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A Retrospect

February 22 Ledbury Victoria Football Club played Pencombe in the first round for the Glasgow Cup, and proved victorious by 3 – 2.

March 28 The“ Vics ” team, beat Hereford Trinity in the second round of the “Glasgow Cup."


January 16 the third round of the Hereford Junior Cup between Ledbury Victoria and Bromyard Rovers; the latter won.

February 25 in the afternoon, the Ledbury Victoria Football Club beat Hereford Early Closers by 2 goals to nil.

March 20 the Victoria beat Worcester Early Closers by 5 goals to 1.

March 27 victory again fell to the "Vics," when they scored 3 goals to Ross Town 1 in the semi- final for the “Glasgow” Cup.

April 19 (Easter Monday) the football club held sports, which were very successful

April 22 the “Vics” beat Hereford St. Martin’s by one goal in the semi-final for the Charity Bowl,

April 22 in the final of the “Glasgow” Cup they played a drawn game against Hampton

September 2 the annual meeting of the Ledbury Football Club was held, when the balance sheet showed that the secretary had not properly kept the accounts, there being a. deficiency of £10 or £11. The accounts were referred to the old committee. Subsequently, an offer was received from the sec. to pay the deficiency by instalments, and it was accepted

September 23 at a meeting of the Victoria Football Club, it was reported that all the old debts had been paid, and that £24 63. had been handed over to the Club from the Easter Monday Sports

October 14 the Victoria Football Club held their first Smoking Concert of the season at the New Inn Hotel.

October 30 the “Vics” beat Bullingham Stars 6 to nil.

December 4 Worcester Cinderella beat Ledbury Victoria by 2 goals to nil, in the 2nd round of the Hereford junior cup.


April 11 The Victoria Football Club held their Easter Monday Sports in drenching weather.

April 23 The Ledbury “Vics” were defeated by Garisone Rovers by one goal to nil in the final for the “Glasgow” Cup.

May 12 The Ledbury Victoria Football Club held their Annual Meeting.


September 9 Annual Meeting of the Ledbury Victoria Football Club.


September 24 Annual Meeting of the Ledbury Victoria Football Club.
1949 - 1950 - Youth Club Football Team
[Ledbury Youth Club]
( Andy GURNEY & Judy BAKER ( Rose ) Collection )
Back Row - Youth Leader. ' Sticky' CLAY, Don HABBITS, Nicky WATERS, Richie COLLINGBOURNE, Dean SYMONDS, Gerry TAYLOR, Reg PITT.
Front Row - DAVIES, Ivor FARLEY, Ernie FLETCHER, John LAWLEY, Colin LEWIS, John MEREDITH, Jimmy ( Kiffy ) CHANCE.
( 2013 February )
Jack Gittings - The Taylor lad was Jerry according to John Lawley, showed him the photo this mornin. It was Donald Habbits, not John

Liz de Vincentiis - Awesome ... Uncle Dean and Uncle Rich

( 2015 June )
Ruth Terry - My grandad Reg Pitt he loved football

Gill Redgrove - The man end of back row right is my grandad, Reg Pitt

Sara Jane Heyns - Dean Symonds was my Dad's brother ...Ron Symonds.

Maureen Willson - My late brother Nick Waters.

Dee Ehrlich - My great grandfather reg pitt

Pauline Mitchell - John Lawley is my uncle and lives in Hereford good photograph

1950 - 1952 - Youth Club Football Team
[Ledbury Youth Club]
( Judy BAKER ( Rose ) Collection)
Back Row left to right - Jimmy ( Kiffy ) CHANCE, O CLARK, Nicky WATERS, R POWELL, Creep LEACH, R COLLINGBOURNE, G EMERY, J BARNETT, Albert ROSE
Middle Row left to right - P PITT, H HODGES, John LAWLEY, Gordon CLAY, Ernie FLETCHER, Miller CRADDOCK, Ivor FARLEY
Front Row left to right - Colin LEWIS, John MEREDITH
( 2013 February )
Claire Ellis - Nice to see a photo of Miller Craddock.

Raymond Mills - Dad was always talking about these guys when I was a lad...

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