Old Ledbury - World War One in Ashperton Village

World War One in Ashperton Village

World War One Ashperton Village

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 17 10 1914
The speakers at a recruiting meeting held at Ashperton Schoolroom on Monday evening did not fail to emphasise the serious position of affairs at the present time, and the necessity for every available man to answer the call. "We in the country don't realise what is going on. " said Colonel SCOBIE. "If we lived along the coast and saw them digging trenches, and the preparations that are being made, we should realise the seriousness of the position a great deal more. " - The Lord-Lieutenant of the County had rejoined his old regiment, and many others were doing the same. Next Monday the National Reserves would be called up, and from them they hoped to recruit the home service battalion of the 1st Herefordshire Regiment. In many places the National Reserve would release Territorials from such work as guarding the railways. - Mr. A. Roger ROWDEN (Eastnor) made a special appeal to employers to do all in their power to facilitate recruiting, - Mr. LE STRANGE and Mr. COOK, masters from Malvern College, exhibited lantern slides illustrating phases of the war, and showing some of the terrible havoc wrought by the Germans. They were accompanied by a gentleman (Mr. JONES), who was up to a few days ago resident in Antwerp, and had had to fly to England for safety. - Mr. JONES told some of his experiences, and in describing what had happened to the Belgians, " 'remarked, "If the Germans would do that to the Belgians, what would they do to England? The meeting, which was presided over by Mr. Edward PRITCHETT, was very successful, and it is believed will influence several to join the colours. The band of the 1st Battalion (Reserve) Herefordshire Regiment paraded the village prior to the meeting.

Ledbury Guardian Newspaper 07-11-1914
GARRETT - November 2nd, George GARRETT, Lower Court, Ashperton, aged 53 years.

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