Old Ledbury - World War One in Tarrington Village

World War One in Tarrington Village

World War One In Tarrington Village

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 05 09 1914

It is with deep and wide-spread regret that the death is announced of a well-known and highly esteemed personality in this neighbourhood, namely, that of Dr. John H. WOOD, of Tarrington. For several months past it was manifest to his many anxious friends that his strength was failing as a result of an attack of influenza in February last; and three weeks ago, after battling with his weakness for long, he took to his bed and was brought to his old home where he was born, at Orchard Leigh, Ledbury, to be tenderly cared for by his devoted relatives. He was ardously attended by his friend, Dr. HOME and later by a consulting physician from Birmingham; but despite all human endeavours, he gradually succumbed and passed away peacefully on August 28th. He was a fine example of a true Christian, a man of sterling probity, and of a most generous disposition. Withal, he was a genial and charming companion, for whatever subject was started, he was generally able to throw light upon it from his great store of knowledge. He was in his 74th year and the eldest son of the late Dr. M. A. WOOD of Ledbury. He received his medical education at King''s College, London, and in 1864 Took the high degree in M.B. at the London University and soon after he went to reside at Tarrington, where for nearly 56 years he practised his profession with great success. He enjoyed the full confidence of his patients, and his tender, kindly and cheerful manner made him deeply beloved by all who knew him. His generous and conscientious treatment of the poor is affectionately remembered and bourne testimony to by many of his old patients. He was a great book-lover, taking pleasure chiefly in scientific and standard works, while at the same time he was a keen lover of nature in all its phases; and his love of country life made him content to spend nearly all his life in the near neighbourhood of his native county, where he pursued his study of botany and entomology. Possessed of untiring energy and activity, he was also a bold and accomplished horseman, and his prowess in the hunting field will long be remembered. His chief hobby, however, was entomology, and mainly in the branch connected with the diptera and micro-lepidoptera. His researches among these tiny insects required the use of lenses of considerable power, and he has been the means of adding largely to the discoveries in that branch of the science. Men in various parts of Europe eminent in this study, were in frequent correspondence with him, when his slight knowledge of French and German was often put to the test. By his investigations in the county of Hereford, a large number of insects, previously unknown to science, have been supplied, and his name has been given to many of the newly discovered species. A distinguished entomologist has written on hearing of his death, in these terms - "his painstaking work in entomology will keep his name well known for ever to entomologists, while all who knew him will mourn the loss of a most courteous gentleman and a kind-hearted friend. " He leaves a beautifully set up collection of these insects, the great variety and number of which are truly astonishing. It being a purely local one confined to Herefordshire, he has in his will left it at the disposal of the Woolhope Naturalist Club. A large circle of friends will mourn his loss.

The funeral took place on Tuesday last and the interment was made in the pretty churchyard of the village of Tarrington, where he had so long resided.
The church was filled with a large number of his old friends and patients, and his favourite hymn " Jesu, lover of my soul" was sung by the choir. The coffin was conveyed in a pair-horse hearse from Orchard Leigh, Ledbury to Tarrington. At the entrance to the churchyard and the cortege was met by the clergy (the Rev. A. G. JONES of Yarkhill, and the Rev, M. R. S. ONSLOW of Stoke Edith), in the absence of the Rector of Tarrington. The mournful procession proceeded into the church, where the first portion of the burial service was conducted. The committal sentences were read at the graveside by the Rev. A. G. JONES.
The chief mourners were: Dr. Miles A. WOOD. Major General Sir Elliot WOOD, K.C.B., Colonel Knight WOOD (brothers), Colonel YERBURG (cousin), Dr. G. B. MCKEAN, Lady WOOD (sister-in-law).
Amongst those present in the church were: The Rev. Lorimer ROME. (Humber Rectory, Leominster), the Rev. Preb. LAMBERT (Hereford), the Rev. A H. KNAPP (Pixley), Dr. F. C. H. HOME, Mr. H. K. FOSTER, Mr. John RILEY, Mr. L. J. C. RILEY, Mr. A. RILEY, Mr. Reginald MASEFIELD, Mr. F. N. WHEATON, Mr. H. J BISHOP (Knighton), Mr. BENNETT SMITH (The Scarr, Newent), Mr W. GRIFFITHS (Aldersend), Mr. E. GODSALL (Eastwood), Mr. ZIMMERMAN (The Vine), etc.
The grave was lined with evergreens and roses. The coffin was of oak, with heart brass mountings, and the nameplate bore the inscription: " John Henry WOOD, aged 73 years. "
There were a number of beautiful floral tributes, including the following:-
From the family.
From Elliot and Beatrice, in very affectionate remembrance.
From a loving nephew, Miles K. WOOD.
Sir Archer and Lady CROFT, Miss D. CROFT. And Miss J. CROFT, Lugwardine Court....
Mr. and Mrs. Owen CROFT, The Burcott, Halmer.
With deep sympathy, from Rev. and Mrs. Lorimer ROME, Humber Rectory, Leominster.
In loving remembrance, from Mr. A. GREEN-PRICE.
For our very dear friend, from Mr. and Mrs. H. R. FOSTER.
A small tribute in memory of a long friendship; Rev. Alexander G. JONES, Yarkhill Vicarage.
Mr. and Mrs. RILEY, Putley Court.
Mr. and Mrs. GRIFFITHS, Aldersend.
In kind remembrance for an old friend. From Mr. H. J. BISHOP.
In memory of my respected master. from E. FAWKE.
With deep regret, from Mrs. F. CAFFELL

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 17 10 1914
On Friday evening last. TARRINGTON, a very good meeting was held outside the Foley Arms. Mr. GRIFFITHS, of Alder's End, presided, and the speakers were Alderman E. L. WILLIS, Mr. H. WALKER, and Mr. A. WATKINS J.P.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 24-10-1914
The annual general meeting of this club was held at the Parish Hall on Monday, October 12. Among those present were the Rev. A. E. GREEN-PRICE, Messrs. A. U. ZIMMERMAN, G. BADHAM, J. DERRY, E.MORGAN, G.EVESHAM, C. MATHEWS, S. FOSTER, T. CRUMPTON, J.HALL, E. MAYO, and H. HIGGINS. Mr. GODSALL, Eastwood, the retiring president, was unable to attend owing to illness in the family, and in his absence the Rev. A. E. GREEN-PRICE was elected Chairman.
The minutes of the last annual meeting having been read and passed, the Hon. Secretary (Mr. H. HIGGINS), read his report on the past season, which showed the club had a very successful and enjoyable season, and at the conclusion of his report, thanked the Hon. Treasurer (Mr. J. DERRY) and committee for their generous support rendered him, and stated that it was a real pleasure to him to work with such a businesslike and enterprising members, and he thought that as long as they could command their services there would be no fear of the failure of Tarrington Men's Social Club.
The Hon. Treasurer then produced and read a statement of accounts, which showed a record balance in hand of £4 8s 2½d., pointing out that this was largely due to the enterprise of their committee a whist drive and a whist drive and dance, which had proved very successful.
Votes of thanks were recorded to the retiring President (Mr. E. GODSALL), the Vice Presidents, Rev. A. E. GREEN-PRICE, Messrs. A. S. ZIMMERMAN, A. U. ZIMMERMAN, W. GRIFFITHS, H. RICHARDSON, T. EDWARDS, and Dr. F.C.H. HOME, the Hon. Secretary (Mr. H. HIGGINS), Assistant Secretary (Mr. G. EVESHAM), Hon. Treasurer (Mr. J. DERRY), and the committee. The officers for the coming year were elected as follows: - President, Mr. P.H. FOLEY. The acceptance of this office by Mr. P.H. FOLEY caused much satisfaction among the members, who expressed their appreciation of the honour conferred upon them. Vice Presidents, Rev. A. E. GREEN-PRICE, Dr. F.C.H. HOME, Messrs. A. S. ZIMMERMAN, A. U. ZIMMERMAN, W. GRIFFITHS, H. GRIFFITHS, H. K. FOSTER, H. J. BISHOP, T. EDWARDS, W. RICHARDSON (re-elected). Messrs. Mr. E. GODSALL and E. GRIFFITHS were added to the list. Hon. Secretary, Mr. H HIGGINS; Hon. Assistant Secretary, Mr. G. EVESHAM, Hon. Treasurer Mr. J DERRY; committee, Rev. A. E. GREEN-PRICE, Messrs. E. TOYNE, G. BADHAM, W. CHILMAN, C. MATHEWS, E. MORGAN, J. DERRY, C. PRICE, S. FOSTER, T. EDWARDS, T.BOUNDS, and E. PRITCHETT.
The Hon. Secretary, on behalf of the club, expressed deep regret at the loss the club had sustained in the death of Dr. J.H.WOOD, who had been one of their best supporters from the commencement, and was elected president in the year 1911. The members deeply deplored the loss of one who had always taken such a lively interest in them.
A hearty vote of thanks to the chairman (Rev. A. E. GREEN-PRICE) for presiding, and also for providing refreshments for that evening, concluded the meeting.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 07-11-1914
LEACH - November 3rd, Mary Ann LEACH, at Little Tarrington, Tarrington, aged 41 years.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 28 11 1914
On Monday last the annual meeting of the Tarrington and Stoke Edith Rifle Club was held on Monday last at the Foley Arms , by kind permission of Mr. EDWARDS there being present Rev. GREEN-PRICE (in the chair). Mr. E. GRIFFITHS, Mr. DERRY, Mr. EVESHAM, Mr. HIGGINS, Mr. BOUNDS, Mr. PREECE, Mr. LAYTON, Mr. VERNALL, Mr. MORGAN, Mr. ZIMMERMAN, and others. Letters of apology for non attendance were received from the President (Mr. FOLEY) and Dr. HOME.

The Hon. Secretary (Mr. ZIMMERMAN) read a report on the progress made in the past year showing that the season on the whole had been successful. There was a large increase in membership, and 16,000 rounds of ammunition were expended. The standard of shooting was very high, ten members having obtained N.R.A. "skilled shot" badges during the year. Four members gained certificates in Queen Alexandra's Cup competition, one passing the final stage. Representatives of the club had figured in all county teams, a member occupying top place in both the County Round of Queen Alexandra's Cup and the S.M.R.C. County Cup. The only two trophies for team competition offered in the county were secured. The "ASTOR" Cup for the second, and the "Hereford Times" Cup for the third year in succession. Members of the club distinguished themselves at the County Prize meeting on August Bank Holiday, taking first place in all but three competitions, and second place in two of these. However, the championship was not retained although second and third places in this competition were secured. In the summer League they could only reach third place, but with an average of eleven points per match higher than the winning team. A member took the silver medal awarded by the H.C.M.R.A. for the highest individual average whilst another member filled the second place. Out of twelve eligible members, four have responded to their country's call, one other volunteered, but was rejected, and one was waiting to be called. Mr. BOWKETT had joined the R.M.R.E. and the club would thus lose one of its great supporters and best shots. For three years he held the captaincy and under his able lead the club had a record of five consecutive wins in cup events out of six contests. He had also three years of secretarial work to his credit. A second loss Mr. W. MORGAN who had joined the Herefordshire Territorials the youngest shot in the county to appear in public, and one who had begun to make himself prominent. Late in the season the club suffered a serious loss in the death of Dr. John WOOD, a vice-president who was not only a subscriber, but on several occasions took a more active part.
The balance sheet, as usual, kindly audited by Mr. J. TOYNE, was brought forward and adopted, showing an extremely satisfactory state of affairs.

The following officers were appointed for 1915
President, Mr. P. FOLEY : vice-presidents, Rev. GREEN-PRICE, Dr. HOME, Mr. H. K. FOSTER, Mr. W. GRIFFITHS, Mr. E. GRIFFITHS, and Mr. ZIMMERMAN: Hon hon secretary Mr G EVESHAM: captain Mr. G. EVESHAM: hon auditor Mr. J. TOYNE: committee. Mr. BOWEN, Mr. DERRY, Mr. W. EDWARDS, Mr. HIGGINS, Mr. MORGAN, Mr. PREECE, Mr. PRESCOTT and Mr. VERNALL.

The prizes won during the season were then distributed as under
Donegall medal, Mr A ZIMMERMAN
Bell medal Mr G BOWKETT
Robert's medal Mr A ZIMMERMAN
"Daily Express" medal Mr G EVESHAM
"Daily Telegraph" certificate Mr A ZIMMERMAN
"Daily Mail" certificate Mr A ZIMMERMAN
Queen Alexandra's Cup medal Mr A ZIMMERMAN
N.R.A.S.S. silver badge Mr H HIGGINS
H.G.M.R.A. League average medal Mr A ZIMMERMAN
Recruits prize Mt J JONES
Zimmerman cup and silver medal Mr G EVESHAM
Bronze medal Mr S BOWEN
A warm note of thanks to the retiring hon secretary and to the Chairman concluded the meeting.

On Saturday morning a sad discovery was made by Miss Agnes AVERAY JONES, daughter of the vicar of Yarkhill. She was cycling to Tarrington, when she saw a man lying by the roadside apparently dead. Dr. HOME, Tarrington, was summoned but on his arrival life was found to be extinct.
The body was taken by Mr. N. PORTER, to Tarrington Fruit Farm, where deceased had been employed as a labourer. At the inquest conducted by the District Coroner (Mr. T. HUTCHINSON) at Tarrington Fruit Farm, deceased was identified as William CRADDOCK, 65 years of age, who had been in lodgings at Yarkhill.
George GREEN, Monkhide, Yarkhill, farm labourer, in the employ of Mr. PORTER, said deceased had lodged with him, and he had known him for 14 or 15 years. On Saturday they rose together at 5.45, breakfasted, and left home at about 6.30 to go to work at Tarrington Fruit Farm. After they had gone a short distance, CRADDOCK said he should go back home as the weather was so cold.
Miss AVERAY JONES, Yarkhill Vicarage, spoke to finding deceased lying on the roadside, and to fetching Dr. HOME.
Dr. F. C. HOME, Tarrington, said he found deceased lying on the roadside . He had since examined the body and found no external marks of violence. He had made a post-mortem examination, and was of the opinion that death was due to syncope, caused by disease of the coronary of the heart, accelerated by chronic bronchitis.
A verdict of death from natural causes was returned.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 05 12 1914

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