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A Retrospect


February 12 The Royal Hall, Ledbury, was opened the occasion being the Fire Brigade annual supper, Major PALAIRET presiding. All the speeches were in commendatory terms of Mr. E. H. HOPKINS for his public-spiritedness in supplying a long felt want in the town.

March 2 Messrs. E. H. HOPKINS and H. GRIFFITHS were unanimously re-elected overseers for the parish of Ledbury Urban.

March 28 In the evening the retiring candidates (who sought re-election) also addressed a crowded public meeting in the same hall. The candidatespresent were Messrs. T. HODGES, E. H. HOPKINS, and W. R. WALKER.

March 30 was a most exciting day, the occasion being the election for the five Urban Councillors. Three of the retiring candidates headed the poll. as follows : Messrs. M. BIDDULPH, M.P. (283 votes), E. H. HOPKINS (“2239), W. R. WALKER (241), W. C. BOLT (218), H. BRAY (200).


March 1 The Ledbury Urban Council re-elected Messrs. E. H. HOPKINS and H. GRIFFITHS overseers for the ensuing year. It was resolved “That in the opinion of this Council, all vehicles should carry a light after sunset." Dr. WOOD was re-appointed medical officer for the ensuing l2 months.

May 7 A public meeting was held to consider the Diamond Jubilee celebration. A committee was formed with Mr. Spencer H. BICKHAM, J.P., as chairman. Messrs. L. TILLEY and E. H. HOPKINS were appointed joint secs


March 7 At the monthly meeting of the Urban Council, it was decided to test the water mains and pipes, in consequence of the discovery of a serious leakage. It was reported that the boring operations in connection with the water supply at Massington were progressing favourably. Mr. Ernest H. HOPKINS was re-elected Overseer for the Urban District, and Mr. Thomas S. SMITH was appointed his colleague.

April 19 The Annual Meeting of the Urban Council was held. Mr. C. W. STEPHENS was unanimously elected Chairman for the ensuing year, and Mr. E. H. HOPKINS, Vice-Chairman. At this meeting it was resolved to ask Mr. BERRINGTON to at once report progress of the boring operations at Massington, and the amount of money he had spent in the work.


April 7 Ledbury Urban Council Election : Messrs. H. BRAY, E. H. HOPKINS, W. R. WALKER, W. F. EVANS, C. BIXLEY, and J. C. DAVIES, elected without opposition.
1902 - Volunteer Fire Brigade - Ernest Hambler HOPKINS ( Captain )

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