Old Ledbury - World War One in Ledbury - Births, Marriages and Deaths

World War One in Ledbury - Births, Marriages and Deaths

World War One Births, Marriages and Deaths

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 01-08-1914
Wedding of Albert Parsons JENKINS and Lilian Florence JAMES - Ledbury Catholic Church
On Tuesday a pretty wedding was solemnised at the Roman Catholic Church, Ledbury. The contracting parties being Mr. Albert Parsons JENKINS, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs Henry JENKINS, Bridge Street, Ledbury and Miss Lilian Florence JAMES, fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. JAMES, of Woodleigh Road, Ledbury. Both parties are well known and highly esteemed in the town, and the wedding naturally attracted great interest. The Rev. F.C. LYNCH officiated and the service was fully choral. The bride who was given away by her brother Mr. F. A. JAMES, was prettily dressed in a dress of grey whipcord, trimmed with silk, she wore a hat to match with lancer plumes and orange blossom. She carried a beautiful bouquet, composed of white geraniums, carnations and sweet peas, and wore a gold chain and pendant, the gift of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were Miss Anne EDWARDS and Miss Gladys JAMES, both of whom were becomingly attired in navy blue costumes and wore hats trimmed with black velvet and cerise lancer plumes. They carried bouquets of sweet peas the gifts of the bridegroom. The best man was Mr. H. DEVEREUX. As the bridal party assembled the organist (MR. H. DOWN) played suitable airs. The ceremony was followed by the Benediction and as the party left the church Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" was played. After the ceremony a reception was held at the residence of the bride and the company present numbered about 30. Mr H DAVIS, of Newent (uncle of the bride) supplied the carriages. Later in the day the newly wedded pair left for their house in Donnington. They were the recipients of a number of useful and handsome presents, of which the following is a list.

Mother of the bride, household linen and furniture
Mother of the bridegroom, sitting room table
Father of the bridegroom, set of garden tools
Bride's gift to bridegroom, arm chair
Sir Arthur FANSHAWE, Admiral of the Fleet, tea service
Mrs A MADDOX, set of ware
Mrs G and Mrs J DAVIS, copper kettle
Miss EDWARDS, overmantle
Mr F JUCKES, oil painting
Mr H DEVEREUX, picture
Mr and Mrs F A JAMES, eiderdown
Mr and Mrs GW SUTER, white Marcella quilt
Mrs MASTERSTON, salad bowl
Mrs CROAD, set of willow fruit plates
Mrs F JONES, dessert knives
Miss F JENKINS, lamp
Mr and Mrs M SMITH, kettle
Miss G JAMES, fitted hand bag
Mrs A WATKINS, pair of sheets
Mrs T DANCE, cheque
Miss A JENKINS, glass jug
Mr and Mrs MARSHALL, silver tea spoons
Miss Rose JENKINS, water bottle
Miss JENKINS, brass fire irons
Mrs B LAWRENCE (Birmingham), table cover
Miss CAIN, set of vases
Miss Vera MASTERSTON, pair of ornaments
Mrs R HENLEY, set of brushes and duchess set
Mr and Mrs B PALMER, tray
Mr R PALMER, silver mounted walking stick
Roman Catholic Church, Mother Superior and Sisters, picture
Mr and Mrs J POWELL, tea spoons
Mr and Mrs W PREECE, cake stand
Mrs M THOMAS, ornaments
Mr and Mrs SMITH (Canada), cheque
Mr E JENKINS, clock
Mr RUSSELL, silver butter dish
Miss R DAVIS, photo in gilt frame
The Rev. F.C. LYNCH, crucifix with silver candlesticks
Congregation at Catholic Church, set of cutlery
Miss D LAWRENCE, tea spoons
Misses Mabel and Lily LEE, jardiniere
Mrs LEE, duchess set
Mrs J GOODWIN, toilet cloth, etc.
Miss COOPER, photo frame
Mrs DUNCOMB, glass dishes
Miss A HODGES, duchess set
Mr and Mrs THORP, tea pot
Mr H JAMES, set of jugs
Mrs A DAVIS, cheese dish
Mrs WORKMAN, cruet
Mrs W HUNT silver tea pot
Mrs H DAVIS, cushions
Mrs W STEPHENS, silver-mounted vases
In Canada last month a third daughter of Mr and Mrs JAMES, married Mr Arthur SMITH, third son of Rev. Joseph SMITH formerly of Hornby, Yorkshire.

Kington Reporter Newspaper 08-08-1914
SMITH - August 4, at Ledbury Union, John SMITH, aged 52 years

Mrs PARRY and FAMILY desire to return their sincere THANKS for the many expressions of sympathy received during their recent bereavement; also for the beautiful floral tributes. Newbury Park, Ledbury, August 5, 1914

Kington Reporter Newspaper 15-08-1914
We regret to inform the death of Mr. Henry MORGAN of Stratherne, Newbury Park, Ledbury, which took place at his residence on Tuesday afternoon at the age of 72 years. Mr MORGAN had of late led a very retired life and twelve months ago was taken very ill, but rallied for a time. More recently he had been in a very precarious state of health and was in his garden on Monday, but on Tuesday, the morning of his death his condition became worse. and he spoke quite calmly to his family and friends saying that he feared he was dying. An hour later he passed away. Drs HARRISON and MCKEAN were his medical attendants. Mr. MORGAN leaves a widow (who for some years has been in failing health), and three sons, all of whom hold responsible positions in the Poor Law services.
The late Mr. Henry MORGAN was a native of Hereford and started life as a schoolmaster. In 1872 he came to Ledbury, and Mr. and Mrs. MORGAN were appointed Master and Matron of Ledbury Union Workhouse, joint offices which they held uninterruptedly until towards the end of 1907 when they resigned due to Mrs MORGAN's ill-health. The resignation was presented to the board at their meeting on October 22nd 1907, and warm tributes were paid at that meeting and at a subsequent meeting when Mr. and Mrs MORGAN were made the recipients of a testimonial from members of the Board, to their excellent care to the inmates of the House and the capable manner in which they had managed the institution. Mr. and Mrs MORGAN retired on a pension and since that time have resided at Strathearn, Newbury Park.
Mr MORGAN was for some years a member and hon. secretary of the Old Ledbury Choral Society and on May 8 1879 was presented with a timepiece by members of the society. He was the first secretary of and prime mover in the formation of Ledbury Freehold Land and Building Society, which has left such a mark on modern Ledbury. He retired from the secretary of Ledbury some time ago and was subsequently appointed a director, an ? he held up to the time of his death.
Mr. MORGAN was an active Freemason, and locally was regarded as the brethren of the craft as the father of the local lodge, the Eastnor Lodge, of which he had been Worshipful Master. He also held the office of Provincial Grand Senior Warden.
For many years Mr. MORGAN held the office of hon. secretary of old Ledbury Horticultural Society and when the society was resuscitated some years ago was elected Chairman of the Committee until the last year of it's existence when the condition of his health neccessitated and his retirement.
All projects that had for their aim in the improvement or benefit of the town of Ledbury and it's inhabitants always received his strong support, and he did a large amount of voluntary work untill increasing years compelled his retirement from public life.
On retiring from his public office as Master of the Ledbury Union, Mr. MORGAN sought election as a member of the Ledbury Urban District Council and in 1903 in one of the biggest fights recorded in an Urban Council Election, was elected a member. He was re-elected without opposition in 1911, but last spring retired and did not seek re-election.
In politics, Mr. MORGAN was an ardent worker for the Conservative cause and took a leading part in registration work for many years. He was a member of the local branch of the South Herefordshire Unionist Association, and a member of the Ledbury and District Lodge of the National Conservative League. He was a strong Churchman and had filled the office of sidesman at Ledbury Parish Church for many years.
The funeral is fixed for today (Friday), leaving the house at 2:30 pm.

MORGAN - August 11, at Strathern, Newbury Park, Ledbury, Henry MORGAN, aged 72 years.

PHELPS - In ever loving memory of dear Mother, who fell asleep August 11th 1913.
Not gone from memory, not gone from love, But gone to her Father's home above.
From her loving husband and Children.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 15-08-1914
It is with genuine regret that we record the death of Mr. Henry MORGAN, which took place at his residence Strathearn, Newbury Park, Ledbury, on Tuesday at the age of 72 years. The late Mr MORGAN was one of the oldest inhabitants of the town and was held in high esteem and regard by the public generally. By his death, Ledbury loses one of its most useful and valued townsmen, and his demise will be greatly deplored. About 12 months ago, Mr MORGAN was taken ill but rallied for a time. Of late he had been very unwell. He was in his garden on Monday and on Tuesday morning he spoke quite calmly to the members of his family and friends, saying that he feared he was dying. He was advised to stay in bed but this he refused to do, and in the afternoon he passed away. He was attended by Drs. McKEAN and HARRISON. Deceased was a native of Hereford and before coming to Ledbury in 1872, he held a scholastic appointment. For 36 years he was master of the Ledbury Workhouse and retired from that position on May 8, 1908. On his retirement he was presented by the Ledbury Guardians with a purse of gold and an illuminated address. He was a Past Grand Master of the Eastnor Lodge of Freemasons and held the position of Prov Grand Senior Warden. The Eastnor Lodge of Freemasons at the time of the Masonic Festival, made an interesting presentation to the deceased. For some years he was secretary of the Ledbury Choral Society and upon his retirement in May 1879, he was presented with a handsome clock. He held a number of public offices in Ledbury, his rise counsel and foresight being of great assistance to the town generally. For many years he was hon. secretary to the old Ledbury Horticultural Society. He assisted in a great measure in the establishment of the Ledbury Freehold Building Society, and was for some years its secretary, He gave up the secretaryship in 1904, but remained one of the directors of the society in connection with the building of the Barrett-Browning Institute, with which he closely identified himself, being one of the trustees of the management.
The deceased was a member of the Ledbury Urban Council for six years, being elected third on the poll six years ago and on his election three years afterwards he was returned unopposed. Last year he did not seek re-election on account of failing health. During his tenure of office he took an active interest in all necessary improvements to the town, especially in regard to the paving of the streets. He was a staunch Conservative and assisted very largely in registration work; in religion he was an ardent Churchman, and filed the office of sidesman for a considerable period at the Ledbury Parish Church. Deceased was 72 years of age, and leaves a widow (who is in failing health), and three sons, all of whom hold responsible positions in the Poor Law Service. When deceased retire from the Mastership of the Union he was succeeded by his son, Ernest, whose wife became matron. He did not, however remain in the position long, removing to a larger Union in the same capacity.

Kington Reporter Newspaper 22-08-1914
Death of Decima CRADDOCK
It is with feeling of the deepest regret that we this week record the death of Mrs Decima CRADDOCK, wife of Mr James Ernest CRADDOCK, of Highbridge and the Hazle Mill, Ledbury, which took place with startling suddeness at Highbridge on Friday night last, at the age of 42 years. Mrs CRADDOCK had enjoyed uniformly good health, with the exception of an attack of rheumatic fever some years ago, though of late she had complained of feeling run down, but there was nothing in her condition to cause alarm. On Friday she appeared to be in her usual health, but in the afternoon she had a sudden seizure. Dr McKEAN was called in, but despite all that medical skill could do, she passed away as stated.
Mrs CRADDOCK was the youngest daughter of the late Mr George NUTT, of Sawberry Hill Farm, Bromyard, and has been married to Mr CRADDOCK over 20 years. She leaves a family of four children, the eldest of whom is a daughter of 17 years of age and the other three children are boys, the youngest being seven years of age. Mr CRADDOCK is well known in the district, and the utmost sympathy has been expressed with him and his family in their sudden and deep bereavement. He is Deputy-Master of the Ledbury and District Lodge of the National Conservative League, a member of Ledbury Urban District Council, and the Ledbury Rural Parish Council, and a member of the Committee of the Ledbury Ploughing Society.
CRADDOCK - August 14th, at Highbridge, Ledbury, Decima, the dearly beloved wife of James Ernest CRADDOCK, and youngest daughter of George NUTT, of Sawberry Hill Farm, Bromyard, aged 42 years.

Mr. J. E. CRADDOCK desires to express, on behalf of himself and family, their sincere and heartfelt THANKS to their many friends for the kind expressions of sympathy in their sad and sudden bereavement.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 19-09-1914
ANSELL - September 15, at Ledbury Cottage Hospital, Harry ANSELL, aged 35.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 26-09-1914
HEATH - September 2, William Charles HEATH, of Ledbury, aged 34.

Death of John TANNER
We regret to announce the death, which occurred suddenly from heart failure of Dr. TANNER, of 8. Glenmore Road, Belsize Park, and formerly of Queen Anne Street, S. W., which saw event, took place in his 79th year on the 8th inst., to the great sorrow of a large circle of friends, by whom he was held in the highest regard and esteem for his gentility and kindly disposition. Dr. TANNER, who formerly practised in Ledbury with his uncle, the late Dr. John TANNER, and was well known and highly respected in Herefordshire and Gloucester circles had been totally blind for the past five years, and was the author of many medical books which are now recognised as standard works. The holder of several degrees, he had been consulting physician to many hospitals and institutions, and had been a long and ardent worker, especially to the Farringdon General Dispensary and Lying-in Charity, to which he was honorary consulting physician. The committee of this institution hastily convened a meeting to pass a vote of condolence with the family, of Dr. TANNER. An old member of St. Andrew's University Club, he had often occupied the chair at its, meetings and functions - a position only bestowed upon eminent and well-known men. The after-dinner speeches of Dr. TANNER were always a source of attraction to all present, his great knowledge tempered with wit being most interesting. He entered the livery of the Barbers' Company in 1877 and was admitted to the Court in 1898, being master in H. M. King Edward VII.'s Coronation year (1901). He was presented at Court by the late Sir Charles Hutton GREGORY. Dr. TANNER formerly was a very active politician and for several years was chairman of the Southwark Conservative Association, being invited to contest the district in the Parliamentary interest on no less than three occasions, which however, was declined. It is generally acknowledged though that the return of Sir Edward CLARKE as M.P. for Southwark was only brought about through the influence and powerful advocacy of Dr. John TANNER. He was also for many years a political colleague of Sir William Purdie TRELOAR, Bart.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 01-10-1914
We regret to announce the death of our old townsman, Mr. Luke TILLEY, who passed away on September 30th, at Sunnyside, Newbury Park, Ledbury, at the age of 75 years. Mr. TILLEY had suffered from heart trouble for some years, for which Dr. McKEAN had successfully treated him, but his final collapse was undoubtedly caused, in the first place, by the war.
Mr. Luke TILLEY was one of seven sons of the late Mr. Wm. TILLEY, who for 50 years carried on the business of leather seller and bootmaker in South Street, Dorchester, and was there born in 1839. Two of his brothers died in boyhood, but the remaining four survive at good ages, averaging 72 years.
He was educated at Dorchester at the private school of the Rev. William BARNES, who is now known to fame as the Dorset Poet, his charming poems having been written in the broadest dialect. Here his schoolfellows included Sir Frederick TREVES, the King's physician, and Thomas HARDY, the well-known Wessex novelist.
He served a seven years' apprenticeship in the principal bookselling and printing business in the town, and also became acquainted with the inner workings of a newspaper office.
Later he was with Messrs. BARNICOTT of Taunton, only leaving in April, 1870. Then he purchased the old-established bookselling, stationary and printing business of the late Mr. BAYLIS, in High Street, Ledbury, then carried on in the lower portion of the premises now occupied by Messrs. HILL and Sons, ironmongers. In the following month he married the eldest daughter of Mr. Robert LUTLEY, of Baltonsborough, Somerset.
Within six months he had bought the stationary and printing business carried on next door (where Mr. BIXLEY now lives), and for a time he occupied both houses, ultimately buying the lower one, greatly altering it and making it his sole premises.
In connection with the latter business was published the"Ledbury Free Press, " the only newspaper in the town, which he improved and sold, and which is now the "Ledbury Guardian. "
About 30 years ago he purchased the premises at which the business of Messrs. TILLEY and Son is still carried on, rebuilt them, and resided there until he retired from business 18 months ago, leaving his second son John to carry on the business, the eldest son being engaged in the motor trade. The last few years of his life were spent at Sunnyside, Newbury Park, Ledbury. He leaves a widow, two sons, a daughter in Canada, and two who live at Wimbourne, Dorset.
Though Mr. TILLEY always adhered to his principle that he would never allow himself to be nominated for any public office necessitating any election or voting, nevertheless he has served the town in which he lived for 44 years in many ways.
He was one of the keenest workers in the early seventies of the last century for the Ledbury Conservative Association, and many will remember the outings by canal barges and other festivities in which he was one of the chief workers and originators.
The Ledbury Cottage Hospital (1873), had in him the oldest surviving member of the Committee of Management, and to the end he took a great interest in its work.
In 1887 the arrangements for the Queen's Jubilee were so successfully carried out chiefly due to his indefatigable efforts in conjunction with the late Major PALAIRET, both working together as joint secretaries. The programme then arranged included a dinner to adults in the streets, sports, amusements, tea, and medals to the children on the first day, and a railway picnic to Tintern Abbey the second day. A gold medal bearing the imprint of the Market House presented to Queen Victoria by the town, was designed and executed by Mr. TILLEY.
So great was the success of this programme that 10 years later Mr. TILLEY was again asked to be hon. Secretary (in conjunction with Mr. Ernest HOPKINS), for the Diamond Jubilee celebration. This went off equally well, and included a dinner to old people, tea to the children, sports and a bonfire at Bradlow.

Mr. TILLEY was also on the committees of The Coronation festivities, both of King Edward and King George, which are within the memories of most of our readers. The Ledbury Building Society (1885) has done so much good work in the town, Mr. TILLEY was the last of the original directors, and was one of the trustees appointed at the formation of the same. The same may be said of the Ledbury Markets and Fairs Company (1885), the idea of the market having been in his mind for several years before it came into being. He had hoped to see a fruit, poultry, and butter market on the site of the old tan pits in Bye Street, but that idea never came to anything.
He served on both committees of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Agricultural Societies on their visits to Ledbury in 1884 and 1891, and worked well on the committee for the restoration of Ledbury Church, when, £10,000 was raised. For many years he was a sidesman at this church, but when a suggestion was made that he should be churchwarden he declined, and it was thanks to his suggestion that Mr. C. H. BASTOW for so long ably filled the post.
But it was not only in official ways that Mr. TILLEY was always ready to give his help and time. Our older readers will remember that in pre-Council days it was to Mr. TILLEY, every one turned, in the seventies and eighties, and it was then he fully earned the title bestowed half jocularly, half affectionately, of "ayor of Ledbury. " Was it a hard winter? Mr. TILLEY organised a soup kitchen on his own premises: were there out of works? He started the snow-sweeping: did a poor man suffer a loss or was a poor woman in trouble, both knew to whom to go to start a subscription list, or to get a recommendation to a richer neighbour who could start them afresh. He was a keen business man, a good organiser, a man of his word, respected by all who knew him, and much beloved in his own family circle.
The funeral will take place on Saturday at Ledbury Cemetery, leaving the house at 3.30 the first portion of the service being at Ledbury Church.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 03-10-1914
TILLEY - September 30th, at Newbury Park, Ledbury, Luke TILLEY, aged 75 years.

WEBB - September 27th at Homend Street, Ledbury, Hannah WEBB, aged 78 years.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 17 10 1914
KERDAL - Jesse
KERDAL - October 9. At Ledbury Union, Jesse KERDAL, late of Bosbury, aged 82.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 21 11 1914
DUTSON - Elizabeth
DUTSON - November 18th, at Bye Street, Ledbury, Elizabeth DUTSON, aged 80.

JAMES - Sidney A
JAMES - Killed in action at Langemarck on October 21st, Sidney A. JAMES, aged 24 years, youngest and beloved son of Charles JAMES, Barton Cottage, Mathon.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 28 11 1914
NICHOLAS - Alfred John
NICHOLAS - November 23, at Ledbury Union, Alfred John NICHOLAS, late of Tarrington, aged 81.

PARRY - Emma
PARRY - November 18, at Tapper Meadow, Eggleton, Emma PARRY, aged 69.

SMITH - John Job
SMITH - November 24, at Ledbury Union, John Job SMITH, late of Yarkhill, aged 73.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 05 12 1914
November 7th, at Macrorie, Saskatchewan, Canada. George ELLISON of Macrorie to Dorothy Alice, youngest daughter of the late Charles W. STEPHENS, J.P., C.C, of Ledbury, and Mrs. STEPHENS, Colwall.

CALLOW William
CALLOW - November 26th at Ledbury Union, William Callow, aged 73.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 26 12 1914
BEVAN - December 21st, at Newton, Ledbury, Ada BEVAN, aged 28.

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