Old Ledbury The Southend

The Southend

The Southend

Names sourced from Tilleys Ledbury Almanack 1958
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All Newspaper Cuttings have been taken from old Ledbury Reporter newspapers, photos are credited to the owners

1 Watkins and Son bootmakers
2 Birk G R tobacconist
3 Melias and Co grocers manager K W Hooper
4 Bruton Miss Southend Tea Room
The Masonic Hall
Royal Oak Hotel
6 Morris W
7 Preece and Sons Ltd plumbers etc
8 Cale J H boot repairer
9 Price Mrs
Preece and Sons electical engineers
Preparatory School - Miss E F ROWLEY
St Johns Ambulance Headquarters
School of Domestic Economy
Youth Club dates not known yet
15 Lacy W J
16 Hughes P
Grace Doveys School Of Dancing
17 Lode Miss
18 Meakins T L
19 Hawcutt C
20 Badham Miss
21 Thorne E G and Son
Johnston Miss Dunkeld
McKean Mrs The Yews
Williams E Ivy House
25 staunton J
26 Turner Mrs
27 Hodgetts E
Baker Mrs H M Park View
Ledbury Urban and Rural District Council Accountants Office
Rural District Council Sanitary Inspectors office
Hawkes H W G Bank House
Vernon-Lloyd J Southend House
South Parade
Warren W G South Parade Cottage
M'Keone Miss St Michaels
Stickland Miss The Cottage
Burrowes Dr D The Orchard
Kimbell Rev R R Ankerdine
Pemberton Mrs Rutland Lodge
South Parade Cottages
- 34 Colwell J
- 35 Griffiths H
- 36 Wilkins P V
- 37 Penwarne H
- 38 Brace S
39 Johnston Miss
40 Featherston Rev J
Catholic Church
Willow Terrace
41 Lee Mrs
42 Mitton Mrs
43 Morris R V
Gunter-Jones E H Gloucester House
Morris Miss Gloucester house Cottage
Mabel Furlong
Sumner L R C Southmead
McIlroy G Bowling Green Cottage
Ledbury Lawn Tennis Club
Biddulph Lord Underdown
- Underdown Lodge

In the 1970s a new housing estate was built Deer Park
[Top of the Southend Photo From the Roger Baker Collection ROB118]

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