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Back Lane / Church Street

[Ledbury Girls School]
( Jo ISAACS Collection )
A Retrospect


January 28 the Masters, Mistresses, and Teachers of the Board Schools held another successful soiree in the Boys’ School.

May 31 Ledbury underwent the turmoil and excitement of the triennial School Board Election. There were nine candidates for seven seats, the following being elected: - J. BANNER (691), C. W. STEPHENS. (632), W. A. C. GABB (596), S. H. BICKHAM (508), C. E. M. GREEN, Rector (450), C. Y. POTTS, Congregational Minister (404), T. HODGES (237). The defeated candidates were Mr. J. PREECE (221), and Mr. M. A. WOOD (148), both of whom were old and tried members. June 2 The last Meeting of the Old School Board was held.

June 9 The first Meeting of the newly elected School Board was held. The Rev. C. E. M. GREEN was re-elected Chairman, and the Rev. C. Y POTTS was elected to the Vice-Chair. At the same meeting it was decided by a majority of one, that the Apostles’ Creed should no longer be taught in the Schools.

July 7 The School Board held their annual meeting, the examination reports being read. The Boys’ school was reported satisfactory; in the Girls’ school several of the standards required pulling up; the Infants’ school was fair.


January 26 The teachers of the Board Schools held their fifth Soirée the same evening at the Boys’ School.

March 2 At the School Board Meeting a long discussion took place on the Drummond Hay Endowment question, and it was resolved to ask the Charity Commissioners if the Board were competent to administer the Charity, seeing that the words “Church of England” were mentioned in the Charity.


May 19 Six Candidates nominated for seven seats on the Ledbury School Board—Rev. Preb. MADDISON GREEN (Rector), Rev. C. Y. POTTS, Messrs. S. H. BICKHAM, C. W. STEPHENS, H. BRAY, and J. BOYD. Mr. G. BEST was subsequently elected by the Board, the Rector was re-elected Chairman, and Rev. C. Y. POTTS Vice-chairman.

In 1900, for the first time within the Chair's memory, 'the highest grant was received for every subject. A total payment of 22/3d per head was made which included 1/6d for drawing, singing by rote 1/-, elementary science and English 2s, geography 2s'.


February 4 The Ledbury Board Schools closed for three weeks in consequence of the epidemic of whooping cough and mumps.

August 21 Ledbury Board Schools “broke up” for five weeks holidays: extended to six weeks on account of the prolongation of hop-picking.

September 4 At the School Board Meeting Mr. STEPHENS reported on the great increase in the grant earned by the schools. At the same meeting Mr W DINGLEY resigned the post of School Attendance Officer which he had held since 1870, on account of his leaving Ledbury.

December 19 Girls’ Board School Concert, followed by Teachers’ Soiree, Royal Hall.


March 5 Mr STEPHENS at the School Board Meeting reported on the increased grants earned by the schools.

September 19 Another Meeting at the Town Hall to Protest against the Education Bill.

November 19 The School Board resolved to close the schools for a fortnight on account of the outbreak of measles.
1902 - The girls' and infants' board schools are situated in Back Lane. The girls' school has accommodation for 170 children, with an average attendance of 152. The infants' school has an average attendance of 140. Girls Mistress - Miss Isabel HOOPER. Infants Mistress - Miss Eva ADAMS
1912 - A total of 168 girls pose for their annual photograph, watched by the headmistress, Miss HOOPER.
[1912 Ledbury Girls School]
( Chris PONTER Collection )
Taken opposite the school to the left of the Grammar School entrance
( 2013 March )
Jo Edge - I bet there are a few relatives of members in there somewhere! Wonder if we will ever know!!!!

Chris Ponter - Wall and pillars still look exactly the same today 100 years later although there is now a hedge where the railings are.

Jo Edge - Do you think these photos are recorded at the records office at Hereford that we may be able to name them?

Carole Phillips - Just great,wonder who they are

Monica Imms - Just a bit early for my mum who was born in 1910, some of her sisters could be there but I've no way of finding out! Great photo!

Sandra Gray - I would think my Grandmother is there somewhere

Chip Andrew Bryon - As you say, Jo & Carole, it would be great to know the names. Both of my grandmothers could well be in the picture. They both attended that school, as far as I know:- Emily Barnett (b. 1904, married Mansell) should definitely be there, and Florence Sturge (b.1899, married Bryon) although she may have just left. I believe the school leaving age was 12, at that time!

Lynne Robinson - This wonderful photo reminded me of an article I read from 1914...some of these young ladies could well have been involved with the carryings on during a teachers strike over pay.. I will post the article

Chip Andrew Bryon - Think I remember my nan (Emily) saying she left early, to work on the land because of the war. None of my grandparents were "Grammar School stock"

Hilary Hilsy Williams-Jones - great photo Chip, yes Nan Bryon may well have left by then, earliest photo I have of her would be when she was around 16 so not sure that i could even pick her out if she is on here. Her sister Frances Sturge could well be on here as well. love their pinnies, and wouldn't it be fantastic to have some names

Claire Ellis - I always thought younger boys went here until they reached a certain age, and then transfered to the boys school. No boys in photo though so have I got this info wrong?

Judy Baker - I think then boys started at boys school and girls to girls. My Dad went to boys school till he left at 14

Jo Edge - Claire ive never quite got to grips with this, Church Street was a an infants school and a girls school, the boys when old enough moved to the boys school in The Homend, girls stayed on at Church Street Girls School. Then we had the grammar School at the top of Church Lane for further education. My mum said she left at 14 to go to work. Not sure if I have this right

Hilary Hilsy Williams-Jones - except Chip that Grandad Bryon was Gloucester and went to Cathedral School from what I can remember

Carole Phillips - I can remember being in mxd class up church street I went to school there when I was 5 & stayed till high school

Jo Edge - Carole do you think it was mixed Infants and then Girls School Junior before you left for LCS

Claire Ellis - Thanks Jo, so younger boys did start with the girls. I have read some of the school journals from around this time, they are now in the Hereford records office. Children were allowed time off to help with harvest etc. Girls could also stay at home to look after younger siblings whilst mum went to work. A lot of responsibility for youngsters.

Carole Phillips - Yes Jo think thats right I can remember Malcom Carless being in my class,we had the wooden desks with our books inside, malcom lifted his lid & it fell on his head I thought he was laughing so did it again he was crying not laughing, so I got into trouble, remember that so well, at some stage they must have left & gone to boys school .

Chip Andrew Bryon - This has confused me, too. I thought I always remembered my Dad telling me he went to the school in Church Street (1930s). He never mentioned being at the school in the Homend though. The fact that I never went to school in Ledbury doesn't help me understand
1914 February - Two local newspapers reports on the strike


About 70 schools in Herefordshire are closed in consequence of the teachers' strike. In several cases yesterday clergymen conducted the teaching with the aid of monitors.

Riotous scenes occurred at LedburyGirls' School. The girls dressed upbrooms and wrote notices: "We are going to have our teachers back." They then started playing the piano, overturned the desks, spilled ink about the floor, and wrote notices on the walls.

The new headmistress, Miss CREASY did not leave the school until after the children had gone some time, but a crowd of children awaited her and hooted as she went along the streets.

At half-past one, when the pupils were due back, about two hundred of the bigger girls assembled in the school grounds, and after a hurried meeting decided to go "on strike". When the new mistress appeared she was greeted with hoots and cat-calls, and the girls said they would not allow her in the school. She endeavoured to gain an entrance, but was surrounded and kept out.

The scholars then obtained the keys of both the front and back doors and formed a guard in order to prevent anyone getting in. Free fights took place between the "strikers" and a number of children who refused to "strike", and many parents who gathered outside called their children away and took them home.

A number of the more dutiful children effected an entrance unobserved through one of the windows, but they were quickly followed by "strikers", who took their hats and coats from them and threw them out of the windows. Miss CREASY meanwhile was powerless to do anything and had to leave.
1914 February 7th - Miss CREASY prevented from entering the school by the children
[1914 Teachers Strike]
The girl entering the window is not a striker. She is helping the teacher to get into the building, which the sympathetic girl strikers locked up. Note the handwriting on the wall, " We want our governess back."
[1914 Teachers Strike]
Mr HOPKINS C. C., and Mr H. V. SMITH, the Correspondent of the Council School, returning after trying to persuade children to be good. Miss CREASY, the new head, in the road with an "uncomplimentary" escort.
[1914 Teachers Strike]
1916 - Miss HANDS Headmistress Girls School
1916 - Mrs CALLEN Headmistress Infants School
1930s Early
[1930s Girls School][1930s Girls School]
( Brenda HILL ( Davis ) Collection )
Back Row - Phylis POWELL, Joy MARLOW, Joan FORDHAM, Ruby JAKEMAN, Marjorie GROVES, Betty JENKINS, Renie ARTHUR, Joyce FLETCHER, Ivy JONES, Phobe PRICE, Dorothy FARLEY, Edith MORRIS
Middle Row - Beryl BENNETT, Barbara FORTEY, Francis COTTRELL, Iris FARLEY, Barbara HOOPER, Betty MORGAN, Ruby COLE, Kathleen BEAVAN, Muriel FLETCHER, Dorothy CALE, Dolly LANE
Front Row - Betty PREEDY, Patrica CHANCE, Cissie NEAL, Mary HOTHAM, Phylis WALKER, Dorothy HABBITTS, Phylis DAVIS, Pearl SUMMERS, Stella PONTER, Peggy COLE, Marguerite HODGETTS, Pamela JENKINS
Date Unknown - Poetry Group
[Girls School]
( Pat HICKEY Collection)
Back Row - Tall girl Francis SHINN, the other three girls are too obscured to name
3rd Row - Rosa CHERRITON, Eileen MORGAN, Roana COLDRIDGE, Betty BOWES ( Cooper ), Grace PEDLINGHAM
Front Row - Joan POOLE ( Hickey ), Hazel HOOPER, Joy GRIFFITHS (Mallen )
Date Unknown
[Girls School]
( Pat HICKEY Collection )
Back Row - unknown, Jean POOLE, unknown, unknown, unknown,
Middle and Front Row unknown
Date Unknown
[Girls School]
( Audrey EDGE ( Davis ) Collection )
Back Row - Margaret JONES, unknown, Irene MORGAN, unknown, unknown
Middle Row - Tressie SMITH, Eve DAVIS?, Julie YEOMANS
Front Row - unknown, Ivy TUSTIN?, unknown
Date UnknownOriginal photo supplied to Ledbury Reporter by Margaret NOAKES ( nee Chester ). Can we get an original scan of the photograph
[1944 1945 Girls School]
1937 / 1938
[Girls School]
( Kathe CREW ( Clarke ) Collection )
Middle Row - 2nd from the left Edna HANKINS ( Nicholas )
[Girls School]
( Rosemary DYER ( Woodward ) Collection )
1940s - Netball Team
[Girls School Netball Team]
( Audrey EDGE ( Davis ) Collection )
Back Row - Jean LEAR, Dorothy MAY, Pearl NEALE, unknown Front Row - Rita COTTON, Kath DAVIS ( Brace ) ( Captain ), Beryl BUTLER
1942 / 1943 - Miss COLLINS retirement
[Girls School]
( Brian JONES Collection Album 2 BJ39 )
[Girls School]
( Brian JONES Collection Album 2 BJ38 )
1944 / 1945 - Pupils in various national dress
[Girls School]
Original photo supplied to Ledbury Reporter by David CALE - Can we get an original scan of the photograph?
Kathleen DAVIS, Vera JONES, Beryl FORDHAM, Audrey SKINNER, Dorothy MAY, May LLOYD
Rita COTTON, Marie CALE, Rosemary CALE, Sylvia BALDWIN, unknown, unknown
unknown, unknown, Elizabeth CALE, Violet BAKER, unknown, Pearl NEAL
unknown, unknown, Josie LIPPIT, unknown, unknown, unknown
Original photo supplied to Ledbury Reporter by David CALE - Can we get an original scan of the photograph?
1945 - 1948 - Miss Oakley Head teacher. All staff were Women.
Date Unknown
[Ledbury Junior School]
( Chris PONTER Collection )
1953 - Only pupils with a uniform got to have their pictures taken
[1950 Girls School]
( Gary GARDNER Collection )
Back Row - Pam HODGES, Joan PREECE, Margaret GOODWIN, Evelyn GRIMES, Janet PEDLINGHAM, Mary LEAR, Barbara BROOKES, Josephine TOOBY, Leonie BAGHURST, Helen BUTLER, Pat NEALE, Diana MOWBERRY, Sheila STAUNTON, Wendy JUCKES, Janet WORRALL, Maureen WRIGHT, Eileen POWELL, Ruth Williams, Kathleen JONES, Ann DAVIS, Doris STEPHENS, Cyntha BLAIR, Gill HIGGINBOTHAM, Beryl McLEAN, Ann JACKSON
2nd Row - Rosalind HAMMOND, Lorana BEBBINGTON, Doreen MORRIS, unknown, Janet POWELL, unknown, unknown, Julie FLETCHER, Allwyn..., Dinah LANCETT, Pauline GRIFFITHS, Cynthia KING, Brenda WELSH, Margaret SOLOMON, Ann BARNETT, unknown, Mary GURNEY, unknown, unknown, Marion CLARKE, Ailiffe WALTERS, Margaret WILLIAMS, Dorothy TAYLOR
3rd row - Wendy DANIELS, Marion DADSWELL, Glenis PERRY, Elizabeth LAWLEY, Jean PARTRIDGE, Jennifer SCREEN, Rita DOWNING, Barbara WATKINS, unknown, Heather DAVIS, Carol MEAKINS, Pamela WILLIAMS, unknown, Rosemary MILLS, Joan BENNETT, Gillian SMITH, Joan PEDLINGHAM, Eileen CAFFULL, Sheila LAW, Monica MAYO, Valerie HUMPHREYS, Diane SHORT, Ursula WALLER, Isabel WHITE
4th Row - Elaine MOSS, Gloria BAGHURST, Shirley BALDWIN, Marilyn TAYLOR, Dorothy LOCKE, Hilary BEVAN, Pam DAY, unknown, Gill DAVIES Jean PEDLINGHAM, Diane STURGE, Terry DOWNING, Colin WILLIAMS, unknown, Marian CLARKE, Esme HAWCUTT, unknown, unknown, Christine DAVIES, Anita DAVIES, Joan JAYNES, Ann BAKER, Nova WOODHOUSE, Ann GOUGH, Diane JONES, Marion DAVIS, Pat SIMMONS
Front Row - Fay JONES, Carol STOKES, unknown, Roy PIDD, Sandra GIBBONS, unknown, Val JAYNES, Isabel DAVIS, Maureen PEVERAL, Carol KEELEY, Barry MORRIS, Elaine HODGES, unknown, Jane LEWIS, John HIGGINBOTHAM, Mary OVERTON, Sylveen FURLONG, John OSBOURNE, unknown, Carol BLEWIT
[1954 Girls School]
( Brenda HILL ( Davis ) Collection )
Back Row - Pat PALMER, Pam DAY, Carol BLEWIT, Marion CLARK, Val HUMPHREY, Ursula WALLER, Christine DAVIES, Monica MAYO, Marion DAVIS, June BACHELOR, Jane EDWARDS
2nd Row - unknown, Ann GOUGH, Susan BEDDOES, unknown, Monica CHAPMAN, Francis HAINES, unknown, Joy FAIRBASS, Sandra GIBBONS, Linda DAVIES, unknown, Shirley VERNALLl, Maureen CHERRY
3rd Row - Barry SMITH, unknown, Stephanie CATER, unknown, Kay TURNER, Roger THOMSON, unknown, unknown, unknown, ... FOX, unknown, John MADDERS, unknown, Joan MEREDITH
4th Row - Brian ROGERS, Jennifer JEANS, Mervyn HUMPHREYS, Pam BALDWIN, Alan WILDING, Diane BLEWIT, Barry WILLIAMS, Yvonne BLEWIT, James SANDFORD, Janet GREY, unknown, Peter DADSWELL, ...BAKER, unknown
Front Row - Shirley BADHAM, Alfie PHILLIPS, Alec SHAKESHEFF, unknown, Alan STURGE, Heather FARLEY, Janet DAVIES, unknown, unknown, unknown, Richard CALE, unknown, Sylvia ROGERS
A real blast from the past! Lovely photo--however do you remember all those names! I do remember a few!...MI

I might be on that photo but must say I cant see myself! Sylvia ROGERS was my best friend and we were in the same class later at Grammar School. Her family then moved to Worcester. I think her dad worked on the railways....SG

Brenda Hill - There are a lot of children who should have been on this photo. Perhaps it was just a few from each class
1955 / 1956
[Ledbury Infants School]
( Pat HICKEY Collection )
Front table L/R unknown, Sandra PEATE, Janet DREW, Brian NELSON, Pat HICKEY, unknown
Back table L/R Sue COOPER, Gwyneth MAY, Kelvin MITCHELL, Two in top left corner unknown
Chris Ponter - What a treasure lovely photo,Jan BETTISON ( Drew ) you havn't changed and can see Kelvin also not changed, bottle of milk its great

I can't remember most of the girls because we got separated not too long after (after Mrs Martin's class I think). Was the teacher of this class Miss Slater?

Chris Ponter - I can remember being in the lovely Mrs MARTINS class, went through school with these kids so probably would have been in the class

Jan Bettison - Wht a wonderful photo! No recollection of this at all. I can remember the jumper, think I was wearing this in my ' SMITH's ' photo

Chris Ponter - Yes a good one, when I looked quickly thought it was just a picture about school milk, know thats silly but thats what I thought, then saw you Jan, lovely pic

Pat Hickey - Can't quite read the writing on Janet's paper bag, there is a picture of a building...PH

Paddy you were so cute xxx...JS

Date Unknown - British Legion Party held in the School Canteen
[Junior School 1955- 1956]
( Jan BETTISON ( Drew ) Collection )
1958 - Mrs THOMAS Headmistress Girls and Infants School
1960s - Pupil Gallery ( Alphabetical by Surname )
[Ledbury Infants School]
Denise EDGE
[Ledbury Junior School]
Raymond EDGE
[Ledbury Infants School]
[Ledbury Infants School]
Pauline PREEDY ( Ellis )
[Ledbury Infants School]
Brian and Frances HAINES
[Ledbury Infants School]
Pat CLARKE ( Hankins )
[Ledbury Infants School]
[Ledbury Infants School]
[Ledbury Infants School] [Ledbury Infants School]
Pauline JONES ( Kitchen )
[Ledbury Infants School]
Sally MUSTAFIC ( Lawrence )
[Ledbury Junior School]
Pat, Brian and Mary MORRIS
[Ledbury Junior School]
Carole PHILLIPS ( Preedy )
[Ledbury Junior School]
Sally, Marlene, Carole and John PREEDY
[Ledbury Infants School]
Hilary JONES ( Williams )
1961 - Last days at Primary School, taken at the classroom on Worcester Road
[Ledbury Junior School]
( Jan BETTISON ( Drew ) Collection )
Jenny DAVIES (Noad Farm, Parkway), Ann MOBBS, Rosemary MORRIS, Jan BETTISON ( Drew ), Jenny SUDDES
Another great photo remember Ann Mobbs her birthday fell day before mine and lived by Jenny Suddes up the Homend, can still picture that class room, at one time had teacher called Miss Kingsbury

Yes, we thought Miss Kingsbury was young and trendy in her pencil skirts and stiletto

We all loved Miss Kingsbury. She seemed so cool and trendy whilst most other teachers seemed to be so old!!

Remember she had a boyfriend in what would have been Yugoslavia then, Sue Cooper and myself used to take her case down to the Milk Bar on some Fridays as she used to catch a coach home to Bristol where her parents lived, she had big glasses

She was young and made the rest look old and they probably weren't
1966 - 1967
[1966 - 1967 Junior School]
[1966 - 1967 Junior School]
( Bridget BACHE ( Davis ) Collection )
[1968 Junior School]
( Joanne EDGE Collection )
Mrs MARSDEN, Nicky GOODCHAP, Carel van MEEUWEN, Christopher FRY, Bruce BUTLER, Mrs BROOK
[1968 Junior School]
( Joanne EDGE Collection )
Christopher FRY, Shelley SMITH, Gareth GREENHOUSE, Joanne EDGE, Derek HILL, Julie HILL
1969 - Gold Star Award head teacher Geoff FARROW
[Gold Star Award]
( Debbie WOLFE Collection )
3 green stars for a red star, 3 red stars for a blue? then silver, 3 silvers for a gold! it was a marathon! and then you could go home early on Friday.
1960s late - NSPCC Fancy dress Party held in the school canteen
[1960 Junior School Canteen]
( Laura Jones ( Cole ) Collection )
Front table Sally and Ann HARLING, Table behind Jeremy Pugsy POWELL, Janice BROOKS, Girl standing Rita PHILLIPS
Table on the left against wall, Joanne TAYLOR, girl talking to boy Wendy KIRBY and her brother PAUL, Next table against the wall Joy COLE, opposite Bryony POWELL
Wendy or Jane STURGE on the left with hat tied under her chin.
Amanda BERRY at the back and younger sister Jacquie on the table in front
Girl sat by the football perched on the chair is Helen ROBERTS
ooh those tin coloured water jugs! ...JS
1970 - The 11+ Exam and Border Line Letter
[11 plus examination]
[11 plus examination]
Result Letter
[11 plus examination]
( Jo EDGE Collection )
1970s - Dinner Ladies
[Junior School Dinner Ladies 1970]
( Amanda TOMKINS Collection)
1971 - Happy Days
[Ledbury Junior School 1971]
( Jan RAWLE ( Onions ) Collection )
Pat HOWELL, Janet ONIONS, Mrs MARSTAN, Pat MOSS , Anneliese BLOEM. Happy Days...
1973- 1974 - School Magazine - School Days
[Ledbury Junior School Magazine Download]
( Laura JONES ( Cole ) Collection )
To download the magazine click on the image
28 pages - Articles in the magazine by - Janice MITCHELL, Julie BRUNDRETT, Lisa ROBINSON, Pat LILLEY on Veronica BAKER's dog, Mark TAYLOR, Mark LEDBURY, John EAGER, Rosalind PRICE, Melissa AMER, Andrew HALE, Stephen MORRIS, Helen CROMPTON, Hazel SAMUEL, Linda SMITH, Clare AMER, Wendy DAVIES, Sally HARPER, Anthony BORN, Jane MULLINS, Joy COLE, Anne LOCKE, Deborah ONIONS, Pat STURGE, Carol STINTON, Pat BALDWIN, David COLLINS, Jayne NICHOLSON, Angela MORRIS, Amanda BORN, Mary Ann HARVEY, Edward MUSTAFIC, Ian MADDOX, Rita PHILLIPS, Paul FLETCHER, Mary JONES, Carol POWELL, Tony BUNCLARK, Melissa PIGGOTT, Elizabeth HARVEY and a special thank you to children of Class IV especially Joanne ISAACS, Pat LILLEY, Teresa MORRIS and Paula SMITH.
[Junior School 1979]
( Dave THOMAS and Jen Kelly CAMPBELL Collection )
School trip to London
[Junior School 1979]
( Dave THOMAS and Denise WATKINS ( Parker ) Collection )
[Junior School 1979]
( Dave THOMAS and Neil JAMES Collection )
1980 - Keep Britain Tidy Campaign
[Junior School 1980]
( Dave THOMAS and Chris PONTER Collection )
Children on the bank Ian GLASPER, Dave THOMAS, Philip MIDDLETON, Matthew HALE, Kjell WALKER, Chris QUICK
1980 - In the corridor outside Mr. THOMAS' room. ( Deputy Head )
[Junior School 1980]
( Sali MUSTAFIC ( Lawrence ) Collection )
Demonstrating the new-fangled ink colour copier, the picture / text had to be written by hand with a different piece of inked carbon paper for each colour. Then the copies were created by turning the handle.
Jonathan THOMAS lovingly looking up at Mrs MUSTAFIC, Tanya FOX, Andrew THOMAS, Andrew WOOD, Andrea EDWARDS
The handwriting is The Head teacher's - David Leyshon WILLIAMS
1980 - The children signed a card for Mrs MUSTAFIC when she left the Junior School and moved to Devon.
[Junior School 1980]
( Sali MUSTAFIC ( Lawrence ) Collection )
Thanks to Laura JONES ( Cole ) for this lovely set of photos of the school building and playground. These were taken when the school buildings were For Sale.
[Ledbury Junior School]
[Ledbury Junior School] [Ledbury Junior School]
[Ledbury Junior School] [Ledbury Junior School]

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