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World War One in Ledbury - Local Intelligence

World War One Local Intelligence

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 29-08-1914
Oxford Local Examinations
The successful seniors were : C.B. HILL (Russell Endowed School); E.M. MULLINS (Abbey High School).

Kilforge as a Convalescent Home
We are authorised to state that Mr Harry WEBB, M.P. has placed Kilforge, his Herefordshire residence at the disposal of the Government or of any local military or naval hospital effort, as a convalescent home. The house will accommodate a fair number, and the position it occupies is exceptional for the purpose. Mr H. WEBB is a member of the Gloucestershire Committee appointed to relieve distress or mitigate suffering occaisioned by the war.

Golden Wedding
The following appears in "The Times": On the 25th August 1864, at Freshwater, Isle of Wight, by the Rev. F.J. ISSACSON, rector, Richard Biddulph MARTIN, eldest son of Robert MARTIN Esq, of 31 Eaton Square, and Overbury Court, Worcestershire, to Mary FRANCIS, only daughter of Rear-Admiral Richard CROZIER, of West Hill, Isle of Wight.The bridegroom is the present Sir R.B. MARTIN, who was created a baronet in 1905. He was formerly a Liberal Unionist for the Mid-Division of Worcestershire.

Fancy Art Exhibition and Demonstration
Interesting to ladies and art students will be an exhibition which is now being arranged by Mr. H.R. JONES, photographer, of the Northgate Studio, Gloucester. In conjunction with Messers WINSOR and NEWTONS. Mr JONES will exhibit and demonstrate in the Northgate Mansions, Northgate Street, Gloucester, for one week commencing August 31st, in pen, painting, stencilling, decora work and transparent painting. This will prove attractive to many, especially as a competition for local effort will be held in connection with the event. Daily demonstrations of the various art work will be given by Miss MULLINS, expert and prize winner, and admission will be free by ticket obtainable at the studio or on presentation of visiting card.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 05-09-1914
Hoppicking commenced in the Ledbury district this week and in a short time picking will be in full swing. There will be a good average crop this year, a fact which should be good for trade locally.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 26-09-1914
The Brotherhood was addressed by Mr. G. W. JONES of Worcester, his subject being "Master" which was greatly appreciated. The soloist was Miss HARDING (Worcester) who nicely rendered two solos. Both speaker and soloist were heartily thanked. Mr. JONES was in the chair.

Local Officer Wounded
The casualty list issued last weekend included the name of Lieut. C.C. LILLY, Worcester Regiment, son of Mr. C.E. LILLY, solicitor, Ledbury, as among the wounded. The list also included the name of Captain G. E. LEA, Worcester Regiment, son of Judge Harris LEA. This officer has since died of his wounds.

A series of lectures are announced to be given in connection with the local Centre of the Oxford University Extension Movement. The first one will be held on October 1, at the Ledbury Church Room where the Lecturer will be Mr. E. A. MEUNEER, M.A. (Corpus Christi College, Oxford). Tickets for the whole course of the lectures can be had for 10s. Application should be made to the Hon. Secretary (Miss N. MASEFIELD), the Priory, Ledbury.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 03-10-1914
English Novelists
A course of six lectures on the English novelists by Mr. E. A. MENNIER, M.A., Corpus Christi College, Oxford, commenced in Ledbury Church Room yesterday afternoon (Thursday). The lectures are arranged by the local centre of the Oxford University Extension Movement, of which Miss Norah MASEFIELD is the hon. secretary. There was a good attendance, and the lecture proved exceptionally interesting.
Owing to pressure on our space this week, an extended report will appear in our next issue.

A Remarkable Service
A unique service was held at Hereford Cathedral on Sunday when Bishop PERCIVAL celebrated his 80th birthday. Octogenarian clergy took part in the service. The Rev. A, CUSTOS DUNCOMBE, aged 85, read the first lesson; Canon PALMER (84) read the second lesson; Prebendary LAMBERT (82) read the Epistle, and the Hon. Prebendary HANBURY (83) read the Gospel. The Bishop's son, the Rev. Lancelot PERCIVAL, St Mary's, Bryanstom Square, Rural Dean of Marylebone, and the priest in ordinary to the King, carried the staff. Amongst the aged worshippers were Mrs. BATHER (92), Mrs GILES (87), Mrs. LITTLEDALE SMITH (86) and Mrs HANBURY (84). The Bishop preached an eloquent sermon touching on the justice of the war and the need for sacrifice.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 10-10-1914
An Heroic Captain
Captain Mark HAGGARD, whose heroic death on the battlefield is recorded in the London Press, is related to the famous novelist Ryder HAGGARD, and a nephew to Mrs. MADDISON GREEN, South Parade, Ledbury. The late Captain HAGGARD has visited Ledbury on several occasions.

Michaelmas Fair
On Michaelmas Fair Day, October 13th, the Church Room will be open from 2.30 p.m. till late in the evening, in the hope that it may be used as a place of rest by those attending the fair, especially by those coming into Ledbury from the surrounding villages. No charge will be made for admission. The room will be arranged as a reading room, and the Rector appeals for illustrated papers and magazines of all sorts. He hopes and believes that this appeal will meet with the same ready response as in the last three years. All papers and magazines should be sent to the Rectory before October 13th.

A very interesting meeting of the "Ledbury Freedom" Lodge took place on Tuesday evening. The Injunction of St.Paul to the jailer at Philipi. "Do thyself no harm" was applied to users of intoxicating drinks. After the subject had been introduced, several members, some of them in maiden speeches, dealt with the text in its physical, financial, moral, social and spiritual aspects. A very strong case was made out by the various members showing very clearly that those who would do themselves no harm in these respects must abstain from the use of alcoholic liquors.

The proof was Ledbury proof, and Ledbury had confidence in a neighbour's word. But there was still a question - would the cure prove lasting? A reassuring answer is given here by a Ledbury resident.
On June 19th, 1906, Miss E. M. PASSEY, of 34, Lower Road, Newtown, Ledbury said:- "For four years I suffered from kidney troubles; there was first of all a tenderness and aching in my back and sides, which gradually increased to sharp pains; they got so bad that when I did any stooping I often had to call out. After walking even a short distance I was exhausted.
"I was often dizzy and became low and depressed. Headaches were other troublesome symptoms of kidney disorder.
"I tried various sorts of medicine but no relief came. At last hearing such excellent reports of Doan's backache kidney pills I got some of these to try. After a few days I felt better, and I kept on with them; in a few weeks I was cured. Doan's pills are splendid. (Signed) E. M. PASSEY. "
On August 14th, 1913 - OVER SEVEN YEARS LATER - Miss PASSEY said:- "I am very well I am glad to say and free of kidney trouble. I always recommend Doan's pills, for they are a very good medicine."
Price 2s 9d. a box, 6 boxes for 13s 9d. off all dealers, or from FOSTER-McCLELLAN Co., 8, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W1. Don't ask for backache or kidney pills - ask distinctly for Doan's backache kidney pills, the same as Miss PASSEY had.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 17-10-1914
An English Novelist
Mr. E. A. MENNEER, M.A. resumed his lectures at the Church Room on Thursday afternoon. His subject was "Sir Walter SCOTT" and there was a good attendance. An extended report will appear next week.

Important Sale
Messers POPE and SMITH, of Ledbury, at the direction of the representatives of the late Major W.B. MYNORS, conducted the sale of pedigree Hereford cattle, cross bred Kerry sheep, horses , and agricultural implements on Wednesday October 7th, 1914, and Saturday, October 10th, 1914. On the former date the flock of 1,350 sheep and the implements were sold. A large company were present and very satisfactory prices realised. Breeding ewes made up to 57s. 6d, fat wethers 60s, ewe lambs 39s.6d, wether lambs 37s. rams and ram lambs 6 ½ gns. The flock averaged over 44s. per head. On Saturday there was a large attendance of Hereford cattle breeders and a highly successful sale was held. Among the prices realised were the following : Girton Girl, a 5-year-old cow, bred by Mr. A.I. TURNER, The Leen, 51gns, to Mr, F. R. THOMPSON, Penarth, her bull calf, 24 ½ gns , to Mr. R. THOMAS, Elena, from the Leen herd, 29gns, to Mr. FIRKINS, her heifer calf, 30gns, to Lord COVENTRY: Lorna, from the Leen Herd, 29gns, to Mr. PLANT: her bull calf, 31gns, to Lord COVENTRY. Eulalie, from the Leen Herd, 29gns. to Mr. F.B. MASON: Silvia, from the same herd, 28gns: Zest, bred by the late Major MYNORS, 26gns. to Mr. A. R. FIRKINS. Other bull calves realised up to 25 ½ gns., and heifer calves up to 14 ½ gns. The two year old heifers made up to 26 ½ gns. A yearling heifer Mermaid, whose dam was purchased from the Leen, was sold to Mr. COOKHAM, for 48gns. The horses met with a keen demand, working horses making up to £58 10s. A pair of three-year olds made £117, to Mr. F. HARVEY. Two-year-olds up to £42. Yearlings £32. Suckers £18 10s, cobs £38. Hill pony mares up to £13, and suckers £6 10s. The grass keep and winter keep met with an exceptional demand.

Interesting Wedding
In the presence of a very large number of relatives and friends of the parties, the wedding took place at Tewkesbury Abbey on Monday, of Miss Ethel MALLETT, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Alfred MALLETT, of the Abbey Studio, Tewkesbury, and Mr John ATKINS, the manager of the Ledbury Electricity Works, who is the elder son of Mr. and Mrs. ATKINS, of Dulverton, Somerset. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a dress of cream silk poplin, trimmed with cream silk lace, with wreath and veil. A gold pendant and chain, and a bouquet of choice roses, were gifts of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were Miss Lilian COLE, of Holmer Green, Bucks, cousin of the bride, and Miss Ruby DAVIS, of Ledbury - who wore dresses of cream figured voile and black velvet hats. They wore gold brooches and carried silver-mounted prayer books, the gifts of the bridegroom. The bride was attended also by two little girls - the Misses Winnie and Edith COLE (nieces of the bride) who wore dresses of pink voile, and carried shepherd's crooks decorated with chrysanthemums. The best man was Mr. Ernest MALLETT, brother of the bride. The service, conducted by the Revs. E.P. AMPHLETT and P.W. LAW, was fully choral, the singing being led by the surpliced choir, of which the bride's father, who has been a chorister for half a century, has been a member for some years. The hymns were "The voice that breathed o'er Eden" and "How welcome was the call". and at the close of the service, Mr Percy BAKER F.R.C.O., played the "Bridal March" from Lohengin and Mendelsohn's "Wedding March." A largely-attended reception was subsequently held at the Abbey Studio, and later Mr and Mrs ATKINS, who received numerous handsome presents, left by motor for Cheltenham, en route for Bournemouth, where the honeymoon is being spent. The brides travelling costume was a tailor-made one of navy blue, and she wore a hat of black satin straw.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 24-10-1914
At the meeting of the "Ledbury Freedom " Lodge on Tuesday, an address was delivered by Rev. A.H. BRAY, M.A., B.D., on "Temperance from a Scriptural Standpoint." He gave many illustrations showing that the whole trend and spirit of Scriptural teaching was in favour of abstinence from intoxicating liquors.

The Ledbury lodge of the above order is making great progress in Ledbury and at a meeting of the lodge on Monday evening three new members were initiated. Several members were at present serving their country. The lodge has become quite an important factor in the life of the town and at most meetings new members are enrolled.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 31-10-1914
School Attendance Committee
At a meeting of the Ledbury Rural School Attendance Committee held at the Barrett-Browning Institute on Tuesday afternoon, over which the Rev. A.N. COPE presided, reference was made to the untimely death of the vice-chairman (the Rev. H.C. HALLOWES). The Chairman feelingly remarked that his death came as a great shock to them. The deceased Rector was held in the highest esteem by the members of the committee, and they deeply regretted his loss. The deceased took a great interest in the work of the committee and he (the Chairman) proposed that a letter of condolence be sent to Mrs. HALLOWES, expressing the committee's sense of the great loss she had sustained and their sympathy with her in her bereavement. This was seconded and agreed to.

Local Winners
At the annual show of produce held under the auspices of the agricultural department of the Herefordshire County Council, which was held at Hereford on Wednesday, the local prize-winners were:
Poultry (turkey, pullet): 1. Miss D. COWELL, Callows Hill, Ledbury.
Eggs: 3. Miss H. WESTON, Much Marcle.
Cheese (two smallholders cheeses): 1. Miss W.A. COWELL. Ledbury. Bottled Fruit: 2. Miss H. WESTON, Much Marcle.
Apples: 2. Mr. W. WHITTAKER, Much Marcle.
Hop Curing: 2. Mr. A.G. BUNN, Bosbury.
Farm Basket: 1. Mr. A.G. ALLEN, Colwall.
Working Dairy (open to pupils or travelling dairy school) 2. Miss H. ATTWOLL, Putley (95 ½ pts) v.h.c. Miss N. MORGAN, Ledbury: h.c. Miss L. SPENCER, Ledbury, Miss D. COWELL, Ledbury.
County Championship: Miss Dorothy COWELL (97): v.h.c. Miss A.K. COBB, Ledbury: h.c. Miss H. ATTWOOLL, Putley.
Travelling Dairy School (Ledbury Centre): 1. Miss Winifred HOUGH, 95 ½ per cent. 2. Miss Annie L. SPENCER and Miss Dorothy BROWER, 93: 4. Miss Nora MORGAN, 91 ½.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 07-11-1914
John Henry WOOD
Mr. John Henry WOOD, M.B., M.R.C.S. of The Willows, Tarrington, Hereford, left estate valued at £19,282 gross.

Belgian Refugees
On Sunday last the offertories at the Parish Church were in aid of the Local Belgian Refugee Fund, and amounted to £3 18s.4d.

We understand that Mr. C.W. PARISH (prospective Liberal candidate for South Herefordshire) is about to rejoin his regiment.

Cheltenham Steeplechases
The Cheltenham Steeplechases at Prestbury Park, Cheltenham are fixed for Monday November 9th. Cheap trains will run from all parts. - See advt.

The offertories at the Parish Church on Sunday next will be in aid of the above society. The preacher for the day will be the Rev. C. N. T. SAVAGE, of Grahamstown.

Mrs. W. MARTIN, of Linden House, has most kindly presented five pictures of the King, the Queen, Lord KITCHENER, Sir John FRENCH, and Admiral JELLICOE, to be placed in the Church Room.

Captain Hugh MARTIN wounded
We understand that Captain Hugh MARTIN, Scindi Rifles, Indian Army, eldest son of Mr. W. A. H. MARTIN, Upper Hall, Ledbury, has been wounded in France.

The Russell Endowed School, Ledbury
The pupils of this school, with the kind assistance of Mr. S. F. FELL (O.B.), who is on service in the Royal Fusiliers, have sent a donation of £2.8s.9d to the Central Fund, for the relief of the Belgian victims of the war.

Major Willoughby Baskerville MYNORS
Major Willoughby Baskerville MYNORS, aged 59, of Evancoyd, Walton, Radnor, and of Bosbury, Ledbury, Hereford, D.L., High Sheriff of Radnorshire in 1891, formerly of the 7th Hussars, who died intestate, left unsettle property of the gross value of £67,349.

The monthly service in connection with the above took place on Sunday afternoon last, when an address was given by Capt. NEAL (Church Army). A collection was taken for the Belgian Refugees Local Fund. The monthly meeting will take place on Tuesday next, when Mr. W. N. POWELL will deliver a paper on the " History of the Jews. "

The Hereford and County Branch of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to children, has during the quarter ended 30th September, 1914, inquired into 35 complaints of neglect, ill treatment, and other wrongs of childhood, of which 31 were found to be true, affecting 81 children and 42 offenders. Action was taken as follows: - 25 cases were warned, 3 were prosecuted (convicted 3, discharged 0), and 3 were otherwise dealt with. The society's inspector made 188 visits of supervision.

Lieut. Colonelcy for Major WOOD-ROE
The following appointments of Herefordshire officers are gazetted:
Territorial Force Reserve;
Lieut.-Col. J. H. GILBERT-HARRIS, from the 1st Battalion the Herefordshire Regiment, to be Lieutenant Colonel. 1st Battalion Hereforshire Regt.
Major William B. WOOD-ROE to Lieut. Colonel; October 31st, 1914.
Second-Lieutenant Sir Herbert Archer CROFT, Bart., to be Captain; September 12th, 1914.
Thomas MALLYARD, to be Second-Lieutenant; September 29th, 1914

The Church Room
At the annual meeting of the Trustees of the Church Room the balance sheet presented showed a deficiency of £3 on the working expenses for the year, and a credit of £4.9s.3d.on the fabric fund. During the past year the property has been considerably improved by the introduction of the electric light, and the erection of a spacious shed at the rear of the premises. The trustees of the room are Mr. H. BICKHAM, Mr. C. B. MASEFIELD, and the Rector. Mr. H. VERNON SMITH, Mr. G. W. PAUL, Mr. W. MANSELL and Mr. A. J. CHADD are the four elected members of the committee for the ensuing twelve months.

Ledbury' s Silent Bells
Seven of the ringers of the Parish Church of Ledbury have volunteered to serve their country in various capacities. The consequence is that as there are not sufficient campanologists to fill the vacancies the beautiful peal of bells of St Michael and All Angels will be silent until their return - presumably until the end of the war. Five members of the choir of the same historic church are also patriotically " doing their little bit" for King and country. The members of the choir are - R. CARLESS, A. CHADD, A. STUBBS, G. HOBRO and C. PREECE. Bellringers: T. DAVIS, W. OWEN, H. BAYNHAM, J. DANCE, W. MANSELL, J. WILLIAMS and H. SHAKESHAFT.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 14-11-1914
Ledbury and Newent Free Church Council
A report of the annual meeting of the above Council held at the Ledbury Baptist Church last evening (Thursday) will appear in our next issue.

Drink and the War
On Tuesday evening a temperance meeting was held at the Town Hall. The Rev. A.H. BARNES presided over a fair attendance and an interesting address was delivered by Mr. A.G. BARKER, of Bristol, on 'The Drink and the War'.

Ledbury School Managers
The monthly meeting of the above body was held at the Barrett-Browning Institute, Ledbury on Wednesday. Mr. S.H. BICKHAM presided, and there were also present : Revs. F. W. CARNEGY and F. C. LYNCH, Mr. E. H. HOPKINS, Mr. J. PARRY, Mr. R. LAWRENCE, the correspondent (Mr. H.V. SMITH) and the School Attendance Officer (Mr. S.W. MILLS). There was no business of public interest.

Hereford Diocesan Meeting
At Hereford Diocesan Conference on Friday, a scheme presented by the Board of Finance with the object of raising electrical incomes to a minimum of £200 a year was adopted. It was said that £6,200 was required to do this, in addition to aid for the existing funds, but only £3,500 was budgeted for next year, having regard to the present demand on the public. There were some protests. One clergyman asserted that they had no right to expect such pay in small parishes, adding that he would not be party to asking agricultural labourers to contribute to what to them would appear to be a large amount.

Suggested Billeting of Troops at Ledbury
At the annual meeting of the Hereford Town Council held on Monday, Mr. G. B. GREENLAND was unanimously re-elected Mayor.
During the meeting the Mayor read letters he had written General McKINNON with regard to establishing a military centre at Hereford for the reserve battalions of the South Wales Brigade. At first it was suggested that 4,000 men should be sent to Hereford, but as an alternative it was suggested that 2,000 could be stationed at Hereford, 1,000 at Ledbury and 1,000 at Ross. The military authorities are considering the matter, and several members spoke of the advantage to trade of the city such an assembly of troops would be.

The monthly meeting of the members and associates of the Ledbury branch held at the Church Room, on Tuesday, was well attended.
The President (Rev. F.W. CARNEGY) presided, and after prayers the minutes were read and there followed immediately an interesting and well thought out story on "The History of the Jews, " by Mr. W. N. POWELL. The complicated story of this strange ancient people was concisely put forward in terse language from the time of Moses to the fall of Jerusalem, A.D. 70. The development of the race through the period of judges then kings to the captivity was full of interest and the troubles and trials internal and foreign which befell the race onwards were expounded with force, while the final description of the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus was very vivid.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 21 11 1914
Oddfellows Fraternal
During the last week Hereford's District Grand Master (Bro. W. BISHOP of Stoke Edith) and his deputy (Bro. H. JUCKES of Ledbury) visited the Hereford Lodge - the Virtute Securas and Victoria - and were accorded a most hearty welcome. The members assembled at the Guildhall and passed a pleasant time together. Several Oddfellows from Stoke Edith accompanied the District Grand Master.

Found Dead in Bed
An elderly person named Elizabeth DUTSON, living at 37, Bye Street, aged 74, was found dead in her bed on Thursday afternoon. The milkman went as usual, and because he did not find the basin in its usual place, he opened the door and saw the old lady on her bed dead. He went for the police and Sergt. BREERLY visited the house and from all appearances she had died some hours previously. The Coroner was communicated with, but an inquest was deemed unnecessary.

Mr. Clement PARISH in a Route March
Mr Clement W PARISH, the prospective Liberal candidate for South Herefordshire, on leaving the assizes on Friday, joined the Herefordshire Regiment. He has been with the Inns of Court O.T.C. and will probably obtain a commission shortly. On Saturday morning he was out with the Reserve Battalion on the route march of 18 miles or so through Mordiford, Dormington, Yarkhill and thence home. At Dormington the men had a welcome "snack." This is the longest route march the Battalion has so far done, and in the words of the O.C. they got back singing and as fit as a fiddle.

Free Church Council
The annual meetings of the Ledbury and Newent District Free Church Council were held at Ledbury on Thursday last. At the business meeting at the Wesleyan Church in the afternoon, the Rev. W. PONTIFEX, of Newent, was elected president for the coming year. Rev. Paul ELLIS was elected vice-president; Mr. Lewis JONES, treasurer and Mr. H.T. WARREN, secretary. The members of the council joined the Wesleyan Ladies Sewing Meeting for tea, after which a public meeting was held in the Baptist Church, when the new President presided.
The Secretary reported the Council's activities during the past year and appealed for the continued support of the Free Churches.
Rev. Joseph MAKINSON, of Pembridge, secretary of the Herefordshire Federation of F.C.C.s, then addressed the meeting. In opening, he urged that the Free Church Council was not a political organisation and that it was not out to oppose the Anglican Church and he proceeded to explain some of the things the Council did stand for. It stood for the unification of the Free Churches. It existed not to get something from the various churches, but to give something to the individual churches. It was the watchdog of the morals of the neighbourhood.
Rev. A.O. SHAW, of Ledbury, also spoke, emphasising some of the principles for which as Free Churchmen, they stood.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 28 11 1914
A most interesting invention has been recently conceived by Mr. F. WILLOUGHBY COTTON, and a patent has been applied for. The invention relates to improvements in the construction of motor cycles. The beginning and rapid growth of the cycle industry is in the memory of everyone, and how improvement after improvement brought the old boneshaker into the elegant pneumatic tyres free-wheel bicycle of today. Then came the petrol engine, and this soon was adapted to the bicycle, and this is where the interest in Mr. COTTON's invention comes in. The engine was adapted to the bicycle, not the bicycle to the engine. It is true the frame work was here and there strengthened but no material alteration has yet been affected. Mr. COTTON goes right away from the old design. His top bar reaches from the centre of the handle bars to the back spindle. At the foot of the head another bar runs back to the same spindle. Rather more than half way down comes the pillar supporting the saddle, placed so as to bring the rider considerably nearer the ground. Within the frame comes the petrol tank, which is of conical design, and presents no corners likely to get damaged, worn or leaky. The design does away altogether with the two back stays, but with no apparent loss of strength. From an examination of the specification the principal points of interest and advantage appear to us to be:-
(1) The rider is much nearer the ground, which should go far towards preventing side slips.
(2) The frame should be capable of being constructed at several pounds less in cost and considerable weight should also be saved.
(3) The design of the machine should be far more adapted to speed than the present model.
(4) A very important point which will recommend itself to all motor cyclists, is the facility with which the cylinder heads can be removed. On most makes of motor cycles this frequently means the taking down of the greater part of the engine.
We understand that Mr. COTTON on completion of the patent and the testing, hopes to join the colours as a dispatch rider. If he should take one of his new machines with him it will probably receive as severe a test as any maker or rider could wish for.

Owing to the war it has been decided not to hold the customary parochial tea at Ledbury this year.

Rural Parish Council
A meeting of the Ledbury Rural Parish Council was held at the office of the Clerk (Mr. S. W. MILLS) on Friday last. Mr. John PERRY presided and other members present were Messrs. J. BEAUMONT, T. S. FOWLER, G. COBB, and J. F. LOW, together with the Clerk.
Precepts for £10 and £12 for Burial Board calls and for £25 for repayment of principal and interest on loans and establishment charges were signed and cheques drawn for the various sums for payment. There was no other business of public interest.

Death of a Crimean Veteran
The death took place at Ledbury Workhouse Infirmary on Monday last of Alfred John NICHOLLS, formerly of Tarrington, at the advanced age of 81 years. Deceased was an old age pensioner and formerly worked at Canon Froome, and was for many years employed on the Stoke Edith Estate by Lady FOLEY. He eventually returned and continued to live at Tarrington until nearly twelve months ago when he became very infirm and had to be removed to the Infirmary. He was a Crimean veteran so it is stated, and was in the Crimea with the late Lord ROBERTS. He was a member of "R" Battery C. Troop of the Royal Horse Artillery. Deceased's wife, who is 75 years of age, survives him. The couple had a family of 13 children, but only 2 remain, Mr Henry NICHOLAS of Newtown, Ledbury, and Mrs. DURBIN of Sydney. The interment took place at Tarrington Churchyard yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.

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