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1896 - 1931 A Retrospect From Tilleys Almanack
July 9 Ledbury Church choir had their annual outing to Ilfracombe.

July 19 the Ledbury Church choir went for their annual outing to Portsmouth.

July 21 The adult members of Ledbury Church Choir had their Annual Outing to Weston-Super-Mare and Cardiff.

July 19 Ledbury Church Choir (Adult Members) trip to Southampton and Isle of Wight.

August 2 Ledbury Church Choir Boys’ Trip to Weston-Super-Mare.

July 24 Ledbury Church Choirmen’s Outing to Weston-Super-Mare.

July 6 Church Choir Annual Excursion; visit to Blackpool.

July 4 Ledbury Church Choir Men’s Outing to Scarborough.

July 15 Choir Boys’ Outing to Weston-Super-Mare.

July 18 Ledbury Church Choirmen’s Trip to Bournemouth.

August 26 Ledbury Church Choir Boys’ Trip to Ilfracombe.

August 8 Ledbury Church Choir outing to Llandrindod.

1912 - 1913 Awaiting Almanacks

1914 World War One - Not printed.

March Owing to Military requirements of the railway, no Easter Excursions were run.

1916 World War One - Not printed.

1917 World War One - Not printed.

1918 World War One - Not printed.

1919 - 1927 No Retrospect printed in the Tilleys Almanacks

July 13 Ledbury Parish Church choir boys’ outing to Penarth.

July 26 Ledbury Parish Church choir boys outing to Penarth.

July 31 Ledbury Wesleyan Church Choir outing to Symonds Yat.

July 18 The junior members of Ledbury Church Choir visited Stratford-on-Avon on their annual outing.

1930s - Goughs Caves, Cheddar Gorge.

[Cheddar Gorge]
( Kate HOARE ( Wilkins ) Collection )

Kath DAVIS ( Brace ), Minnie DAVIS ( Holden ), Phylis DAVIS ( Rawlins ), Josie DAVIS ( Cummings), Audrey DAVIS ( Edge ) and Doris DAVIS ( Shirvington )

( 2016 April )
Kate Hoare - My Grandmother Doris Shirvington and her sister Phylis Rawlins. Have no idea who the children are or who the lady on the left is.

Jo Edge - Kate Hoare Super family photo

Jo Robinson - Ahhhh that is lovely xxxx

1954 - Sunday school outing to Barry Island. Everyone waiting excitedly for the train to arrive.

[Day Trip to Barry Island]
( Maureen HILLIER Collection )
( 2014 June )
Jo Edge - Super photo, thanks for sharing. I wonder if any members are in the photo? Get those spy glasses out!!!

Carole Phillips - Yes lovely photo we always went to the sea side on the good old steam train

Maggie Redding - So many children went to Sunday school its lovely

Sally Farr - Yes that bring back lots of good memory back that was our holidays then

Karen Heins Watkins - Thanks for this photo. Lovely for my daughters to see something that their great grandad was involved with. Especially my eldest daughter who has fond memories of Grandad Eric.

Brian E Morris - I remember being terrified of the big green steam engine coming into the station. It made such noise blowing steam off.

Brian E Morris - Think I might be on this one somewhere clinging to my dad.

Brenda Hill - I bet thats our James Sandford with his cap and me by the side I shall have to ask him he wore it to bed!!!!!

Hilary Hilsy Williams-Jones - mother's magnifying glass may come in handy on this one.

Kim Yeates - So was this Ledbury station back in the day? Looks like Malvern.

Hilary Hilsy Williams-Jones - this was Ledbury as it used to be Kim - guess railway architecture was pretty similar around the country

Kim Yeates - What a shame it was knocked down though!

Hilary Hilsy Williams-Jones - absolutely Kim, total travesty that so many of these buildings have been lost

Sheila Neale - So many children. Bet there was a noise on that train

Brenda Hill - Just got the Magnifying Glass out it is James with cap on me next to him with white bow in my hair and my Mum behind this was when my latest photos were taken 1954

Ismet Mustafic - Mind the Gap!

Pam Wildig - I wonder how many children go on Sunday School outings these days - not many.

Janet Morris - I think maybe the question there Pam is do any children go to Sunday school these days!

Ismet Mustafic - Or even Janet does Sunday School still exist?

Janet Morris - Your right Ismet & it doesn't in our church! x

Karen Heins Watkins - My girls sing in a church choir twice a month and my youngest goes to Sunday School.

· Sally Farr - O that's great l remember the station being like that in the summer when l was a kid dad worked on the railway so we use to go free xx

Janet Morris - That's really nice Karen I know in some place's they do a separate children's scripture during a normal service as was the case where I go but things have changed due to a number of reason's.

Janet Jones - Really enjoyed Sunday School trips to the seaside. Oh dear seems such along time ago.

Ismet Mustafic - I did wonder Janet. There was a time in my altar boy days when I served at two Masses and attended Sunday school all on a single Sunday

Sally Farr - Only about 60 years janet x

Carolyn Dillingham - Amazing picture!

Mary Philpotts - I remember these Maureen but not this particular one I was only 1 xxx

Brian E Morris - Sand used to get everywhere. We had real SANDwiches at Barry.

Sally Farr - Yes sand sandwiches remember them well x

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