Old Ledbury - World War One Imperial Yeomanary

World War One Imperial Yeomanary

World War One Imperial Yeomanary

Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars., and the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars

Kington / Newent Reporter Newspaper 08-08-1914

On Wednesday several local members of the Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars, Imperial Yeomanary, left Ledbury to join their regiment at Worcester. They left Ledbury quietly without demonstration.

Yesterday ( Thursday ) morning the local members of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, Imperial Yeomanry, met at their headquarters, the Feathers Hotel, Ledbury, and proceeded to Gloucester by road to join their regiment. Captain Lloyd BAKER was in command, and made the journey by motor, taking with him two troopers who had to procure their mounts at Gloucester. Sergt. H B WALKER rode at the head of the eight mounted men, and the remainder of the Ledbury Troop had proceeded direct from their homes to Gloucester. It is expected that the Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire Yeomanry will be mobilised at Warwick and they will be stationed at the Isle of Wight.

There was no demonstration at Ledbury when the Yeomanry left the town yesterday morning, although there was a good number of people about.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 08 08 1914
On Thursday a number of local men belonging to the Gloucester Yeomanry left Ledbury for headquarters at Gloucester, we are informed upon reliable authority that the manoeuvres are definitely cancelled.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 22 08 1914
I learn from a correspondent that the officer in command congratulated "C" Squadron of the Yeomanry (in which is included the Ledbury troop) for the smart way they boxed their horses last Thursday at Warwick last Thursday at midnight. Twenty-seven minutes to get in 120, which is, as the Hon. C. J. COVENTRY put it, "Record Time" - Town Crier

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