Temperance Union
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Temperance Union

The temperance movement is a social movement against the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Participants in the movement typically criticize alcohol intoxication or promote complete abstinence from alcohol (teetotalism), and its leaders emphasize alcohol's negative effects on people's health, personalities and family lives. Typically the movement promotes alcohol education and it also demands the passage of new laws against the sale of alcohol, either regulations on the availability of alcohol, or the complete prohibition of it.
A Retrospect


January 22 In the evening Lady Elizabeth BIDDULPH presided over the annual meeting of the Ledbury Temperance Union at the Town Hall.


March 11 The Bishop of Hereford addressed a large meeting (under the auspices of the Church of England Temperance Society), in the Royal Hall, when an adult branch of the society was formed.

December 6 During the week, a successful Temperance Mission was held in Ledbury and Eastnor. Lady Henry SOMERSET, Rev. Henry S.SANDERS, Rev. C. Y. POTTS, and Mr. BRAMBLEY (Bristol), being amongst the speakers.


January 12 Lady Henry SOMERSET opened a Cake and Apron Sale at the Town Hall, at the initiative of Lady Elizabeth BIDDULPH, in aid of the funds of the Ledbury Temperance Union, of which Lady Elizabeth is President.

October 17 The first of a series of Temperance Meetings was held at the Mission Hall, presided over by Lady Henry SOMERSET.


November 5 Annual Meeting of Temperance Union at Town Hall.

December 6 Cake and Apron Sale opened at Town Hall by Lady Agneta MONTAGU in aid of the Funds of the Ledbury Temperance Union and the Mission to Hop-pickers. Proceeds £42.


March 7 Temperance Conference at the Barrett Browning Institute.

March 30 Opening of the series of Temperance Reform Meetings in the Town Hall, by Mr. A. J. PREECE, Grand Lodge Special Missioner.

July 10 British Women’s Temperance Association Summer School opened at Eastnor Castle.

October 17 Annual Meeting Ledbury Temperance Union at Town Hall.

November 2 Saturday Night Popular Entertainments started by the Ledbury Temperance Union at the Town Hall.

February 24 Public Meeting at the Town Hall to consider the Government Temperance Bill.
November 13 Annual Meeting of the Ledbury Temperance Union at the Town Hall.

November 27 Public Meeting of the Church of England Temperance Society at the Town Hall: Addresses by Rev. H. SOMERS COCKS and Mr. Eardley WILMOT, R.N.

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