Old Ledbury Church Street

Church Street

Church Street

Names sourced from Tilleys Ledbury Almanack 1958
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All Newspaper Cuttings have been taken from old Ledbury Reporter newspapers, photos are credited to the owners

South Side
U D C Surveyor's Office
British Legion Club
Walker E Old Police Station
Powell A Nether Hall Cottage
Moore E A Nether Hall
Upper Hall ( Pre 1920 )
Grammar School J L BREWIN Headmaster ( Post 1920 )
Dog Hill Wood leading to Cut Throat Lane
North Side
Furniss W A Warwick House
1 Lloyd W D
2 Williams and Cousins florists
3 Baker G H
4 Nash C S
5 Smith A
6 Bosley G
Here is Bowlers Yard
The White Hart
16 Sturge A
17 Painton W
18 Campbell W
19 Yorke Mrs
20 Smith C J
21 Hodges Mrs
22 Jessett Mrs
23 Brewer H G
24 Belcher Mrs
25 Phelps Mrs
26 Bailey R L
27 Fletcher G
Here is Ants Nest
Girls School Mrs THOMAS
Infants School Mrs THOMAS
JuniorSchool Mr FARROW date to be found

Ledbury Reporter

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Alzheimers Society

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