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A Retrospect


January 10 the Rev. A. W. CHATFIELD, vicar of Much Marcle, died at the age of 87.

January 24 Mr. William BROWN grocer, Ledbury, died aged 58 years.


May 24 Mr. Frank RICARDO, of Bromesberrow Place, died at Bure Homage, Hants.

May 26 Mr. RICARDO’S sister died.


January 18 Mrs. Mary RIDLEY, of New Town, died at the age of 80.

May 12 Mr. G. A. SUTER, late of High Street, Ledbury, died at the age of 69.

June 30 Mr. William S. BLUNSDON, who was for 12 years Superintendent of Police at Ledbury, died at the age of 75 years.

July 9 The death of Mr. Tom COMLEY, late of The New Inn, Ledbury, occurred at Dymock, at the age of 67.

July 28 Mr. Miles A. WOOD, sen., died at his residence, Orchardleigh, Ledbury, at the ripe age of 91.

September 23 Andrew BOSLEY died suddenly, at the age of 72.


April 4 Mr. J. S. DAWE, the Hazel, died, aged 49 years.

April 13 Mr. Benjamin BRIGHT, Colwall, died, aged 77 years.

September 11 Mr. Richard BOURNE (late of The Bellamy), died, aged 82 years.


January 22 Queen Victoria died at 6.30 p.m. Muffled peals on the Church bells.

January 24 Mr. Josiah HARDING, Ledbury, died, aged 80.

February 25 Death of Miss Mary Elizabeth GREGG, of Ledbury, aged 68.

May 15 Death of Mr. Thomas Tempest MEATES of Colwall, aged 46.

May 26 Death of Mr. James WARD, Mainstone, aged 60 years.

August 24 Death of Mrs. AYSCOUGH at Cradley Rectory at the age of 62.

August 25 Sir Joseph PULLEY, Baronet, died at Lower Eaton, at the age of 78.

October 1 Mr. J .V. MUTLOW, Plaistow Farm (late of Ledbury) died, aged 85 years.

October 23 Death of the Rev. John WINTER, Rector of Tarrington, aged 82 years.

December 1 Death of Lord BATEMAN, Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire, aged 75.

December 6 Mr. W. DINGLEY died, aged 81.


February 14 Mr. John KING, the Southend, died, aged 76.

March 2 Mr. Thomas DUCKHAM, formerly M.P. for Herefordshire, died, aged 86.

November 19 Mr. W. MANTON, auctioneer, of Ledbury, died after a long illness, aged 55 years.
07 01 1905 - Source Lynne ROBINSON
It is with deep regret that we have to chronicle the death of yet another Ledburian, namely, Mr Harry PEDLINGHAM, painter and decorator of 3, New Market Street, the sad event taking place at his residence on Sunday night a few minutes past 11'o'clock, at the age of 5?.
Deceased had been ill for but a short period, and the news of his decease came as a shock to many of his friends, who had no idea he was even ill.On the Friday before Christmas he complained of being unwell, but recovered in a day or two, and seemed alright again on Christmas Day. The next day, Boxing Day, he went hunting after viewing the meet of the Ledbury Hounds at the Upper Cross, and later after dinner, went to the football match on the Happy Land ground. On Tuesday, however, he was again unwell and took to his bed in the evening. During the week Dr HARRISON was called in and pronounced him to be suffering from influenza. Other complaints ensued, his heart being very weak, and on Sunday he gradually sank, and became unconscious in the evening, passing peacefully away as stated.
Deceased was born in Ledbury, and was the fourth son of the late Mr and Mrs SAM PEDLINGHAM. He had been in business for upwards of 30 years, although he never aspired to be a big tradesman, he had a good connection with the district. He was not what may be termed as a public man, although he took the keenest interest in the affairs of the town, and for a short period was a member of the Urban Council, but did not continue in office. Deceased was an ardent Tariff Reformer, and a conservative in politics and for many years up to his decease a member of Ledbury Reading Room and Library. He was of a cheerful disposition, and fond of an argument, and was highly respected by all who knew him.
Deceased leaves a widow and 10 children ( four sons and six daughters) to mourn his loss,towards whom much sympathy is extended. With the exception of two however , a girl of 8 and a boy of 11, the family is grown up, and three of the sons and two of the daughters are married.
The internment took place yesterday ( Friday) at Ledbury Cemetary at 12.30pm, the Rector ( the Rev. Preb. MADDISON GREEN) officiated.
1914 November 7 ( Ledbury Guardian Newspaper )
DEATH - November 2 George GARRETT, Lower Court, Ashperton, aged 53 years.
1961 April 7 - ( Ledbury Reporter )
JAMES Clara, St. Ives, Newbury Park, Ledbury, widow of Charles JAMES, late of Cradley, passed peacefully away at Ledbury Cottage Hospital, March 31,1961.
ROBINSON Edith Elizabeth, wife of George and youngest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs John SOUTH, late of Eastnor and Ledbury, passed peacefully away at her home on March 28, 1961 , age 84.

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