The Plough Hotel
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74 The Homend

A Retrospect


April 30 Ledbury Oddfellows Dinner at Plough Hotel.


March 19 Oddfellows’ Annniversary Dinner at the Plough Hotel.

October 13 Ledbury Ploughing Society Annual Dinner at the Plough Hotel.
1908 - Conroy WILLIAMS Landlord
1908 - Dining Room
[Plough Hotel Dining Room]
( EBAY Collection )
( 2015 June )
Janet Morris - Wow that's beautiful!

Elizabeth Brace - If thats the upstairs room, its where I had my first wedding reception back in 1965!!!!

Sheila Neale - We had our wedding reception here too, 1968. I remember we were limited to numbers as there was a problem with the floor. John & Brenda Colquouhn had the pub then.

Andy Terry - My twin, Wendy, and I had our 21st birthday party here in 1976. I remember John & Brenda Colquouhn very well - delivered their papers many a time.

Rose Windmill - That looks very smart for the plough, a good pub when I knew it but not so posh!
1909 - Cinderella Dance Programme
[Plough Hotel Cinderella Dance]
( EBAY Collection )
1916 - E A MARK Landlord
1950s - Leadon Vale Stompers Skiffle Group
[Leadon Vale Stompers Skiffle Group]
( Mike PAUL Collection )
Peter TALBOT (Tea Chest Bass), John CLARKE (Piano), Mike PAUL (Drums), Bessie GREEN (Washboard)
1958 - J J COLHOUN Landlord
1958 - Independent Order of Oddfellows, M. U. Loyal 'St. Catherines' lodge, no 6315. Lodge meetings held at the Plough Hotel every 4th Tuesday. Secretary Mr H A MORRIS, Wellington Heath
1958 - Dancing to the band
[Plough Hotel]
( Roger BAKER Collection )
John Gurney - Can't recall seeing this one before Rog. Think I recognise the young lady front left.
1950s late - At the Dance David and Diane STURGE -
[Plough Hotel]
( Mike PAUL Collection )
( 2013 May )
Carole Phillips -Great photo

Shirley Dalley - This is fabulous!
1960 - Skittles League Winners
[Plough Hotel Skittles]
( Andy SMITH Collection )
Dave GITTINGS, John SMITH, Mike EVANS, Mrs EVANS, Rosemary OWEN, Pete OWEN, Curley VERNALL, Gerald WILLIAMS, standing Dave JONES, Phil LLEWELLYN, Roy JONES, Ern FARLEY
[Plough Hotel Skittles]
( Andy SMITH Collection )
Back Row - John SMITH, Mike EVANS, Stan SLEEMAN, Trevor JONES, Jim PRICE
Front Row - Doug KINGTON, Keith WATKINS, Johnny COLHOUN, Charlie COLE, Tony BETTONI
1960s - Wellington Heath Rovers Skittles Team based at the Plough
[Wellington Heath Rovers Skittles]
( Ben MOWBRAY Collection )
Back Row - Rolly BARNES, Gerald MOWBRAY, Davy 'Crocket' JONES, Reg MOWBRAY, Dennis BARNES
Front Row - Michael HAINES, Stan SLEEMAN, Don SAVERY, Fred ?
1950s - Hopkins Garage Team, At the Plough Inn, 3 members were guests.
[Hopkins Garage Skittles Team]
( Terry ROGERS Collectio )
Back Row - Bill HALE, unknown, Lee REE, Tony TOMKINS, unknown
Front Row - Ern LLEWELYN, Bill BAKER, Ernie ROGERS, Mr BADHAM, William ROGERS
1958 - Independent Order of Oddfellows, M. U. Loyal 'St. Catherines' lodge, no 6315. Lodge meetings held at the Plough Hotel every 4th Tuesday. Secretary Mr H A MORRIS, Wellington Heath
Date unknown - Presentation
[Plough Hotel Skittles]
( Paul Bunny SMITH Collection )
Front Row - Dave REYNOLDS, Richard WELCH, Paul Bunny SMITH, Neil PARKER
1970's - White Hart Team
[White Hart Darts Team]
( Brian JONES Collection )
Back Row - Tim HOULBROOK, Tony DRINKWATER, Keith FARLEY, Steven 'Bomber' JONES, Robert DANIELS, Kevin MANNS
Front Row - Bob PULLEN, Ray GLADWIN, Brian 'Ragsey' JONES, Phil GLADWIN
1983 - Snooker Presentation
[Plough Hotel Snooker]
( Paul Bunny SMITH Collection )
Front Row - Paul Bunny SMITH, Mike EVANS, Steve GARDINER.

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