Old Ledbury - World War One in Reading Room and Library

World War One in Reading Room and Library

World War One Reading Room and Library

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 03 10 1914
The annual meeting of the members of the Ledbury Reading Room and Library was held at the Reading Room on Monday night, when the members present included Messrs. Henry GARROOD (who was voted to the chair), T. S. S. GARDNER (Hon. Secretary and Treasurer), F. W. WADE, J. J. FUTCHER, R. G. BRADLEY, J. R. BALLARD, G. HENNER, A. STEVENS, F. R. TAINTON, F. J. MORGAN, A. STEVENS, W. H. WADE, S. BURROWS, etc.
Prior to the commencement of the business, the Chairman referred to the great loss the Room had sustained by the death of Mr. Henry MORGAN, who was one of the members of the institution since its inception in Ledbury, for many years a member of the Committee, and of late years Chairman of the institution, succeeding the late Mr. C. W. STEPHENS. In the management of an institution of this kind upon a critical matter the advice of a man of wisdom and thought was very valuable, and in applying to such a man of ripe experience as Mr. MORGAN they could rely upon sound judgement and advice. They had the honour of his capacity as Chairman for a short time, would it had been longer. He wished to propose a resolution of sympathy and condolence with the members of the family, and would ask the Hon. Secretary to forward it to Mrs. MORGAN. He proposed that "The members of the Ledbury Reading Room and Library very deeply regret the loss the institution has sustained by the death of Mr. Henry MORGAN, one of the original members of the Society, and the institution desires to place on record its appreciation of his many services rendered to the Reading Room from its early days until quite recently."
Mr. WADE, in seconding, said he thought Mr. GARROOD had expressed the views of every member of the Room in his very fitting remarks as to the loss the Room had sustained in the death of Mr. MORGAN. As an old friend of Mr. MORGAN, in close connection with him in connection with another society he would second with deep feeling everything Mr. GARROOD had said. Mr. MORGAN was a man of ripe judgement, a man who did not lightly make new friends, but one who stuck tenaciously to old ones, and the interests of the Reading Room always had a very warm place in his heart.
The resolution was carried in silence, the members standing.
The Chairman proposed the re-election of Lord BIDDULPH as President of Institution.
Mr. FUTCHER seconded, and this was agreed to.
The next business was the election of Hon. Secretary and Treasurer. and Mr. GARDNER rose and said he wished to resign his position. His decision was absolutely final.
The Chairman said they would have to express their regret that Mr. GARDNER had at last put in to operation his long promised resolve to resign the position. The present hon. secretary and treasurer took office so long ago as June, 1877, and resigned for a short period during some changes that were taking place that possibly did not meet with his cordial co-operation, amongst other things being the transference of the institution to that room, which had proved such a boon to them all. He was asked to take up his old position again on October 1st, 1895, after a lapse of three years. On the 1st of October this year, Mr. GARDNER would have been in office 35 years. (Applause) Prior to taking up the secretarial work he understood Mr. GARDNER acted as librarian from so early an epoch as 1866. Mr GARDNER intended his resignation on this occasion and after so many years of active service he deserved that quietude which would follow upon his relinquishing the office. His interest in the institution in the future would be continued, and he trusted that they would have the pleasure of unanimously electing him a member of the Committee and furthermore he trusted the meeting would see its way to electing their worthy friend to the chair. He wishes to express on their behalf their hearty thanks to Mr. GARDNER for what he had done for them. Words from him utterly failed to express really the benefit that he had been to the institution. The Committee carefully considered who would be capable, competent and last, but by no means least, willing to take on the onerous task of managing their affairs and he was jubilant to relate that they had found the willing man. A deputation was appointed to wait upon Mr. TAINTON and he was very pleased to report that the deputation met with success, and
Mr. F. R. TAINTON had kindly consented to take on the duties of hon. secretary and treasurer. (Applause). He had much pleasure proposing that his offer be accepted.
Mr. GARDNER had much pleasure in seconding, and promised Mr. TAINTON all the assistance he might require in taking over the duties.
The appointment of Mr. TAINTON was unanimous.
Messrs. FUTCHER and H. GARROOD were appointed auditors, and Mr. C. T. SMITH hon. auctioneer.
The old committee was re-appointed en bloc.
The Chairman proposed that Mr. GARDNER be elected chairman of the institution. No one knew more about it than he. (Hear, hear).
Mr. MORGAN seconded and this was carried unanimously.
Mr. GARDNER briefly returned thanks.
Mr. WADE said he certainly did not think it would reflect much honour on the members of the Reading Room if they allowed this occasion to pass without expressing their great sense of loss that would accrue to the Reading Room by Mr. GARDNER's retirement from the secretarial work, though they knew Mr. TAINTON would do his best to continue to make the Room a success - but still Mr. GARDNER had been connected with the Room for so many years, spent so much of his time, devoted so much of his energy to its best interests, that it was an epoch in the history of the Room when he insisted that the time had come when he should be relieved of his duties. They had the greatest confidence in Mr. TAINTON, who had done a very kind think in stepping into the breach, but after the long association Mr. GARDNER had had with that Room they could not allow the occasion to pass without expressing the regret that he had resolved to lay the active life he had led to one side. He would ask them to show by their applause their appreciation. (Applause).
Mr. GARDNER briefly returned his thanks and the usual sale of papers was proceeded with.

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