Old Ledbury High Street

High Street

High Street

Names sourced from Tilleys Ledbury Almanack 1958
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All Newspaper Cuttings have been taken from old Ledbury Reporter newspapers, photos are credited to the owners

East Side
Ledbury Town Hall and Market House
1 Burtons Limited - grocers - manager J Allen
2 Barnett and Sons - bakers
3 Preece E W - stationer etc
Congregational Chapel
5 Walters J T and Co - draper
6 Turner A and W - tobacconists
7 No 7 L Stanley-Smith
8 Wildman H W - ironmonger
9 Spencer F H - draper
10 Wilks - grocery store - manager A G Attwood
11 Hooper W G and Sons - electrical engineers
11a Devereux J H - greengrocer
12 Churchill H B - butcher
13 Milwards - boot warehouse - manager P D Chapman
14 Boots Ltd - chemists - manager P Simm
15 Eastmans Ltd - butchers - manager H S Cupples
16 - 17 L Tilley and Son Ltd - printers stationers bookmen etc
Sherwoods Tea Rooms
18 Sherwoods - drapers
19 Taylor F W and Son - grocers etc
19a Parkers hairdressing salon
20 W J Lacy Ltd - radio engineers
West Side
21 John Hill ( Hops ) Ltd - iron mongers
Date? Hobbs
23 Oakes and Son - tailors
Lloyds Bank Limited - manager C J Thomas
Feathers Hotel
26 Crossley L W - fishmonger
27 Thacker H - tailor
St Katherines Chapel
Ministry of National Insurance
Employment Exchange
County Courts Office
War Memorial
St Katherines Hospital
1 Lloyd G
2 Preece Mrs
3 Lawrence Miss
4 Richer Mrs
5 Lafford Mrs
6 Wheatley Miss
7 Jenkins Mrs
8 Newton Mrs
9 Brown Mrs
10 Haines Miss
11 Jones Miss
12 Jones Mrs
13 Chadd Miss
14 Smith Miss
15 Sansom Miss
16 Gardiner J J
17 Hodges Mrs
18 Carpenter Mrs
19 Causier Mrs
20 Kelly Miss
21 Mangham Mrs
22 Mason O
23 Shakesheff W
24 Worrall T

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