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Golf Links Conigree Wood ( Near The Fairy Glen )

A Retrospect


March 14 Ledbury Golf Club wound up.
Date Unknowns - Golf Links
[Ledbury Golf Club]
( Mike PAUL Collection )
Back Row unknown, unknown
Front Row Unknown, Reginald PAUL, unknown, unknown
( 2014 March )
Jack Gittings - There was a golf course up near The Fairy Glen behind Hill Farm on Eastnor Estate I know that Stan Brookes and Jack Oakes were members, can't remember any of the others, but I was only about 10 at the time. Jack.

Raymond Edge - Cheers Jack always wondered why they called it the links. Was he called Yorkie and his two dogs lived up here. Always in the White Hart!! Roger help us out again. Keep those pictures coming please.

Pauline Preedy - Yes you're right Ray, it was Yorkie xx
1930s - Golf Links Conigree Wood ( Near The Fairy Glen )
[Ledbury Golf Club]
( Brenda HILL ( Davis ) Collection 2014 )
Back Row unknown, unknown, unknown, Dickie TURNER, Harry DEVEREAUX, Jack HOPKINS
Middle Row Jack OAKES, Horace TAYLOR, unknown, unknown, Jane OAKES, unknown, Cecil HOPKINS
Front Row Seated Unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown

1897 - 1980 A Retrospect Tilleys Almanacks - Herefordshire History
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