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Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 19 09 1914
On Wednesday the annual Court for the revision of the voters' lists in Ledbury and district parishes was held at the Ledbury Police Court, and was presided over by MR. F. W. SHERWOOD, Revising Barrister, Mr. T. D. MORGAN, Unionist agent, Hereford, and Mr. Henry GARROOD, local agent, Ledbury, appeared for the Unionists, and Mr. J. BRICKNELL WEBB, Liberal agent, ROSS, for the Liberals. The ASHPERTON polling district was first dealt with, the following being the parishes included: - Ashperton, Canon Froome, Eggleton, Munsley, Pixley and Parkhold, Stretton Grandison, Tarrington and Yarkhill. The Bosbury and Colwall polling lists included the parishes of Bosbury, Castle Froome, Coddington and Colwall.
The Ledbury polling district included the parishes of Donnington, Eastnor, Ledbury Urban, Ledbury Rural, and Wellington Heath.
The Much Marcle and Woolhope polling districts were comprised of the parishes of Aylton, Little Marcle, Much Marcle, Putley and Woolhope.
At the outset of the business the Revising Barrister observed that no doubt there would be a general election fought upon the register they were preparing. Therefore they did not propose to hurry the work in any way because it was very important that all addresses and names should be as accurate as possible. In spite of the war they did not intend to shirk their duties this year, and he hoped those concerned would do their best to assist him to correct any errors which might be noticed in any of the lists. He was very anxious to make a register which would be serviceable to the agents when they came to use it at election time, a list which would not only be serviceable but up-to-date in all matters likely to be of use when the agents tried to find voters and bring them to the poll. He hoped, therefore, they would give the lists their best attention and make any corrections which might come to their notice even at the eleventh hour; also any suggestions which might occur to them as the lists were being gone through.
There was really no contentious business before the Court.

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