Old Ledbury - World War One Cottage Hospital

World War One Cottage Hospital

World War One Cottage Hospital

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 08 08 1914
Accident - James PARR
Despite the traffic about on Wednesday there was only one accident. A cyclist, named James PARR of Stafford, who is on a cycle tour, fell off his machine and his face was slightly damaged. After receiving attention at the Hospital he was able to continue his journey.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 05-09-1914
Accident - Henry WOOD
Henry WOOD, of Colwall, was admitted to the Ledbury Hospital on Wednesday suffering from a broken leg. It appears that while in a hopfield he caught his foot in a cart wheel and was thrown to the ground, the wheel passing over his leg. At present the man is progressing satisfactorily.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 17-10-1914
Accident - George LEWIS
George LEWIS of Hereford, was admitted to the Ledbury Hospital on Wednesday, suffering from severe concussion of the brain as the result of a fall from his motor cycle at Staplow. It appears that the accident occurred through Mr. LEWIS trying to avoid Mr. NELSON, of Staplow, who was in the roadway. The latter was, however, knocked down, but not seriously hurt. The motor cyclist was as soon as possible conveyed to the Ledbury Hospital, where he lies in a serious condition.

Accident - Samuel AVERALL
Samuel AVERALL, aged 70, was admitted to the Ledbury Hospital on Wednesday suffering from severe injuries through being knocked down by a cyclist while proceeding to his home at Bromsberrow Heath. He sustained a broken arm and injuries to one of his hands. He managed to reach home however, and a doctor was summoned. He was subsequently removed to the Ledbury Hospital, where he is progressing as well as can be expected.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 24 10 1914
The Trustees, Governors and Committee of the Ledbury Cottage Hospital, gratefully acknowledge the sum of £100 bequeathed to the hospital by the late Dr. John WOOD and also the sum of £100 handed to them by Mr. T.S. STANDISH GARDNER, in accordance with the wish of the late Mrs STANDISH GARDNER. These two sums will form a handsome addition to the invested funds of the hospital.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 14 11 1914
Ledbury Man's Terrible Mishap - Albert SMITH
A man named Albert SMITH, aged 50, a casual labourer, lodging in Ledbury, and employed by Mr. J. PARRY, jun., White House Farm, Ledbury, met with a terrible mishap whilst engaged with other men in thrashing operations on Friday. In foolishly attempting to climb over the machine his foot must have caught, with the result that his right foot was completely severed. The man was conveyed to the Ledbury Hospital as soon as possible where he is progressing as well as can be expected.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 21 11 1914
The Cottage Hospital
The Matron begs to acknowledge the following gifts :- Vegetables and fruit, Mrs. GREEN-PRICE; fruit, flowers and illustrated papers, Lady BIDDULPH, Lady COLVILLE; screen, Mrs RILEY; grapes, Miss FOWLER, beans; Dr, WOOD, flowers and fruit; Dr, GREEN; vegetables etc; Miss HOPTON, peaches and preserving bottles; Mrs. HARTLAND, the Horses papers; Mrs. BROWN, plums; Mrs. ROBINSON, plums and flowers; Mr. MASEFIELD, grapes; Lady FANSHAWE, papers; Mr. MOORE, grapes; Mrs. TILLEY, apples and pears; harvest festivals: Birtsmorton Chapel,fruit and vegetables; Preston, fruit and flowers; Bosbury, apples and vegetables; Munsley, bread and vegetables; Wellington Heath, vegetables, apples and grapes; Bromsberrow, jam and vegetables; Putley, vegetables and fruit; Canon Froome, vegetables, fruit and bread; Ashperton, vegetables and fruit; Castle Froome, vegetables etc; Much Marcle, vegetables etc; Mrs RICHARDSON, damsons; Dormington Rector and churchwardens, grapes; Major WEBB, illustrated papers; Miss HILL, fruit etc; Miss ALBRIGHT, game and vegetables; Mrs WHALLEY, grapes and pears; Mr COWELL, books; Miss BANNALYNE, dressing gowns and slippers; Mr. W. PITT, fruit; Rev. DICKSON, game.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 28 11 1914
Value of New Ambulance
At the monthly meeting of the Hereford Town Council on Saturday the Medical Officer of Health (Dr. H. JONES) stated that since the last meeting of the Council only one case of infectious disease had been reported in the Council's area. This was scarlet fever, and was the only case in the district for nearly three months' past. He was glad to say that owing to having the new ambulance they were able to get the patient into the Isolation Hospital within three hours of notification, so now there were in hospital this one case from Hereford and three from Ledbury. He mentioned as showing the economy of co-operation that if the Council had not had the agreement with Weobley and Ledbury, for taking cases from those districts, the Council would have had the Isolation Hospital vacant for the last three months, and it would have had to be kept going solely at the expense of the Hereford rural district ratepayers. As it was, the cost was being practically entirely borne by Weobley and Ledbury, who had been using it.

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