Local Companies
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Local Companies

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Capitol and Counties Bank
National Provincial Bank
Building Societys
Ledbury Building Society
Post Office
Ledbury Post Office
14 High Street
Free Press Newspaper
Shops / Traders
8 High Street
21 -22 High Street
3 Church Street
Masefields - Worcester Road
Address numbers needed
A Retrospect


During the week the bakers of the town rose the price of bread 1/2d. on the 41b. loaf. The Wheat crop was reported to be above the average; fruit, under average; plums, failure; roots, good; hay, much above the average ; hops, average


January 4 At the Herefordshire Quarter Sessions, Messrs. J. G. BENNETT & Co. appealed against the decision of the Ledbury Magistrates in refusing to renew the license of "The Chequers” Inn, High Street, Ledbury, but the appeal was dismissed.

February 28 At this date the wholesale wine and spirit business of Messrs. J. G. BENNETT & Co. was transferred to Messrs. IND, COOPE & Co., Burton-on-Trent.

August 10 At Ledbury Petty Sessions, application was made for the transference of the licence of The Chequers Inn, High Street, from J. G. BENNETT to H. BRIERLEY, of Kidderminster, but the application was refused, and the house has not been opened as licensed premises since.


January 19 Mr. J. E BALLARD, grocer, relinquished business.

May 5 Messrs. WALKER & DRINKWATER, butchers, dissolved partnership. Number needed for The Homend

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