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Chapmans Chat Magazine

Chapmans Chat Magazine

Thanks to Sylvia DAVIS who has sent in these 8 Chapmans Chat Magazines for scanning.

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On the subject of Chapmans, when I worked there we printed a magazine called "Chapmans Chat". It was all about the company and the staff. Lots of photos and newsy bits...SYD

Jamie Loverdge Seen a few of them around the house from when my Dad worked there!!

Sylvia DAVIS ooh love them, you know what im going to ask next. Can I scan them please!!!!!...JM

I was hoping you'd offer.Quite an epic task!..SYD

Those will be funny!...SD

I see the magazine second down from the left has the article for which I have the front page only for. Fingers crossed it contains the centre pages of the newspaper report...JM

I imagine there are a fair few pictures of Chapmans floating around from the days they did the Catalog photos, Kays etc im sure it was for...SD

My Mum, Ron Underwood, Anna Barber-Starkey nee Morris. Phil and Sandie Caffull, Jim Baker, also looks like Colin McCarthy and I can't quite make out the others...SJ

Helen can you make out the others x...SJ

Yes Jo the magazine does have the centre pages. And a far as I know all magazines are complete although some have more pages than others. And Sam it's a real blast from the past!...SYD

Can't wait to see these...JB

I have photos somewhere of the family fun days they used to do. It was a fab place to work. I wonder how many families worked there and also the couples that met and married whilst working there...SJ

Sam not sure as I can't see that clearly but I think it's Mary Mcarthy in the middle of the three ladies and the pic above not sure it could be Paul Allen? X...HW

I met Duncan at Chapman's. 30 years married in april!...SYD

Soon be able to put my wedding photo on old Ledbury lol...SYD

Well Geoff and Martin Notley were there as a father and son team - not sure about Paul?...SD

Shirley and Pam Dalley too..SD

Yes Paul worked there as well...ED

Christine JAMES is my mum, now WILLIAMS, she has that picture of her at home ...AW

I can remember being in the Chapmans chat when i did a sponsored slim. I don't know if you have that one Sylvia. If you do can you please post it on here. Cheers. I think everyone would agree with me when i say that it was a great company to work for...JH

Yes Jolyon I think I did see something of s sponsored slim. Jo has taken the magazine's so I'm sure there will be lots of things soon. I think she will scan them in page for page...SYD

Thanks Sylvia...JH

OOh Ive had fun reading through the mags this evening. Thank You. The profiles were good. Will hopefully start on them the weekend and post as I go along...JM

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