Old Ledbury PONTER Family

The Ponter Family

The Ponter Family

Back Row - Muriel, Ray, Stella, Ken
Front Row Dad Trevor, Grandad James, Eileen, Gran Esther, Godfrey
Trevor was born at No 25 Oatleys Road but moved to No 20 Oatleys Terrace shortly after he was born
Photo Chris PONTER
The Ponter kids out for a rare treat, Sunday tea at Dr TROTTERS in New Street. Trevor sat on the ground the smallest
Dr TROTTER was the Ledbury doctor in the 30s. Trevors mum worked for Dr TROTTER as his cleaner, this photo was taken at a party he and his wife put on for the kids as a treat
Photo Chris PONTER
Early 1920s
New Mills Ledbury - James Partridge Corn Miller and Dealer
Great Grandad James PARTRIDGE sat in chair, Great Gran next to the right
Grandad ( Mums dad ) stood in front of her in the dark suit
Great Grandad James PARTRIDGE had his own mill business at 19 years of age
He owned Aston Mill at Lea, Ross on Wye before moving to Ledbury
The house on the Hereford Road roundabout is still there behind the trees
The mill was demolished some years ago, but the mill race is still there if you know where to look
Photo Chris PONTER

Ledbury Reporter

[Ledbury Reporter] The Reporter now has Archive photographs for the years 2005 - 2009 which you can view and order. Select a year then make sure Ledbury is the keyword entered before pressing GO. I have spent many an hour in the Ledbury Library looking through the old Reporters which are on microfiche. Support this great local paper.

Alzheimers Society

[Alzheimers Society] The leading UK care and research charity for people with this disease and other dementias, their families and carers. When mum was first diagnosed this site was a great help.


[Ancestry] Discover your family history and build a family tree with the world's largest genealogy website. This is where I have my Family Tree stored.