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Sir Henry Rider HAGGARD KBE ( 22 June 1856 – 14 May 1925 ) was an English writer of adventure fiction set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa, and a pioneer of the lost world literary genre. He was also involved in agricultural reform throughout the British Empire. His stories, situated at the lighter end of Victorian literature, continue to be popular and influential.

A Retrospect


January 16 On the afternoon the Barrett-Browning Memorial Institute, at the Lower Cross, was formally opened in the presence of a large number of the elite of the neighbourhood by Mr. Rider HAGGARD, Mrs. STEPHENS, wife of Mr. Chas. W. STEPHENS, presenting him with a hand-somely-worked gold key, which bore on the one side an enamelled picture of the Institute and Mr. HAGGARD's crest, and on the other a suitable inscription.

January 16 A meeting held at the Town Hall which interesting addresses on the life and works of the great poetess were given by Mr. Rider HAGGARD, Mr. M. BIDDULPH. M.P. (who presided). Lady Elizabeth BIDDULPH, the Bishop of Hereford. Mr. RANKIN, M.P., Mr. C. W. R. COOKE, M.P., the Rev. Preb. MADDISON GREEN, the Rev. C. Y. POTTS, &c.

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