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1849 - Upper Hall was purchased by John MARTIN a wealthy banker of Martins Bank.
1876 - The seat of John MARTIN is a spacious red brick mansion, situated on an eminence, with a park of oak trees.
1880 - John MARTIN dies at Upper Hall
In his Will, he left to his eldest son, Waldyve Alexander Hamilton MARTIN, all his estates in Herefordshire and Warwickshire except for the mines, minerals, clay and sand.
1888 - February Auction of rare books from Library at Upper Hall.
Sothebys auction many rare books and manuscripts from the libraries of Waldyve A.H. MARTIN.
1894 - Waldyve Alexander Hamilton MARTIN shown as the principal landowner.
A Retrospect


January 22 Mr. and Mrs. MARTIN gave their usual New Year's treat to the Union Inmates, which was followed by an entertainment.

July 30 A most successful Garden Fete was held at the Upper Hall, under the auspices of the Ladies” Work Association.


January 21 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. H. MARTIN’S annual treat to the Union inmates was given in the evening.

March 29 Mr. MARTIN wrote to the Urban Council objecting to the proposed reservoir, on the ground that it would interfere with his pool. It was decided that a Local Government Board Inquiry be applied for to enquire into the intended work, and also the objection.

April 6 Col. Ord HASTED, R.E., held an inquiry re the reservoir and Mr. MARTIN’S objection thereto.

August 19 A very successful Jubilee fete was held in the Upper Hall Grounds, in aid of the Church Restoration Fund. Over £81 was realized.


January 6 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. H. MARTIN gave their annual treat to the Union inmates.

1900 - Upper Hall leased by the Master of Ledbury Hunt, H.M. Wilson leased for roughly three years
A Retrospect


January 7 Mr. and Mrs. MARTIN’s Annual Treat to Union Inmates.

August 9 The Annual Sale of Work in the Upper Hall Grounds in aid of Parish Nurse Fund had to be held in The Feathers Assembly Room on account of drenching rain.


January 10 Mr. MARTIN’s Annual Treat to the Union Inmates.

May 8 The Duchess of Hamilton and Lady Mary HAMILTON took up their residence at The Upper Hall, with Mr. Carnaby FORSTER, the new Master of the Ledbury Hounds.


January 3 Mr and Mrs MARTIN’s New Year’s Treat to Union Inmates.

February 9 Skating during the week on Eastnor lake and the Upper Hall pool.
1914 - 1918 World War One Ledbury Guardian Newspaper Articles
1919 - June 17 Upper Hall Auction
[Upper Hall Auction 1919]
( Chris PONTER Collection CP 104 )
1920 - Upper Hall was sold to Herefordshire County Council who converted it into Ledbury Grammar School
[1920 Ledbury Grammar School] [Ledbury Grammar School]
( Laura JONES ( Cole ) Collection )

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