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James Charles Archibold HEWITT

( 1837 - 1910 )

James Charles Archibald HEWITT was born on 17 March 1837. He was the son of Rev. Hon. John Pratt HEWITT and Elizabeth GERVAIS. He married Jane Harvey ANDREW, daughter of Zaccheus ANDREW, on 18 May 1870. He died on 23 October 1910 at age 73. He gained the rank of officer in the 24th Foot. He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.) of Herefordshire. He held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.) for Herefordshire.

Ella Charlotte b. 9 Feb 1872, d. 8 Aug 1884, Harald Charles Harvey b. 15 May 1873, d. 31 May 1936, John Wilfred b. 29 May 1876, d. 12 Aug 1946, Kathleen Susanna Jane b. 16 Nov 1878, d. 29 Oct 1936, Cecil James b. 31 Jan 1882, d. 23 May 1951

Chronological extracts from Ledbury TILLEY's Almanacks - Photographs & Memories

February 23 Mr. C.W. STEPHENS was re-elected, unopposed, for the County Council for Ledbury Urban, and Mr. C. A. HEWITT for Ledbury Rural.


August 31 Mr. and Mrs. HEWITT entertained the Union Children at Hope End.


April 22 Mr. C. A. HEWITT re-elected Chairman of the Board of Guardians after 25 years service.


April 21 Mr. C. A. HEWITT re-elected Chairman of the Board of Guardians and the Rural District Council.


April 19 Annual Meeting Ledbury Board of Guardians; Mr. HEWITT re-elected Chairman after 26 years’ service.

November 15 Mr. C. A. HEWITT presented by Board of Guardians and Rural District Council with his portrait, which now hangs in the Board-room.


April 25 Mr HEWITT re-elected Chairman of the Board of Guardians and Rural District Council for the 27th year.


April 23 Mr. C. A. HEWITT re-elected Chairman of the Board of Guardians and Rural District Council. Mr. W. L. PRITCHETT re—elected Vice-Chairman.


March 3 Herefordshire Triennial County Council Elections. Ledbury Rural (to fill vacancy caused by the retirement of Mr. C. A. HEWITT).

April 2 Disastrous fire at Hope End, the late Mr. C. A. HEWITT, owner and occupier. The mansion almost entirely gutted. Damage estimated at over £20,000, only partly covered by insurance.

October 23 Mr. James Archibald Charles HEWITT (Hope End), died, aged 75.

October 25 Gloucester Citizen Newspaper Extract

The death took place rather suddenly on Sunday, at the age of 75, of Mr. Charles Archibald HEWITT, deputy-lieutenant for the county of Hereford, at New Court, Colwall, whither he went to reside last May, after his mansion, Hope End, Ledbury was destroyed by fire.

Ever since the Herefordshire County Council was formed Mr. HEWITT has been a member. He was chairman of the Ledbury Bench of magistrates, a position he had occupied for thirty years. he was deputy-lieutenant for Herefordshire, and for nearly forty years was chairman of the Ledbury Board of Guardians.

He was much interested in church matters and the temperance movement, and took some part in Conservative politics. He leaves an invalid widow, two sons, and a daughter.

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