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Peppermint Twist

[Peppermint Twist]      [Peppermint Twist]

Mike PAUL helped by Terry HILL

Purple Ice



Gary HARPER helped by David Beanie JEYNES

French Connection

Was Purple Ice when Tony bought it he changed the name


A regular at the British Legion Club


Facebook Members Memories

Any memories of the Ledbury discos where they played vinyl?????...DH

Mr Douglas was usually the DJ ... LOL...RM

Yep he did Agree...DH

Purple Ice...CP

You can't beat the old snap crackle and pop !! still play my old vinyl...RM

Peppermint Twist...JVE

I can remember the lights coming on when the scrap started lol...CP

Ruth still got all my vinyl. Still lay it. Punk, 2tome, ska. Love the sits and crackles and the tunes not over produced then the winter gardens to see them live. Chris remember the lights coming on but my best scrap was outside...DH

And your own vinyl is sooo special ... all the little scratches that you are familiar with...RM

Des Hodges xx...PP

Yep the the tick tick tick before my jimmy jimmy on green vinyl starts...DH

We had an old radio gram and when the stylus was wearing down we used to put a penny on the arm so it dug into the record more, did'nt do it much good in the long run xx...PP

I worked with Disco Des at Gittings lovely bloke bless him...CP

I used to love changing the speed of the turntable when the OLD'ns got up to make em dance all out of time...TW

Had an old garrard hand built sterio (speakers and all) used to weigh arm down. Dad threatened to chop it up with an ax ciz heard the pistols from the bottom if the garden and if you been to my house you know far that was...DH

Anyone remember" Pressure International" they used to come from Gloucester now and again. I think the scrapping stopped the Community centre discos in the end. Nothing changes lol...CP

Yep the scars stopped the discos booooring lol...DH

AAhh Trophy Bitter made me ill more than once on a Saturday night at the Community Centre lol...Cp

My ex- had Purple Ice when Barry Morris sold up late 70s- then changed name to French Connection - did loads of discos at Community and out the Royal Oak- remember Sam...SD

Is mr Douglas still alive?!! Loved his discos!!!! He did my 21st b'day!!!...CS

Is Barry still about Sand?...CP

Haha I did remember yes, had some great nights, diesal and pernod & black until it made me ill, think the blackcurrent was off!! and Barry is my cousin too...SJ

Chris Im not sure - havnt seen him for over 20 yrs now...SD

Good old Barry, Ledbury's first HIPPY with all the trimmings, kaftan and Beads etc...TW

Mr Douglas lives on my estate , he still looks the same now, never aged xx...PP

I used to like Des's home-made lights, off cars from the garage but a great man...TW

Sam - one of the best bits was making Teresa laugh- like a bloody donkey lol...SD

Des lived in the flat above mum and dad when they lived in Albert Rd, poor Des never got over losing his wife and attempted suicide several times xx...PP

Des used to keep all his kit in the boot and on the back seat of that old Burgundy Zephyr of his...CP

Yes, poor old Des xx...PP

Chris - Pressure International- first PROF disco we had- played Northern Soul no one in Ledbury had heard of LOVED IT...SD

The last time i saw him was in Victoria Road shop like you said Pauline he had lost it by then bless him he died a few weeks after...CP

Wasnt Peppermint twist owned by Mike Paul? he was in a group with my dad in the 60s have to dig photo out...SD

Yes Sandra, that was his disco I think x...SJ

You are right Sand it was Mike Paul i've been sat here trying to remember his name...CP

Yes Chris but who was his mate?...SD

Mike's sister Elizabeth Brace is a member she will be help us on the bands and discos, Sandra would love to see any photos of your dads band...JVE

Will pinch it next time im over...SD

What was the band called?...SJ

Did'nt Belinda Hills dad used to help him Cant remember his name at the Mo...CP


Sam, Mike and Barrys band was called Shane and the Mitres...JVE

When Mike was playing drums it was The Mike Paul Band...TW

Yes thats it Sam Terry didnt he used to help him...CP

Les Berry and the MOON MEN I think - Mike was on base then -it was skiffle to begin with then dad went "solo" with his country and western...SD

Barry later joined me and a few others and we formed "The Mondays", we were financed by the STALLARD family from Staunton, they were EGG producers and Barry worked there...TW

Mike played the drums first in Ledbury Town Band, then had a skiffle group Leadon Vale Stompers. The Echoes with Les, Shane and the Mitres with Barry. Also played with Nick Alexander in Pigs Eye View. Will be speaking to Mike later tonight and check if I have missed any bands out!...EB

Just spoke to dad Elizabeth Brace and he was in The Moonmen in Eastnor while Mike was in the Stompers- having lessons with Harry Teasdale who mentioned to Mike that dad could sing, they then became the Echos but some other band had the name so changed to Shane(Mike) and the Mitres. Barry took over when dad left. I remeber being in bed listening to them rehearse own stairs and being impressed because Mike had electric guitar lol. Do you remember Richard who played bass? he really not in good health these day...SdJust spoke to dad Elizabeth Brace and he was in The Moonmen in Eastnor while Mike was in the Stompers- having lessons with Harry Teasdale who mentioned to Mike that dad could sing, they then became the Echos but some other band had the name so changed to Shane(Mike) and the Mitres. Barry took over when dad left. I remeber being in bed listening to them rehearse own stairs and being impressed because Mike had electric guitar lol. Do you remember Richard who played bass? he really not in good health these day...SD

yes remember Richard bless him. I know your Dad wasn't in the Stompers. Mike says that he played in a dance band with Don Meakin inbetween the Town band and Stompers. Also says that Richard played the rythm (spelling!) guitar and not the bass. John Watkins played the bass, Terry Rogers on the drums. Also Mike says that he himself has never played bass guitar. Colin Williams took over on the drums when it became The Mitres. Mike also had a rock n roll band with Peter Talbot, John Clarke, Roger Baker, John Gurney, Derek Gardner and Gordon Higham but he can't remember what it was called...EB

Aah! well I was very young lol...SD

Mike has just reminded me that he played the millenium night at the Ledbury Legion with 'Two Up + one. Derek Gardner, Mike and Sue on bass...EB

Purple Ice, Twisted Nerve...SM

Yes! Purple Ice!!!...CS

Peppermint Twist, was'nt that Mike Paul...AB

Silver Echo!...SJ

I used to do some of the Friday night disco's at the Royal Oak alongside Mike Paul and Barry Morris when Alan Mackenzie ran the pub in the late 60's early 70's.My disco was called "Zodiac" and I had "Beanie" helping me,(David Jeynes from Eastnor),Had some awesome nights there and got very good at ducking flying fists.Always remember the sprung floor which would bounce and often make the records jump or reject.Still got all the old vinyl here...GH

Shane and the mitres, Barry Morris, Mike Paul etc, us girls followed them everywhere. Their very own groupies ha...DE

I'm thinking Argent 'Hold Your Head Up'...SM

Great song Sali, also from that period,"Schools Out" by Alice Cooper and "Silver Machine" by Hawkwind, plus many,many more golden nuggets....!!!...GH

Who can remember frenchconection disco blokes name was tony?...JG

What about the band bessandy? 1988 bessie green andy crockey timsmith nick ? the drummer...JG

Yes- FRENCH CONNECTION was my ex husband lol - to be fair he put his soul into that with the biggest blooming speakers you could shift- had ALL his records nicked one night from the Oak at Marcle and had to re start. ...SD

Wow Gary, those 3 songs at oak discos, has to be one of my most powerful memories... with the skinheads at the back waiting for Johnny Reggae ...SM

Sandra i can remember helpin tony on most weekends was a good lafffffff...JG

Didn't Paul Blandford from Dymock do a Disco...TS

I remember those good old day's in the mid 70's when the night used to start off with a gang meet on our mopeds at a pub who would serve us under age drinker's,eg Farmer's Arms,Plume and Feather's,Water's meet, get leggless on Macky/Vimto's, and Vodka and Lime's, the gang would then head off to Ledbury Disco Dance where the one's who survived the race/journey would rock out to Slade, Quo, strut around to a bit of Northern soul and the hit's of the day thinking we looked cool, Ha. Then after a snog with some girls who were also drunk enough not to say no, the few left standing would head to Desmond's for a Chinese. They were Great Day's!!!!...TD


Plume of feathers used to love going there not so much the underage drinking but the fact we all rode home !!! Remember mike pullen and his yellow Puch 3 speed Tony!!!...TS

Remember Radish Radford used to do His Alice Cooper Impression at the Youth club Discos schools out !!!...TS

And Robert Jenkins with His Gary Glitter- NOT COOL NOW!...S

I work with Robert ( olive ) Jenkins he loves you too he says lol !...TS

Rose Dixon used to do a turn as Tina Turner at the youth club I can vailgly remember...TS

I remember the dances at the Oak, my old man was barred for a while, he had a scrap with someone. He used to come up the fie escape and in through the window to see me. My own Romeo xx...PP

I remember the fights that were always breaking out at the Oak mostly by handed down stories from the older boys (and girls ) banker Webb and Oxy Halford were two notorious names I remember...TS

Yes, good times though. Loved Bank and Ox xxx...PP

I remember banker webb met him a few times...JG

He was a lad in his day. Good hearted to his friends xx...PP

Banker was always a good mate of my dads back in the day. Not sure but Banker will be about 70 now i hope hes still with us, alas dad is not. Any info would be appreciated friends...RM

Ray are you the Ray mills that had a DT 175 the same as mine red and white tank and a GT 350 triple ?...TS

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