAKER.Captain Commanding.

Kington Reporter Newspaper 22 08 1914
On Thursday evening a most interesting and enjoyable evening was spent by the lads of the Company left in town. Two were sent off bearing rough maps and letters, each following his map and leaving tracks of his route at the various cross roads. At several of these letters were hidden. The remainder of the Company, one half under Captain C E BAKER and the other half under Mr R H PHILLIPS, who is about to be appointed a lieutenant in the Company, set off in pursuit. The scouts showed great ingenuity in placing their signs and letters. No. 1 pursuers tracked their lad for three-quarters of an hour, and in darkness then made them give up, finishing their quest in the churchyard. No. 2 squad lost the scent in Green Lane. All the lads were wonderfully keen and enjoyed their scouting immensely. The Captain will be glad to receive the names of church lads wishing to enrol.

ORDERS. - Orders for week ending August 29. Tuesday - Church Room. Shooting 7 - 8. Thursday - Parade with National Reserve in equipment. Assemble 15 minutes before advertised time.
The company is again filling up, and suitable church lads from 13 to 16 years of age are urgently asked to enlist. CHAS. E. BAKER. Captain Commanding.
TRAINING CORPS - Thursday - Drill and Shooting, 7 p.m. A. MOSS, Acting Captain.

Kington Reporter Newspaper and Ledbury Guardian 22 08 1914
On the outbreak of war the Commandant of the C.L.B. offered the services of some 40,000 lads to the War Office for civil duty. The members of the Hereford Battalion are the first to be used on a duty of extreme importance, having been chosen to patrol portions of the great watercourse from Wales to Birmingham. The Ludlow Company under Captain DODGSON (who has been temporarily appointed major) has been on duty for some days, and on Thursday morn-ing last a patrol of 25 lads belonging to the Ledbury, Colwall, Wellington Heath and Eastnor Companies, under Captain B LANE MITFORD (Colwall), left for Rhayader by the 8 a.m. train to take part in this important duty. It is not known how long the duty will last, but at present the latter patrol have gone for three weeks.

The arrangements for sending the patrol have bristled with difficulties, which, how-ever, have been overcome by the energy of the officers of the various companies, work-ing under the Adjutant, Captain E W REED, Ledbury.

The various companies have reported to headquarters of Territorial Associations the numbers of officers and lads able to take duty locally if called upon, and there still remain a number of lads who would be wil-ling to carry out any duties required by the association. The local patrol was ordered to entrain on Wednesday, but a telegram prevented them, and it was not until about 6-15 on Wednesday that the order was received to start on Thursday. Arrangements were quickly made and the lads turned out spick and span at the station at 8 o’clock. After photographs had been taken, the lads entrained in the presence of numerous relations and friends, amongst those present being Rev and Mrs CARNEGY, Rev and Miss STOOKE-VAUGHAN, Captain and Adjutant E W REED, Captain C E BAKER, Captain M DAWE and Mr W P BARRY. It appears that the delay was caused by the alteration of the patrol beat from five miles to about six.

[Church Lads Brigade 1914]
This is a great picture, although when I look at it I cant help thinking they all look far too young to be performing the duties they were heading for.
From info I have seen of this before, when they arrived in Rhyader, they were split into three groups, the nine Ledbury lads were under Sgt DAVIS, the 9 Wellington Heath lads were under Sgt PEDLINGHAM ( my ancestor, but I'm not sure which one) and the other six lads were under Sgt GRUBB of Colwall...LR

Elizabeth and Mike PAUL may be able to help further with this photo, George PAUL their grand father founded the Ledbury Church Lads Brigade...JE

Fourth from left front row my grandad Percy ADAMS...JI

Your grandad was a brother to my uncle Ernie, who had the shop no 5 the Homend. I was thinking he might be in this photo. Who can tell...JJ

Kington Reporter Newspaper - 29 08 1914
ORDERS - Orders for week ending Sept 5. Monday - Band Practise Church Room 7pm. CHAS. E. BAKER. Captain Commanding.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 12 09 1914
To the Editor of the Ledbury Guardian
Sir: - If you have space in your valuable columns, I thought that your readers might like to hear something of the doings of the local contingent of the Church Lads' Brigade, which left Ledbury on Thursday, August 20th, for the purpose of guarding the part of the aqueduct which carries the water supply from Rhyader to Birmingham, a most important duty in the present crisis. The contingent, some 24 strong, and whose units come from Ledbury, Colwall, Wellington Heath, and Eastnor is under the command of Captain MITFORD, C.I.B., an excellent officer, who has the welfare of the lads at heart. He has divided up the contingent into three patrols. The first, from Ledbury, is billeted at Lantmel Vicarage, some five miles from Rhyader, and is 9 strong, under the command of Sergeant DAVIS. These lads are in very comfortable quarters, as, through the kindness of the Vicar of Lantmel, they occupy a large room over the vicarage stables where they have ample space for cooking and sleeping. The second patrol, from Wellington Heath, is some three miles father on at a place called Carmel, and is also 9 strong, under the command of Sergeant PEDLINGHAM. The third patrol is again three miles further on, at Penybont, is six strong, from the Colwall and Eastnor companies, and with Sergeant GRUBB, of Colwall, in command. These two last patrols are for the present encamped under the arches of the bridges which carry the aqueduct, though if they remain for some time, as they are quite likely to do, fresh billets will have to be found for them, more weather proof than their present quarters. The lads are on duty six hours at a time, doing picket and patrol work by day and night, and it certainly seems to agree with them as they are all well and cheerful. On Sunday I visited the patrols stationed at Carmel and Penybont and read services for them, as they are far away from any church; those at Lantmel being close to the church, were able to attend service there. These lads at least are endeavouring to serve their King and country in time of need and are doing useful work. I have seen the local clergy and they have most kindly consented to look after the lads spiritual welfare and do all they can for them in every way when I have returned home. In conclusion, I should just like to say that I think that the young men of this country should try to realise more than they do the imperative duty of taking up arms in defence of their Fatherland, and joining His Majesty's forces. No family or business ties should keep them back. Love of Country comes next to love of God. Great Britain is fighting for her existence and under God it depends on the manhood of Britain if she comes out of the fight victorious or the reverse. The call then to young able bodied men is "Volunteer, volunteer volunteer"; let them besiege the recruiting authorities with their cries, and let them never rest content till they and themselves wearing His Majesty's uniform and being drilled to bear arms for "England, Home, and Duty".
Faithfully yours,
BRABAZON HALLOWES, Assistant Chaplain to the Herefordshire Battalion C.L.E. Rhyader, Wales,
August 31st, 1914

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 05 12 1914
Week ending December 7th, 1914.
Orderlies - Lieut. P. H. PHILLIPS, Corpl. A. BARNETT, Private R. CONN.
Sunday - Bible Class.
Monday - Band practise 7 p.m. &;59; drill (no equipment ), 8 p.m.
Wednesday - Shooting 6.45 - 8 p.m. , signalling 7 p.m. , gymnasium 8 p.m.
(Signed) CHAS. E. BAKER,
Captain Commanding.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 12 12 1914
Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 12 12 1914 Week ending, December 14th 1914.
Orderlies - Lieut. E. HAMBLIN, Corpl. F. MALPAS, Pte. V. HENLEY.
Sunday - Holy Communion 8 o&’39;clock, Church Parades, 10.30 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Monday - Band practice 7 p.m.' Company drill, 8 p.m.
Wednesday - Shooting 6.45 p.m., Gymnastics, 8 p.m.
Extract from "Gazette"
Company 2349, Ledbury, C. E. BAKER to be Captain, 21st October' R. H. PHILLIPS to be Lieutenant, 31st October' new Correspondent, Rev. O.F.R.STRICKLAND. Cleeland, Ledbury.
Captain commanding.

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