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Brownies and Guides

1958 - Outside the Milk Bar

[Ledbury Brownies 1958]
Back Row - PC Olly JOYCE, unknown
Front Row - unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Sandra PEAT, Dee PITT, unknown, unknown, unknown

1961 - Church Parade

[Ledbury Brownies 1961]

Ann COBB aged 10, I was tall then 3rd row from front on inside next to Barbra WILCE, Pauline TAYLOR
1st Christine RIX, 2nd row Rosmary TURNER, Unknown, Anne TAYLOR
Our Tawney owl was one of the nicest person I can not remember but sadly I cant think of her name.

1968 - Playground at Ledbury Junior School

[Ledbury Brownies 1968]

Back Row Left to right - Sylvia BLAIR, Brown Owl ( Daisy WILKINS )
2nd from Back - Beverley DAVIES, Julie HILL, Patty SILVER, Jane NEAL, Angela HILL, Lorraine POWELL, Franca MUSTAFIC
Middle- Judy ROSE, Dawn SHAKESHEFF, Rosie DIXON, Susan EVANS, Susan LISSEMAN, Sharon HOOD, Janet HOBBY
Front - Deborah STRINGER, Valerie MORRIS, Bridget DAVIS, Joanne EDGE, Angela JENKINS, Debbie COLE

Fiona, do you remember the song we used to sing in Mr Suddies. It went Kim Allsop, Caroline Mears, Fiona Penwarne, Robert Sutton. He used to get us to sing descant...TS

Can't remember that but can remember going to play and sing at the Three Counties and it was recorded for the radio. We did something about a ghost ship I think?...FP

I will never forget that little ditty...TS

In a tiny house by a tiny stream!!...JVE

I promise I will do my best, to serve my duty to god, to serve the Queen, and to help other people, and to keep the brownie guide law! does that sound right?...KD

1968 - Proficiency Badge Certificate - House Orderly

[Ledbury Brownies 1968]

This is the only badge I got when I was in Brownies. I had to make the beds at Dr BURROWES. My Aunty Eve used to mention it every time I went to see her...JE

Nice to know your aunt still remembers xx...

Aunty Eve taught me how to make a bed properly and Mrs Burrowes asked me on the day of my test where I had been trained. !!!! ...

Such lovely memories, lovely to reminisce x...

Making a bed years ago was much trickier than today, blankets, eiderdowns and bedspreads!...CE

1968 March 29th - Cutting Hereford Times ( Ledbury Edition ) Front Page

[Ledbury Brownies 1968]

Guides New look Is Still Cheerful - Presentation of the new handbooks for Brownies, Girl Guides and Ranger Guides - The rally of Girl guides and Brownies from Cradley, Colwall and Ledbury was held at Colwall Village Hall last Friday. The evening concluded with refreshments after which Finola Lady Somers ( seen in the picture ) presented the new handbooks. ' BE PREPARED '

Rose OAKES, Fiona PENWARNE, Deborah COLE, Angela JENKINS, Anne HEMMINGWAY, Debra SHIRVINGTON, Debra STRINGER, Joanne EDGE, Debbie WOLF, Fiona McILROY, Gill HAIGH, Julie HILL, Pauline LANCETT, Sally LAWRENCE, Anne TAYLOR, Yvonne BAYLEY, Hilary HOOPER, Jenny GOUGH, Christine BROWN, ...LOAD, Anne COOPER, Jane MORGAN, Dawn SHAKESHEFF, Bridget DAVIS

Not sure is that you Debbie WOLFE bottom left corner?...JE

4th in from the right looks like Fiona Mackilroy the vet's daughter...ADW

Angela is that you front row?...JE

To the left of Lady Somers as we look I think is Gill Davies was Haigh...JB

Hi Jo, is that Angela Jenkins and Julie Hill next to me to the right?...DB

I can see myself WOW. 3rd left of Lady Somers. Just in front to the left is Pauline Lancett. To the right and middleish of Lady S looks like Ann Hemingway and Sally Mustafic. Fiona Penwarne? near top left. Alsos top left ranger an older MacIlroy? Anne Taylor 4th left at the back. could be Yvonne Bayley next to her. Hilary Hooper 3rd right back row I think...JL

Yep that's me I've never seen this one before. Definitely Fiona McIlroy in front. Back row from left is that Christine Brown and then one of the Load girls? Possibly Anne Cooper back row right. Jane Morgan next to Lady Somers? Jenny you don't look at all impressed by the event!!...FP

I have not seen this picture before, can't even remember going. I thought that might be Anne Cooper and possibly Christine Brown. I probably wasn't too bothered about being there!...JL

Think thats me and Dawn Andrews in front of you Fiona,but not sure!!...BB

Looks like us Bridget!...DA

Yes that's me, next to Ann Hemingway. I don't remember the event though...SM

1969 - Grass bank at Ledbury Junior School

[Ledbury Brownies 1969]

Back Row Left to right - Deliah DAY, Rosemary WOODWARD, Carol WILLIAMS, Sylvia BLAIR
Middle Row - Jean HODGETTS, Joanne EDGE, Lorraine POWELL, Beverley DAVIES, Monica JONES, unknown, Judith HOWE, Tina WILLIAMS
Front Row - Franka MUSTAFIC, Pauline LANCETT, Briary HOOPER

1970 - Brownies at the Ledbury Guides Reunion at the Feathers Hotel

[Ledbury Brownies 1970 Reunion]

These Ledbury Brownies had a fine time at the party held in conjuction with Ledbury Girl Guides re-union celebrations.

unknown, Val MORRIS, Deborah SHIRVINGTON, Belinda HILL, Gail CORNMEADOW, Caroline SMITH, in front unknown

1965 - 1966 Ledbury Junior School

[Ledbury Guides 1965 - 1966]

Back Row Left to right - Janet/Rosemary LOAD, unknown, Ann TAYLOR, Christine BROWN, Gillian PERRY, ....BAYLEY, unknown, unknown
Middle - Fiona PENWARNE, Stephanie GUFFOGG, Jenny LAWRENCE, Hilary HOOPER, unknown, Mrs SUDIES, Janet CLARKE, Anne HEMMINGWAY, Sally LAWRENCE, Barbara SHAKESHEFF, Christine BROWN
Front - unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Anne COOPER, Faye WILKINS, unknown

1970- Ledbury Guides Reunion at the Feathers Hotel

[Ledbury Brownies 1970 Reunion]

Looking at pictures of days gone by are Judith ROSE, Bridget DAVIS. Beverley DAVIES, Dawn SHAKESHEFF, Fiona PENWARNE and Franca MUSTAFIC
They were pictured at the Ledbury Girl Guides reunion celebrations.

Thanks Ismet, great photo,don't think I have seen this before. We haven't changed much, have we Dawn, Judy,and Fiona? !!!...BB

Brilliant. I don't remember seeing this photo before either. Love the hair, Judy Baker, you haven't changed much!...B

Love the fashions!!!!! What a blast from the past - don't think I've ever seen this...FP

Sorry, Bev, missed your name out on my last comment!!...BB

I was at this reunion it was held at the Feathers Hotel...BH

Love this pic,thank you Ismet! No,we haven't changed much Bridget! Can't remember this pic tho...DA

No nor me Dawn!!...BB

Ismet Mustafic I can recognise you all still, from your current photos...IM

You're welcome Dawn...IM

Ah don't you all look sweet! x...JM

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