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Tufty Club

Tufty Club

Original Tufty Club Membership Badge
You could buy your Tufty badge from the council offices in St Katherines, by carpark...SD

My brother was in that!!...CE

We used to meet where the Undertakers is now...JM

My brother Steve was a member. I've still got the knitting pattern for tuffty xx...PP

27th October - Tufty Club Welcomed By Mothers - Youngsters wearing Tufty masks accompanied by the chairman of the Ledbury UDC, Major F W JUCKES, Mr R O O'TOOLE RoSPA Organiser, Mr H BRYON, chairman of Ledbury Road Safety Committee and Mr G H PARMEE, the oldest member of the committee.
Back Row - unknown, unknown, Ada ONIONS holding Janet, Jessie GOUGH holding David, unknown, Majot JUCKES, Mr O'TOOLE, H BRYON, Mr PARMEE
Front Row - Belinda JONES, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown
Yes its me with Mum, thanks so much x..JR

Yes thats me ( Belinda Davis) remember going to tufty club...BD

You are right I think Jessie Gough what do you think mother. I remember the tufty club, 3.5 years old hell thats long time ago. Haha...DG

Yes that me and you long time ago, lovely picture of ada onions...JG

I loved tufty club. Pic is a bit before my time though!...JB

I had forgotten my grandad was involved in so many local committees (Jeff Bryon), my mum always said that's where I got it from!!...HJ

What's the saying Hilary 'Ask a busy person'!...SD

Yes, Shirley, I have come to realise over the years, that is very true x...HJ

My brother Steve was a member of the Tufty club. I have an old knitting pattern of Tufty and his friends xx...PP

I was a member x...RJ

Remember it well xx...JM

Yay . . . I was a member. But I was at The Infant School in The Homend at the time so would have been about 1962-3 when I joined?!...IM

My sister was and im sure ive still got her badge somewhere...LJ

Yes I was! Still talk about it to this day! Loved it...DA

I was a member...SC

Did mine at the police station...PM

I remember the roll-out zebra crossing...JR

Like Ismet, I was in the Tufty Club at Infant School. And here I am, 50 years later, working as a Lollipop Man!...CT

Loved tufty club x...NS

I was, with my older brother, Ian ...SRJ

I was a member, had forgotten all about it till now...JB

I was a member. Loved it...CP

I can remember going to this haha...ML

I loved Tufty too!...FP

I was member.Totally for got about Badge and Books.wonderful, But now feeling old.!!!...BW

I wonder how many of us still stop at the kerb and Look Right, Look Left and Right again ??...JM

I do! Feel a bit silly on one way streets though!...CE

Im sure I was in the Tufty Club, I still have my badge somewhere. I was only small at the time, I was later a Green Cross code badge wearer, I still have that too and somewhere my cycling proficiency badge earned in 1977...AM

Tufty Club Meeting
Back Row - Julia BRACE ?, Deena MORRIS ?, Janet ONIONS
Middle Row - unknown, Nicola MESSAM, unknown
Front Row - unknown, unknown, Pat HOWELL?

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