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World War One in Donnington

World War One Donnington

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 19 12 1914
Last week in the quaint little churchyard of St. Mary's, Donnington, near Ledbury, there was fixed a fine memorial to the memory of the late Rev. John LANDER and Mrs. LANDER. The memorial of highly polished grey granite cross ledges tomb with massive kerbing, enclosing a space of 8 feet 3 inches. The epitaph has been engraved on the polished face and treated in raised lead and reads as follows:
"John LANDER, Rector of this parish, 1845 to 1890. Born 12th March, 1817, died at Sydenham, September 22nd, 1893. Also of Isabella, his wife. Born 31st March, 1831, died 18th, October, 1913. "
This memorial is the third polished granite memorial fixed in St. Mary's Churchyard, for in 1889 one was fixed to the memory of Mr. James WICKERS, of Donnington Hall, and in 1909, a fine monument was fixed to the memory of the Rev. Edward GRAY, M.A., who also resided at Donnington Hall after the death of Mr. James WICKERS. We believe there is no churchyard round Ledbury that possesses three finer granite monuments than can be seen in Donnington Churchyard, and we understand that these memorials were designed and executed by Charles HILL and Sons, of Ledbury. We also believe that the carved pulpit in this Parish Church is also by the same firm, and was fixed in 1899.

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