Old Ledbury The EDGE Family

The Edge Family Tree


William EDGE [EDGE FamilyTree] married
Charlotte THOMAS [THOMAS FamilyTree] ( 1923 )
( 2 Oaklands Terrace, Cilfynydd - 1929 )
they had 2 children
Julia [EDGE FamilyTree] and Dennis
The family moved to ( 84 Cilfynydd Road, Cilfynydd - 19.. )
Denzil Ernest DAVIS [HOLDEN FamilyTree] married
Minnie HOLDEN [HOLDEN FamilyTree] ( 1920 )
( 103 Bridge Street - 1921 )
they had 7 children
Evelyn, Phyllis, Denzil Thomas, George
Audrey, Kathleen, Jose
The family moved to ( 29 Oatleys Road - 1937 )


Dennis James EDGE [EDGE FamilyTree] married Audrey DAVIS [DAVIS FamilyTree] ( 9 Longacres - 1952 )
they had 3 children
Joanne [EDGE FamilyTree] ( 1958 ) Raymond [EDGE FamilyTree] ( 1955 ) Denise [EDGE FamilyTree]( 1953 )
The EDGE Family moved to ( 18 Longacres - 1976 )
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Ledbury Reporter

[Ledbury Reporter] The Reporter now has Archive photographs for the years 2005 - 2009 which you can view and order. Select a year then make sure Ledbury is the keyword entered before pressing GO. I have spent many an hour in the Ledbury Library looking through the old Reporters which are on microfiche. Support this great local paper.

Alzheimers Society

[Alzheimers Society] The leading UK care and research charity for people with this disease and other dementias, their families and carers. When mum was first diagnosed this site was a great help.


[Ancestry] Discover your family history and build a family tree with the world's largest genealogy website. This is where I have my Family Tree stored.