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Worcester Road

Ledbury Park for that is the name of the building and of the estate enclosed by a tall brick wall extending down the Gloucester road, was the seat of the BIDDULPH's, who acquired the property in the 17th century when Anthony BIDDULPH, of Biddulph, in Staffordhire, married the heiress Elizabeth HALL. The mansion is a handsome structure, and the park contains some fine Elm trees.
1886 June 12 - Messrs R COAD and J MaCLERAN ( Arch Additions ) - The Builder Magazine
[The Park]
A Retrospect
January July 29 Ledbury Flower Show was held in Ledbury Park.

July 11 Town Hall Band of Hope Treat at Ledbury Park.

September 5 Garden Party at Ledbury Park.

July 15 Fancy Fair at Ledbury Park in aid of Ledbury Parish Hall. Result, £216 17s. 5d.

[1909 Fancy Fair Ledbury Park]
Frank KENWARD Collection

[1909 Fancy Fair Ledbury Park]
Liz BRACE ( Paul ) Collection

Liz BRACE - The 'Lady' seated on the right, centre row is my Dad Reginald PAUL. My youngest Aunt, Charlotte Mabel Dora PAUL, known as 'Dot' is seated on the ground, left front row holding a basket.

Mr. H. G. WAKER - Mrs. JARLEY, Mr. J CUSTANCE -Jarge. Laughing Lady - Mr. J. H. LEO, two-legged girl - Miss Marjorie and Master Clifford HORTON, Boy stood on the Burning Deck - Master Edward MEACHAM, Dwarf - Master Arthur WILLIAMS, Jack and Jill - Miss E. TOWNSEND and Mr. T. C. SHEAF, Golden Locke - Miss G. COTTON, Babes in the wood - Mr. R. B. HAYES and Miss BEAUMONT, Little Red Riding Hood - Miss Mabel PAUL, Sleeping Beauty - Miss Ruby MADDERS, The Singing Lady - Mr. Reginald PAUL and Little Jack Horner - Master Donald TILLEY.
1903 - Park Gardens.
[Park Gardens]
( Frank KENWARD Collection )
( 2019 July )
Sue Weatherhill -I remember this beautiful garden and twice had the opportunity to visit it as a child.

Rosalie Cross - I lived there until recently in the old gate house. That garden remains very similar and those two Yew trees are still there. No cottage however.
1904 - Top Cross
[Ledbury Park]
( Jenny LAWRENCE ( Gough ) Collection)
1909 - Top Cross
[Park Gardens]
( Frank KENWARD Collection )
( 2018 May )
Jill Haiselden - It looks much the same today - except for the traffic!

Rosalie Cross - So many Banking families lived in and around Ledbury.

Sylvia Manns - Yes, a banking family owned Upper Hall (LGS) many moons ago.

Gill Baldwin - My Mum from Cheshire and Mother in law from Staffordshire stayed there whilst in the Land Army when posted to Ledbury. They worked the land whilst the men were at war. Both married Ledbury lads and lived in Ledbury for many years xx
1909 - Park Gardens
[Park Gardens]
( Rosalie CROSS Collection )
( 2015 February )
Rosalie Cross - This is the communal garden at Ledbury Park , my old home. It belongs to the people who now live there.
1912 - Garden Front
[Park Gardens]
( Frank KENWARD Collection )
1930s? - Park Gardens
[Park Gardens]
( Roger BAKER Collection )
( 2015 February )
Pam Wildig - It's a pity the public don't have access to the gardens. They used to have fetes there years ago.

Jo Edge - Are the gardens still there?

Pam Wildig - I'm not sure Jo. I think the only new buildings which were erected on the Ledbury Park land are the ones on the right-hand side going up the Worcester Road. Or maybe the Horse Lane Orchard estate was built on that land!! If you look at the map in the old Tilley's Almanac, there's still a big area bordered by the tall wall in the Southend and Horse Lane Orchard.

Janet Morris - My uncle Bill was a gardener at the park!

Rosalie Cross - This is now the communal garden for the owners of Ledbury Park

1930s? - Park Gardens
[Park Gardens]
( Roger BAKER Collection )
( 2015 April )
Jo Edge - Roger super photo any names please?

Roger Baker - Mother and father,not sure of the other two?

Judy Baker - Which chap do you think is Ted, Roger I thought the one in the dark suit to start with but he looks a lot older than Doss. Also that looks like Nell my Nan to me and I wonder if the chap in flat cap is actually her husband Frank.

Roger Baker - I asume Ted is with trilby. Still not sure about other two, but you may well be right.

John Gurney - Yes Rog. , that's Doss and Ted . Can't help with the other two though.

Helen Caroline Bloise - great photo Roger x

Judy Baker - Yes I agree Ted with trilby very dapper isn't he. That's my Nannie Rose so probably her hubby Frank Rose. Never seen this before.

Judy Baker - Although on looking at it larger not sure its Frank as he was very tall more than Ted.

Roger Baker - I can remember Frank, he was tall.
1930s? - Park Gardens
[Park Gardens]
( Roger BAKER Collection )
( 2014 October )
Carole Phillips - Lovely pic

Judy Baker - Oh thats perfect

Beryl Smith - lovely picture xx

Roger Baker - Mr Chapman had a cottage/bungalow somewhere there. But I can't remember it looking like that.

Rosalie Cross - I live in Ledbury Park. It certainly isn't here anymore. Great to see!
1943 - Top Cross
[The Park Top Cross]
( Mike PAUL Collection )
( 2014 June )
Helen Caroline Bloise - When mum first came to Ledbury as a land army girl she said she used to reside here bless her x

Elizabeth Brace- I was always told that the constable on the right was my Dad
1952 - The Park was sold to H. J. CHAPMAN

Lord Michael BIDDULPH 1st Baron ( Resident )
Lady Elizabeth BIDDULPH ( Resident )
John Michael Gordon BIDDULPH 2nd Baron ( Resident )
Michael William John BIDDULPH 3rd Baron ( Resident )
Amy Louise BIDDULPH Baroness ( Resident )
H. J. CHAPMAN ( Stationery Company )

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