Old Ledbury - 27 New Street

27 New Street

Ring Of Bells Public House

1916 Landlord F MORGAN
1958 Landlord Mrs R SMITH
1960s Landlords Jim and Tress NOOT
2019 - June 1 Freehold For Sale
[Ledbury Ring Of Bells]
( Jimmy COOKE Collection 2019 )
Mike Rees - Great memories of Jim and Tress and the regulars that made this a great pub.

Sylvia Manns - Always a good choice for pub grub back in the late 60's/early 70's

Margaret Jenkins - What happened to Shorts Tea rooms right on the end were they demolished?

Brenda Hill - Yes many years ago go it ended up being the car park to the Ring of Bells. We had many a drinking session there after a game of cricket and doing teas for Eastnor Cricket Club. Happy Memories. Xxx

James Marsh - a sad day 🧐😓

Elaine Goodwin - Tress taught me all I needed to know about bar work - as soon as I was 18 I started there, lovely pub and customers

Stephanie Rose - Anyone have a picture of the old Police house next to the pub before the tea room/lounge replaced it? My Great grandmother was born there, Annie Tanner.

Benjamin Aldous - I used to live next door

Chris Widdows - Was my local

Andy Gurney - One of my favourite watering holes. Jim and Tress.

David Stokes - Our old dear used to have that place.annie mason.

Kate Hoare - I was introduced to Maccy Vimto in there. Only person I can remember drinking was Rev Llewellyn Jones.

Don Hemingway - Used to buy flagon of GL at the off licence hatch drink it in the bog then go to disco when I was 14

Chris Ponter - Tress's pride and joy - The Carillon Lounge

Brian Haines - Yes, vimto & crisps on the benches in the market entrance.

Linda Nussbaum-Richman - When did the pub close?? How sad!

Patrick Neal - Remember Jim and Trish Noot running it

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