Old Ledbury - World War One Drill Hall

World War One Drill Hall

World War One Drill Hall

Kington / Newent Reporter Newspaper 08 08 1914
The police have charge of the Drill Hall.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 05 09 1914
It cannot be to widely known that complete arrangements have been made at the Drill Hall, Ledbury for accepting recruits for Lord KITCHENER 's Army. The men can be both medically examined and sworn in.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 03 10 1914
We understand that permission has been asked of the military authorities at Hereford for the use of the Ledbury Drill Hall and officers' quarters for the accommodation of Belgian refugees. While the application will no doubt be granted, as the Hall would afford accommodation for several families, no definite reply has as yet been received. Those in Ledbury who have communicated with the Belgian Refugee Committee in London, with the object of taking refugees, will probably find their offer responded to more quickly if they communicated with the secretaries of the Ledbury Committee.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 10-10-1914
Belgian Refugees
The local committee have obtained permission to take over the new Drill Hall, sergeants' house and officers' quarters in New Street for the accommodation of Belgian Refugees and application has been made to headquarters for from ten to fifteen. It is more than likely that these will arrive early next week.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 31 10 1914
6 Belgian refugees arrived at Ledbury
A party of 6 Belgian refugees arrived at Ledbury this week from Ostend and they have been quartered at the Drill Hall. The newcomers had a fair amount of luggage with them. They include men, women and children. The men are fishermen.

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