Old Ledbury New Street

New Street

New Street

Names sourced from Tilleys Ledbury Almanack 1958
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All Newspaper Cuttings have been taken from old Ledbury Reporter newspapers, photos are credited to the owners

North Side
3 John Hill ( Hops ) Ltd Agricultural Advisory Service
5 Shakesheff Mrs
7 Holland W J grocer
9 Gorin and Sons greengrocers
11 Gorin H fish and chip restaurant
13 Gorin and Sons tobacconists
Stokes R hairdresser
15 Ledbury Furnishing and Co Ltd
Smith CT and G H auctioneers
Steadman Dr W The Steppes
Murray J G Barn House
Here is the cattle market
- The Church Room
- The Market Cafe
- The Cattle Market
- Hopkins and Sons Garage
- Daw Mrs New Market House
Shorts Cafe
25 Short H R
Ring of Bells
29 Sandford A
31 Mitchell F
33 Baker W C
35 Davis J
37 Harris R
39 Cook C M
41 Beeston T
43 Thomas P
45 Goodchap W South View
47 Jenkins W
49 Hurdley Miss
51 Powell Mrs
53 Shotbolt G A
55 Turk Mrs
57 Stone G Outram House
59 Eager, Earle and Moore, electrical contractors
Slater C F L Wisteria Cottage
Wesley J S Orchard Leigh dentist
Farquharson Mrs Le Play House
David E I Beech Croft
Oatleys Road Junction
63 - the Little House
65 Thursfield Mrs Apple
67 Mantle W Claerwen
69 Mantle W A Pontfaen
71 Phillips T
73 Clarke Miss D Richmond Villa
75 Flower A H Rossway
77 Morgan K
79 Price W
81 Leadbetter W
83 Preece J
85 Southall M L
87 Barnett Mrs
89 Taylor O
91 Mann A J
93 Smith H M
94 Davies E
Harris A E Gasworks House
West Midlands Gas Board - Ledbury Depot
Gas Works Road
- Bankside
Player L T Laurel Villa
Badham M Hulme Cottage
97 Hollings W
99 Brookes W T
Brookes W T and Son motor engineers
Mercer W J 1 Meadow View
Gibbons Mrs 2 Meadow View
Clarke H 3 Meadow View
Gardner C 4 Meadow View
Jones Mrs The Bungalow
Clarke W P Myraville
Thompson H Cedarville
Teasdale H E Winslow
Nevinson H Belle Vue
Bingham J K Allington
Butcher Mrs Oakdene
Hickey R L Glenhurst
Ledbury A W The Old Wharf
Mowbray A W
South Side
2 Lewis Drug Stores
4 Kendalls lingerie shop
6 -
8 Jennings and Sons saddlers
10 Midlands Electricty Board
12 G Stamp Ltd bakers and confectioners
Old Talbot Inn
James R L Vine House
18 Klimeck K P watchmaker
20 Waller and Waller opticians
22 Hamblin W C
Taylors wine and spirit stores
Ledbury Farmers Ltd C C Hiscox manager
Vine Tap Inn
Gorin A H Glenmoir
Gorin W E Carrera House
King and Co sculptors
Hopkins J Linden House
Hopkins Miss Alvestone House
Hopkins and Sons motor engineers
- Iron Church ( Tin Tabernacle )
Astley C S M J Drill Hall House
- Territorial Drill Hall
Lewis F Garnstone
Haig W S Bemersyde
Williams S Beirnfields
Parmee G H Pengarth
Hall S J Badminton
Hatton Mrs Elmscroft
68 Osborn W J
70 Lane R N
Elmsdale Road Junction
Hopkins F The Elms
Bill Miss Elm Cottage
Fairfields Road Junction
Paul R 1 York Villas
Farmer Mrs 2 York Villas
Price S T electrical engineer
Price and Sons wheelwrights
The Cemetary W C Haines attendant
Ledbury Town Football Club
Biddulph Arms hotel / Full Pitcher Hotel
Ross Road Junction / Dymock Road

Ledbury Reporter

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