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( 1884 - )

Amy was the 3rd daughter of Luke & Mary TILLEY.

1901 Census

Luke TILLEY: 62, Living at: 16 High Street, Ledbury, Marital status: Married, Occupation: Bookseller Stationer Printer, Other Household Members: Mary TILLEY: 52, Wife, Ellen F TILLEY: 30, Daughter, Amy TILLEY: 17, Daughter, Peter TILLEY: 52, Visitor, Single, Brother, Letter Press Printer, Honorine THIBAULT: 16, General Servant Domestic.

1911 Census

Amy TILLEY: 27, Boarder at 20 Jasper Road, Dulwich, London, Marital Status: Single, Occupation: Librarian, Bookseller.

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