Old Ledbury Worcester Road, Ledbury

Worcester Road, Ledbury

Worcester Road, Ledbury

Names sourced from Tilleys Ledbury Almanack 1958
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South Side
Ledbury Park Co Ltd - Chapmans Ltd
Layberry Miss, Park Lodge
Hardie Dr B, Horse Lane Orchard
Robinson Miss, The Cottage
Lindner Miss, The Conigree
The Conigree Wood
Knight S T, Audley Cottage
North Side
1 Chadd Miss D A
2 Weston A, baker
3 Smith G
4 Clark Mrs
Laxton Mrs, Clarence House
6 Parker G T
Jordon E, Clifton House
Cecil H C cycle agent
Groves Dr J N, The Priory
Masefield R and C B, solicitors
Magistrates Clerks office
Hamilton Miss, Cloisters
Cabbage Lane
Ledbury Police Station
16 Wills E C Police Inspector
17 James H J
18 Joyce C
19 Jackson F A Police Sergeant
Pritchard A, Upper Hall Lodge

Ledbury Reporter

[Ledbury Reporter] The Reporter now has Archive photographs for the years 2005 - 2009 which you can view and order. Select a year then make sure Ledbury is the keyword entered before pressing GO. I have spent many an hour in the Ledbury Library looking through the old Reporters which are on microfiche. Support this great local paper.