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Spencer Henry BICKHAM



Spencer Henry BICKHAM married Charlotte Maria DALLAWAY in Westminster.

The home of Spencer Henry BICKHAM, Underdown, Gloucester Road, Ledbury.

Jo EDGE Collection
1896 - 1931 A Retrospect From Tilleys Almanack
April 30 A special sessions was held at the Police Court before his honour Judge INGHAM, and Messrs. S. H. BICKHAM and F. RICARDO, when Messrs. RALPH, PREECE, DAVIES, &Co., of Hereford, were summoned by the Ledbury Rural Council, under the Highway and Locomotive Amendment Act, 1878, to show cause why they should not pay to the Rural Council the sum of £144 13s. 1d., the proportion of the alleged damage done on the main road (No. 1) in the parishes of Tarrington and Pixley. After several hours' hearing the bench found that there had been extraordinary traffic, and assessed the damages at £75, and ordered defendants to pay the costs.

May 7 Mr. S. H. BICKHAM delivered his interesting lecture on " The British Navy " in the Royal Hall, under the auspices of the Ledbury Habitation of the Primrose League, before a large audience.

July 29 Miss Wilhelmina Maria BICKHAM, fourth daughter of Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM, of Underdown, Ledbury, was married at Ledbury Church to the Rev. H. G. S. SCOTT, Curate of Cockington.

May 7 A public meeting was held to consider the Diamond Jubilee celebration. A committee was formed with Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM, J.P., as chairman. Messrs. L. TILLEY and E. H. HOPKINS were appointed joint secs.

April 14 The Easter Vestry meeting was held, when Mr. S H. BICKHAM was re-elected Churchwarden, and Mr. C. H. BASTOW was appointed in the place of the late Mr. Edward MADDISON.

May 31 Ledbury underwent the turmoil and excitement of the triennial School Board Election. There were nine candidates for seven seats, the following being elected: - J. BANNER (691), C. W. STEPHENS. (632), W. A. C. GABB (596), S. H. BICKHAM (508), C. E. M. GREEN, Rector (450), C. Y. POTTS, Congregational Minister (404), T. HODGES (237). The defeated candidates were Mr. J. PREECE (221), and Mr. M. A. WOOD (148), both of whom were old and tried members.

April 19 Messrs. S. H. BICKHAM and C. H. BASTOW re-elected Churchwardens at Vestry Meeting.

May 19 Six Candidates nominated for seven seats on the Ledbury School Board - Rev. Preb. MADDISON GREEN (Rector), Rev. C. Y. POTTS, Messrs. S. H. BICKHAM, C. W. STEPHENS, H. BRAY, and J. BOYD. Mr. G. BEST was subsequently elected by the Board, the Rector was re-elected Chairman, and Rev. C. Y. POTTS Vice-chairman.

November 23 Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM delivered his first Lecture on " Elementary Astronomy " at The Feathers Assembly Room.

December 7 Mr. BICKHAM's second Lecture on "Elementary Astronomy."

March 12 Distribution of Certificates to Science and Art and Shorthand Students by Mrs. BICKHAM, at the Barrett Browning Institute.

April 11 Vestry Meeting at the Ledbury Church. A large deficit in the Church Expenses account. At the adjourned Meeting, Mr. H. M, WILSON, M.F.H., sent a cheque to wipe off the adverse balance. Messrs. S. H. BICKHAM and C. H. BASTOW re-elected Churchwardens.
April 13 Mr. BICKHAM presented altar rails to St. Anne's Chapel, at the Parish Church, and several parishioners gave other handsome gifts.

April 7 Ledbury Urban Council Election : Messrs. H. BRAY, E. H. HOPKINS, W. R. WALKER, W. F. EVANS, C. BIXLEY, and J. C. DAVIES, elected without opposition.

August 27 Marriage of Rev. H. B. WALTON to Miss Hilda BICKHAM.

Rainfall for January at Ledbury (as registered at Underdown by Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM throughout the year) was 0.96 inches. Average for January 2.16 Weather seasonable with occasional snow.

Rainfall for January at Ledbury (as registered at Underdown, by Mr. Spencer H BICKHAM throughout the year) was 2.56 inches.

The year opened mild, with occasional short frosts, heavy fogs following later on, the month closing very mild and with but little rain. Rainfall for January at Ledbury (as registered at Underdown, by Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM throughout the year) was .72 inches on 12 days.

Rainfall for January at Ledbury (as registered at Underdown by Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM throughout the year) was 3.00 inches.

April 8 Ledbury Church Easter Vestry. Messrs. Spencer H. BICKHAM and W. N. POWELL were elected Churchwardens on the retirement of Mr. C. H. BASTOW and Mr. W. P. BARRY. Messrs. G. F. LOW, G. HEBNNER, T. C. HAMBLIN, and C. B. MASEFIELD were appointed Sidesmen.

April 11 At the annual vestry meeting of the Parish Church, Mr. S. H. BICKHAM was re-elected churchwarden together with Mr. J. DUNCAN.

April 20 Annual meeting of Ledbury Rural Parish Council. Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM elected chairman.

October 4 Ledbury Grammar School “speech day” and prize distribution, held at the Royal Hall. Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM presided, and there was a crowded attendance of pupils, parents and friends. Mr. Lionel CURTIS (Professor of Colonial History at Oxford) presented prizes to the successful scholars, and subsequently delivered a most interesting address.

April 19 At the annual meeting of Ledbury Rural Parish Council, Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM was re-elected chairman.

May 30 At a magistrates’ meeting Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM was appointed Chairman of the Bench in succession to the late Mr. John RILEY.

1901 Census

Living on own means with Charlotte M BICKHAM 47, Constance BICKHAM 31, Henrietta BICKHAM 27, Hilda BICKHAM 25

1911 Census

Retired Cotton Spinning Machinery Maker, living in Ledbury with Charlotte Marian BICKHAM 59, Constance BICKHAM 41

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