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Iron Church

Iron Church ( Free Church ) - New Street

The vicar of Ledbury, John Jackson was suspended from his ministry because of rumours that he had fathered illegitimate children. The rumour is thought to have been started by the local doctor.

Brought the reinstatement of the Rev. John Jackson following a church enquiry that fully exonerated him.

Certain parishioners refused to believe that the Rev. John Jackson was innocent and set up an alternative church in a hut in New Street which became known as the "Tin Tabernacle." Some parishioners refused to allow the Rev. John Jackson to bury them! Most of these funerals were conducted at Eastnor.

The unfortunate clergyman was the subject of a London Street ballad entitled "The Frolicsome Parson Outwitted."

The song "The Ledbury Parson" did the rounds for at least a century.

I always new the Tin tabernacle as down Bye Street(now the Funeral Parlour)...RB

Same here, but there was another church down New Street I think it was called the Iron Church!!...JVE

My Gran and Grandad DAVIS were married there at the Iron Church. When my cousin looked at marriage certificate we didn't know where it was, but old Mr Ike MADDERS told her it was down the New Street Next to the Drill Hall. Around this time a lot people from Ledbury Town had fallen out with the Vicar thats why they got married at Iron Church...BH

Wow scandal then too!...LJ

1876 - 1877
An iron church has been recently erected in New street, at the sole expense of John MARTIN, Esq., J.P., of the Upper hall, for the use of the congregation of the Ledbury Free church, of which the Rev. Gordon J.H. LLEWELLYN is the minister.

The iron church is mentioned - Holy Trinity chapel of ease is a plain iron structure, built at the expense of the late John MARTIN esq. of the Upper Hall, in 1876, and consists of chancel, nave and aisles; the Rev. Arthur Granville SHIPLEY M.A. of Wadham College, Oxford, is curate in charge.

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