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( 1805 - 1880 )

[Ledbury Upper Hall]
1849 - Upper Hall was purchased by John MARTIN a wealthy banker of Martins Bank.
1868 - The Board School for boys was erected on a site in the Homend, given by John MARTIN, Esq,.
1876 - 1877 - Iron Church
An iron church has been recently erected in New street, at the sole expense of John MARTIN, Esq., J.P., of the Upper hall, for the use of the congregation of the Ledbury Free church, of which the Rev. Gordon J.H. LLEWELLYN is the minister.
1880 - John MARTIN dies at Upper Hall
John MARTIN, banker and former Liberal MP for Tewkesbury died at Upper Hall aged 75. Apart from Upper Hall, he also had properties in London – 68 Lombard Street, and 14 Berkeley Square. In his Will, he left to his eldest son, Waldyve Alexander Hamilton MARTIN, all his estates in Herefordshire and Warwickshire except for the mines, minerals, clay and sand. Another son, Hugo Hamilton MARTIN was left £15,000, and likewise his youngest child when reaching 21. Son John Evan MARTIN was left £30,000 and his daughters Edith and Ada £17,000 each. Daughters Nora and Frances gained an extra £500, and his eldest daughter Elinor Traherne HOLLAND succeeded under settlement to properties in Colwall and Coddington.

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