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Bye Street

A Retrospect


January 13 Rev. Dennis HIRD, Rector of Eastnor, delivered his lecture (the title of which had been the cause of much criticism) on "Jesus, the Socialist," in the Mission Hall.

November 5 Ledbury Poultry and Pigeon Society held their first annual show in the the Mission Hall, the affair being a complete success.


March 18 In the evening the Rev. C. Y. POTTS (who had recently been elected chairman of the Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, embracing North Somerset, Congregational Union) delivered a lecture in the Mission Hall, on “The Reformation in England."

June 10 Lady Henry SOMERSET opened a successful Sale of Work in aid of "Our Own Missionaries,” in the Mission Hall.

June 21 The Queen's Diamond Jubilee was celebrated with much rejoicing in Ledbury. The Volunteers fired a fue de joie on Dog Hill, at 8 am; at 11 there was a procession of all the public bodies in the town, accompanied by all the school children, being headed by the Worcester Excelsior Band. At the Market Place the National Anthem was sung, and the children sang "God bless the Prince of Wales" After cheers had been given for the Queen the procession wended its way to the Pound Meadow where a long programme of athletic Sports was carried out. At one o’clock there was a dinner of hot roast beef, vegetables and plum puddings for old folks over 60, in the Mission Hall, and all the children sat down to tea in the afternoon around tables erected in High street. In the evening there was a monster bonfire on Bradlow Knoll. All the streets were gaily decorated, and prizes were given for the best three, viz.: The Capital and Counties, 30/-; D & M. BADCOCK, 20/-: Messrs. MAYO & Co., 10/-.

November 18 Lady Henry SOMERSET opened a Sale of Work in the Mission Hall, in aid of the Wesleyan Circuit Funds.


February 11 Lady Henry SOMERSET gave an account of the Duxhurst Farm Colony at the Mission Hall. Ledbury.

April 14 The Easter Vestry meeting was held, when Mr. S H. BICKHAM was re-elected Churchwarden, and Mr. C. H. BASTOW was appointed in the place of the late Mr. Edward MADDISON.

April 14 The Vestry Meeting which was adjourned in the morning was resumed in the Mission Hall, for the purpose of publicly presenting the Rector (Rev. Preb. MADDISON GREEN) with a silver salver and an elegant album, containing the names of the subscribers, as a recognition of his services in the successful restoration of the Parish Church.

May 23 A largely attended public meeting was held in the Mission Hall, presided over by Lady Henry SOMERSET, at which a resolution in favour of Sunday Closing was carried unanimously.

October 17 The first of a series of Temperance Meetings was held at the Mission Hall, presided over by Lady Henry SOMERSET.


March 15 Congregational Social Evening at Mission Hall

October 7 Harvest Thanksgiving Service at Mission Hall.


March 29 The Rev. Henry S. SANDERS’S address on “The Life of Christ," at the Mission Hall.

1915 - Inside the hall
[Ledbury Mission Hall]
( Chris PONTER Collection )
( 2013 March )
Laura Jones - do u know i never went in there

Chip Andrew Bryon - Is that the corrugated iron building, as was ? Interesting

Jo Edge - Chip Andrew Bryon Yes it is, Im interested in this as I think some of my family tree were members of the church. Have you some photos?

Judy Baker - Amazing to see inside passed it everyday.

Monica Imms - My mum used to call it "The Tin Tabernacle" and she "signed the pledge" (not to drink alcohol) there when very young! I've never seen a picture of the inside before, so very interesting.

Hilary Hilsy Williams-Jones - very different these days Chris and was my place of work for a few years, altered to its present use as a funeral home in 2001

Pauline Preedy - I remember going to Sunday school here and Robert Williams and Chris Clarke were there. We used to sing My cups full and running over and make gestures with our hands, long time ago xxxx

Judy Presley - used to go to Sunday school there. I am sure to why I went there was something to do with Bobby baker who at that time was a friend of my dads, I think he used to clean there but not sure. I can remember being on the right side of the building singing. If I remember rightly I think I went with some of Barbra Mills girls .

Judy Baker - Interesting Judy funny what memories we have.

Laura Jones - Was that bobby baker aka bobby breadknife? dad told me he used to live with his mum dont know where his dad was and he used to carry a breadknife to protect his mum he lived in lawn side road for years lovely man used to stop and chat but i know he went in a home another ledbury character doubt hes still alive any more

( 2010 April )
Sue Weatherhill - Knew it as the Apostolic church, now Dawe Bros. Funeral directors.
1916 - The Mission Hall ( undenominational )
Under the management of Miss BERKLEY, Bye Street.
Meetings every evening except Monday. Sunday - Bible Class at 3 pm, Childrens Service at 6 pm, Service for adults 8 pm
Mission Hall built by Lady Henry SOMERSET

1897 - 1980 A Retrospect Tilleys Almanacks - Herefordshire History
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