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Kington Reporter - 08-08-1914
The monthly meeting of the Ledbury Rural District Council was held subsequent to the Guardians meeting, when the Rural Councillors present at the Guardians meeting attended, and the officials present were the clerk ( Mr R HOMES), the Highways Committee'::s Clerk ( Mr H W ORME), the Medical Officer of Health ( Dr JONES ), and the Sanitary Inspector ( Mr T J CAWSEY). Mr W L PRITCHETT presided.
The minutes of the Highways Committee were read and confirmed, the following being included:- A meeting of the Highways Committee was held on July 21st. Present : Alderman J RILEY, ( in the chair), Messrs W L PRITCHETT, J A THOMPSON, H COWELL, J PARRY jnr, H WESTON, T A PEDLINGHAM,and the Rev. A E GREEN - PRICE. Finance.- The Committee recommend the Council to pay the Clerk the sum of £400 on account of roads.
The following sums have been paid by the Clerk out of the roads account during the past month:-
Manual Labour - £48. 10s.6d, district roads £20. 1s. 11d.
Team labour - Main roads £55 10s. 0d, district roads £52. 3s. 10d.
Materials - Main roads £58 2s 1d, district roads £66 19s 10d.
Tradesmen's Bills - District roads £12 6s 9d.
Steam Roller - £23 1s 9d.
National Insurance - Main roads £1 0s 8d, district roads 18s 9d.
Monthly Accounts. - The Committee recommend the Council to pay the following accounts : - Materials - Clee Hill Dhu Stone Co, £323 15s 3d: Clee Hill Granite Co, Ltd., £83 6s 2d: Field and Mackay, £&;363 16s 3d: Malvern Urban District Council, £17 13s 10d: haulage and roller, J Meates and Sons, Ltd., £45 13s 5d: improvements, J Meates and Sons. Ltd., £34 16s 10d: haulage, John Smith, £12 11s 8d: improvements, Geo Hill and Sons. £20 0s 2d: roller, etc., F C Swift and Co., £24 19s 11d.
The sum of £&;222 Ins been received from the Herefordshire County Council.
Ledbury Electric Supply Co. - The Committee have authorised the Surveyor to sign the plan deposited, certifying same as a true copy of that deposited on application for provisional order.
Tenders for Coal. - The Committee have authorised the Surveyor to accept the tender of the South Wales Coal Co. for coal delivered at Ledbury for engine and roller, and for coal delivered at Ashperton and Colwall for engine, and Messrs Meates and Sons':: tender for coal for roller at, Ashperton and Colwall, subject to sample loads being satisfactory.
Brand Green, Colwall - An application has has been received from Miss HOLLAND and Miss BAIRD that the Council will take over the piece of private road about 70 yards long and 10 feet wide at Brand Green, Colwall. The Committee are not prepared to entertain the matter unless the application is supported by the Colwall Parish Council, in which case careful consideration will be given to the application.
The Wyche, Colwall - In response to representations as to the condition of the surface draining on Beacon-road, Colwall, which is not repairable by the Council, but which is the cause of the nuisance and damage to the Council'::s roads and private property, the committee have appointed Messrs RILEY, PRITCHETT and PARRY to confer with the Malvern Hills Conservators to ascertain if the nuisance can be abated.
The following minutes of the meeting of the Colwall Parochial Committee, held on Friday last, were adopted : -Present, Messrs T A PEDLINGHAM (chairman), M C H TAYLOR, H W JONES, D A G BIRCHLEY, J R ROBERTS, J ARMSTRONG, A G ALLEN, F H RUDGARD, H E HANSON, G JOHNS, S PUGH, and W WEBB.
The Inspector'::s report was adopted.
Plans and specifications were submitted of proposed alterations at the Crown Inn, Colwall. The Inspector stated that the same complied with the bye-laws, and it was resolved that they be passed. Plans and specifications of a new house proposed to be erected at Blackhill, Little Kimbleton, British Camp, on behalf of Mr Barry JACKSON. The Inspector stated that these plans complied with the bye-laws, and it was resolved that they be passed.
The Inspector was instructed to make the necessary arrangements for the engagement of Mr Chas HYDE at the new disposal works.
The monthly report of the engineer'::s dated 28th inst., was read, in which it was stated that the works would be complete by the end of August.
It was decided, on the motion of Mr ARMSTRONG, seconded by Mr BIRCHLEY, that the Ledbury Rural District Council, be recommended to pay the contractor the further sum of £::220 on account of his contract, as certified by the engineers.
Mr RUSHFORTH's account of £&;12 13s 10d, and £6 6s. as clerk of the works were also recommended for payment.
Re Mrs SEAR's claim of £25 for compensation and Mr CLEE's (as tenant), for £6, it was resolved, on the motion of Mr A G ALLEN, seconded by Mr J ARMSTRONG, that the Ledbury Rural District Council be recommended to appoint Mr Farmer PARKER as valuer to deal with all amounts claimed for compensation in connection with the Colwall sewerage scheme.
The foregoing minutes were adopted, and on the motion of Mr PEDLINGHAM, seconded by Mr BUNN, a special precept of £75 was issued on Colwall.
Mr DAVIES moved that in future when the Inspector had any small repairs to cottages to report under the Housing Acts that instead of these being reported to the Council and a notice served on the owner to carry out the repairs, that the Inspector should call on the owners and tell them of these minor matters and they would be done without the necessity of serving forms on the owners, which was a piece of red tape and not conducive to good feeling. If the owners refused to carry out the repairs when pointed out to them by the Inspector, then, of course, the usual notices should be served. Alderman RILEY seconded, and this was agreed to.
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